Rolling Stones / Oakland 1969 2nd Show Recorder 2 / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Oakland 1969 2nd Show Recorder 2 / 1CDR / Non label

Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. USA 9th November 1969 (Late Show)

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’69, AUD, 92 sound quality. Natural and well-balanced sound.
This performance has a high-quality record sound source, a 73-minute diff source, a sound board and three types of sound sources.
That’s why this is a net sound source, about 73 minutes of second source recorded from the master reel.
Live with Me has not been recorded in the first half due to tape change. . The cut-in “Under My Thumb” is full
A sound source that you can listen to. And the sound of the tape’s hiss and the scratches on the tape? And so on
Realistic sounds are amazing. .
This LIVE is a guy whose “I’m Free” and “Under My Thumb” are not medleys. . “Under My Thumb”
Keith’s guitar is also the best.
“Sympathy for the Devil” is a guitar that Keith invites before Taylor ’s solo after Keith ’s solo.
Taylor who does not enter easily while muting. It is very different from the solo that is replaced with the official cross,
Realistic tension. .
The clearest and freshest sound, Keith’s sound is more realistic than SBD. .
Sounds with little tape damage, up and down sound, and low hiss noise. .

Live with Me がテープチェンジにより前半が未収録ですが・・。。カットインの「Under My Thumb」 がフルで
このLIVEは「I’m Free」「Under My Thumb」がメドレーではないやつですね。。「Under My Thumb」の
「Sympathy for the Devil」はキースのソロの後のテーラーのソロ前、キースが誘うように、ギターを

Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. USA 9th November 1969 (Late Show)

1. Introduction 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. Carol 4. Sympathy for the Devil 5. Stray Cat Blues
6. Prodigal Son 7. You Gotta Move 8. Love in Vain 9. I’m Free 10. Under My Thumb
11. Midnight Rambler 12. Live with Me 13. Gimme Shelter 14. Little Queenie
15. Satisfaction 16. Honky Tonk Woman 17. Street Fighting Man

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