Rolling Stones / New Jersey 1994 2nd Night /1DVD+1CD

Rolling Stones / New Jersey 1994 2nd Night /1DVD+1CD /Non Label

Live at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA 14th August 1994

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Live at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA 14th August 1994 PRO-SHOT / STEREO SBD  those who remember that the pro-shot video has been released of live early in 1994 of “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour is photographed formally Would you come? Video was released as a live video of course is the Miami of November. But before that, there was a video and not as live video, was sold as part of the goods of the concert venue U.S. tour still in progress. That’s was a professional shot video that captured the live Giants Stadium August 14. The emergence of professional shot video and sound board, so had been craving at the time, that the pro-shot video with just the super-fast release like that is the thing which surprised. But there is also video of Giants Stadium that incomplete version from the classic video and concert in Japan and Miami was released as a live video one after the other and then, there was a feeling that had been forgotten.  The DVD for the first time the goods video this time. It will be to remember the nostalgia that is Sesse after a long time in this video as long as the person of mania and you will sure to be surprised if person when it was seen this footage for the first time in this release. The video because it was the premise that even the release of the original live video, to be released in haste as the goods anyway, the video has become made ​​of cut split, such as the PV than that of the live video, yet This is the video and reflect the audience and audience served, making and produced a frenzy of live anyway is very unusual in between songs. And it does not mean it has been released on laser disc, you will feel even roughness of the image quality slightly, to ensure the quality that can be seen still in peace.  Even so, because it is a video recording at the point of two weeks still tour has begun, the Stones truly does not wiped the hardness of the performance. But it is very interesting what it is looking at, it is not at all Miaki atmosphere of the performance is very different from our store has released a “” VOODOO LOUNGE “IN JAPAN”. It is enough to be amazed lack of a sense of groove and “Miss You” in “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” in the (laughs), but it is that it’s a neat performance without play as a whole. And happening Mick also bands that loses sight of the timing of the start to the last part of the song in “Street Fighting Man” to happen anyway. It is what I really, was recorded without the cut this performance … well. It too? What a result of the haste released as “goods” only.  However voice because it is the perfect stereo sound board recording, release which recorded it then and there were, but housed in a single disc in the form that will save members introduce again this time. It is a thing to be able to enjoy very much as a live CD so good sound quality anyway, but it is interesting and listen to audio only also unnaturalness of cheers that have been made ​​everywhere in order to produce a climax. Point rather than just that professional shot video rare, playing careful Stones tour opening that is seen interesting to highest, was recorded in the press of the DVD limit it. It will be a release to be re-evaluation of the tour, please leave it to our store “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour also this time! (Laughs) special insert with you reprint came with the official video ★ “Voodoo Longe Tour Merchandise Order Sheet”.

1994年「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーの最初期のライブが正式に撮影されてプロショット映像がリリースされていたことを覚えている方はいらっしゃいますでしょうか?もちろんライブ・ビデオとして映像がリリースされたのは11月のマイアミです。しかしそれより前、まだアメリカ・ツアー進行中にライブ・ビデオとしてではなく、コンサート会場のグッズの一環で売られたビデオがありました。それが8月14日のジャイアンツ・スタジアムのライブを捉えたプロショット映像だったのです。当時はサウンドボードやプロショット映像の登場が渇望されていましたので、そんな超速リリースでプロショット映像が登場したことは驚かされたものです。ところがその後にマイアミや来日公演といった定番映像が次々にライブ・ビデオとしてリリースされたことからジャイアンツ・スタジアムのビデオは不完全版ということもあり、忘れ去られてしまった感がありました。
それにしてもツアーが始まってまだ二週間という地点での映像収録ですので、さすがのストーンズも演奏の固さが拭えません。ところがそれこそが見ていて非常に面白いものであり、当店がリリースした「”VOODOO LOUNGE” IN JAPAN」とは演奏の雰囲気がまるで違うからまったく見飽きません。「Miss You」や「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」におけるグルーブ感のなさ(笑)にはびっくりさせられるほどですが、全体的には遊びのない端正な演奏だということです。しかも「Street Fighting Man」ではミックもバンドも最後の歌パートに入るタイミングを見失ってしまうというハプニングまで起きてしまいます。ホント、よくこの演奏をカットせずに収録したものですよね…。それもあくまで「グッズ」として速攻リリースされた結果なのでしょうか。
しかし音声は完璧なステレオ・サウンドボード録音ですので、当時もそれを収録したリリースが存在しましたが、今回改めてメンバー紹介を省く形で一枚のディスクに収めています。何しろ音質が良いのでライブCDとしても非常に楽しめるものですが、盛り上がりを演出すべく随所に加えられた歓声の不自然さもまた音声だけで聴くと面白いものですね。ただレアなプロショット映像ということだけでなく、ツアー序盤の慎重なストーンズの演奏が見られるという点が最高に面白く、それを限定のプレスDVDに収録しました。今回もまたツアーの再評価になるリリースとなることでしょう、「VOODOO LOUNGE」ツアーは当店におまかせください!(笑)

★公式ビデオに付属していた「Voodoo Longe Tour Merchandise Order Sheet」を復刻した特製インサート付き。

DVD (87:35)
1. Opening 2. Introduction 3. Not Fade Away 4. Tumbling Dice 5. You Got Me Rocking
6. Shattered 7. Rocks Off 8. Sparks Will Fly 9. Satisfaction 10. Out Of Tears
11. Miss You 12. Band Introductions 13. Honky Tonk Women 14. The Worst 15. Monkey Man
16. Start Me Up 17. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 18. Street Fighting Man 19. Brown Sugar
20. Jumping Jack Flash 21. After The Show


CD (79:56)
1. Introduction 2. Not Fade Away 3. Tumbling Dice 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. Shattered
6. Rocks Off 7. Sparks Will Fly 8. Satisfaction 9. Out Of Tears 10. Miss You 11. Honky Tonk Women
12. The Worst 13. Monkey Man 14. Start Me Up 15. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 16. Street Fighting Man
17. Brown Sugar 18. Jumping Jack Flash


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