Rolling Stones / New Jersey 2019 2nd Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / New Jersey 2019 2nd Night / 2CD / Non label
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA 5th August 2019

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It was last year’s New Jersey performance, but of course it was released on the second day at the same time. Anyway, these two days of NJ are really honor student recordings. I wondered why the conditions were so outstanding and easy to hear.In the old days, it was recorded by daspyknows, a taper that produced masterpieces such as Auckland in 2013 on the second day of dessert trip and Prague in 2018. . By the way, the sound is good.
However, these two NJ sound sources this time, but both were not uploaded immediately from the performance, and it was a recent sound source that was released in a place different from the major sound source upload site that he usually uses It may be the reason why it was overlooked. Naturally, the same equalization as on the first day of NJ has also been applied, so the outline of the performance has emerged, making it easier to hear high-quality sound sources.

NThe second day of NJ that can be enjoyed with the same superb sound quality as before is also exceptional. In all ways, it was fun to show me something different from the first day, but on the first day the opening seemed to be a slow starter, but here the engine was fully open as soon as possible. Listening to the intense and rough performances of “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash” and “You Got Me Rocking”, the Stones must be like this! I cannot help but think.
乗 っ Isn’t it the best choice that Harlem Shuffle was picked up after a long time with such momentum? The song was played every night from 1989 to 1990, but since the original song belongs to the recent song in the long history of the Stones, the performance is wonderful without blank feeling. The only difference is that Mick’s song seems to suffer when it’s transposed, but that’s not enough to make him shine. On the same day’s YouTube video, Mick was watching Chuck Revere at this scene, signaling that he was going up.
As a result, it was a rare repertoire alongside “Mercy Mercy” on last year’s tour, but I can’t help but hope that he would perform on stage again this year.

This is the second day that has been performing well since the first day, but we can only get another one of the highlights of the day, “Monkey Man”. In the intro, Keith played messyly, the whole performance was lacking in unity, and the ending ended up being fragmented.
You “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” is a powerful tool for rebuilding a wobble band. In fact, the performances that were just enthusiastic enough to recover the body work of the previous song were wonderful, but the endless reprise, that is, it was pleasant. The band regained their tone and played “Dead Flowers”, which had become unstable on the first day of NJ, in a cautious atmosphere. I can only imagine that this is a cautious reflection on the first day. “Let It Bleed” played before that was a lively good performance, so the cautiousness here is even more smiled.

エ ン ジ ン The engine will be fully opened again from “Sympathy For The Devil”, and even the promised number “Honky Tonk Women” will be able to perform lively performances. After all, the Stones with the “Big City Switch” do not lose their tone even if the performance slightly collapses. Even Keith’s rough ending of “Before They Make Me Run” sounds more pleasant ending than hiyahiya.
And “Midnight Rambler” is the best performance far beyond the first day of NJ. When the band’s voltage rises as a whole in this song, Charlie’s drums are usually fueled in the first half, but this day is also a typical example. Last year’s NJ performances had unevenness of performance in a good way on either day, but it also comes to life only because of the high-quality audience recording of daspyknows. Audience albums that can enjoy the difference between these two days are not so likely?

★ It is one of the best sound quality of the tour! !

(Remaster memo)
★ Although the sound quality was originally high, the sound in the mid-range hall was relaxed and sharpened.
Some songs have too much bass, but the reverberation was reduced so that the lines could be heard clearly.


相変わらずの極上音質で楽しめるNJ二日目も格別。あらゆる意味で初日と違う展開を見せてくれたことが何よりも楽しいのですが、初日はオープニングがスロースターター気味だったのに対し、こちらは早くもエンジン全開。「Jumpin’ Jack Flash」と「You Got Me Rocking」の勢いたっぷりかつ荒々しい演奏を聞いていると、やはりストーンズはこうでないと!と思わずにはいられません。
そんな勢いに乗って「Harlem Shuffle」が久々に取り上げられたのは最高のチョイスだったのではないでしょうか。1989年から90年にかけては毎晩演奏されていた曲ですが、元がストーンズの長い歴史の中では最近の曲に属する部類ですので、演奏もブランクを感じさせない見事なもの。唯一、転調したところでミックの歌が苦しそうですが、それすらヒヤヒヤさせられるほどではない。同日のYouTube動画を見ると、この場面でミックはチャック・リヴェールを見ており、彼が「(キーが)上がるよ」と合図していました。
結果として昨年のツアーの中では「Mercy Mercy」と並ぶレア・レパートリーとなったのですが、今年も是非ステージで演奏してほしいと願わずにはいられません。

こうして初日に続いて好調ぶりが堅持されていた二日目なのですが、この日もう一つの目玉であった「Monkey Man」だけはいただけません。イントロではキースがぐちゃぐちゃに弾いてしまった挙句、演奏全体がまとまりを欠いてエンディングはバラバラに終わってしまう。
こんな時こそぐらついたバンドの立て直しに威力を発揮するのが「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」。実際に前の曲での体たらくを挽回せんばかりに気合が入りまくった演奏は素晴らしく、それでいてリプライズしないで終わるという、あまのじゃくぶりも愉快。これで調子を取り戻したバンドはNJ初日に不安定な演奏となってしまった「Dead Flowers」を何とも慎重な雰囲気で演奏。これはもう初日を反省した上での慎重さだとしか思えません。その前に演奏された「Let It Bleed」が活力に溢れたイイ演奏でしたので、なおさらここでの慎重さが微笑ましく映るのです。

「Sympathy For The Devil」からは再びエンジン全開となり、お約束ナンバーの「Honky Tonk Women」ですら、いきいきとした演奏が披露される。やはり「大都市スイッチ」の入ったストーンズは演奏がちょっとやそっと崩れたとしても、そこから調子を落としたりしないのですね。キースが「Before They Make Me Run」を雑に終えてしまう場面すら、ヒヤヒヤというよりも愉快なエンディングに聞こえてしまう。
そして「Midnight Rambler」に至ってはNJ初日をはるかに凌ぐ最高の演奏。この曲でバンドのボルテージが一丸となって上がっている時は、たいていチャーリーのドラムが前半で煽るのですが、この日も正にその典型。昨年のNJ公演はどちらの日でも、いい意味で演奏のムラがあるのですが、それも一重にdaspyknowsの高音質オーディエンス録音だからこそリアルに伝わってくる。これほど二日間の違いが楽しめるオーディエンス・アルバムというのもそうそうないのでは?




Disc 1 (67:52)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Harlem Shuffle
6. Monkey Man
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
8. B-Stage S.E.
9. Let It Bleed
10. Dead Flowers
11. Sympathy for the Devil
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. Band Introductions
14. You Got the Silver
15. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (56:37)
1. Miss You
2. Midnight Rambler
3. Paint It Black
4. Start Me Up
5. Brown Sugar
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Satisfaction

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