Rolling Stones / Mexico City 2016 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Mexico City 2016 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico 14th March 2016


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Rolling Stones of the latest live tour “AMERICA LATINA OLE” is ended successfully with Cuba performances were sprinkled a big topic, so far as our shop items that have been released had been telling, blessed with South America-specific sound source There was also the latest tour, which has been anyway tormented by no situation. Out of our title as “SANTIAGO 2016”, “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is likely to have wandering the rank on recording state in from the bottom of the above, is further led to the “RIO DE JANEIRO 2016” in the last week arrived at the “lower” rank while will likely sound quality will record the Sold Out, is up to that was also surprised as our shop. Without a still mania, the latest tour of the Stones is up felt To acutely the … I think that you want to collect in the press machine. That’s why, I wonder what that high-quality sound source seems to 2016 does not appear, I wonder what discussions and sound nice good audience recording is not me appear … in spite of that it is the latest tour, it has no longer reached the frequency of long-cherished wish year.
However, It is. I came, I came at last! Sound source that combines the best audience you recording me appeared … on a sound image and clearness, such as those not mesmerized is from the “AMERICA LATINA OLE” is! Long-awaited Mexican best of audience recording is me captured March 14. Tour also was approaching the end, the taper of South America told me to catch a spectacular diving sound quality. Only immediately after the “Start Me Up” of opening began, but cracked the edge of the subtle sound, it also immediately eliminated. Before a stunning recording state seems to 2016, everyone is no doubt that that can not be suppressed excitement. Above all clearness is really great! Outlook is excellent, but the more easier is chest listening. Finally in this audience recording appeared to me was … a sense, those that had the waiting was worth.

Of course, this time’s the commonplace Geki Atsu upsurge of South America live unique, but I mean the sense of realism, catch the sense of balance is also quite stunning climax. So far is of the “AMERICA LATINA ~” vividness, such as the release also was a big attraction, but while capture the excitement realistic this time, is it that there is not any way to be a stress of appreciation. And described in more detail and, Mexican audience enthusiasm is Womi sound quality from the back of, or should you get to imagine it to come … so analogy hear a gentle soft balance in the ear,. That’s why, I would like you to taste carefully exquisite balance that does not interfere with the performance even though it is enthusiastic with headphones!
After all, such as “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” chorus and “Miss You” of if only so large climax (laughs) interlude begins “Honky Tonk Women” of, me to sing only in that they were waiting you. Yet realism of stunning balance that does not interfere with viewing. You will want to affirm that it is a sound source with a really waiting for was worth. Keith is really fun as well, such as “Oreore” chorus in front of the part to sing two songs, because common at this time of “AMERICA LATINA ~” tour enthusiasm was caught easy to listen to as this would be a really excellent recording.

And although You a band playing, this also because the contents of the ups and downs seems Stones, this is also really fun! The legs supple from opening as usual the direction of Mick, enough to blast and also end many times of “Start Me Up”, “aha”. In however it feels like three-quarter bloom towards the band in live early (ahead of “It’s Only ~” thing played itself devoid of momentum), when saying somehow finished with would ass Subomi sense of “Tumbling Dice” (laughs ). The band is the engine fully open is of such from “Out Of Control,” but, playing Ronnie was distracted by Keith that has snuggled in “Paint It Black” is the wrong structure of the song it becomes too likely confused year.
Then followed by a musical performance to feel good in the tight, this day also Ronnie has showed a dull, such as “Midnight Rambler”, we live proceed in good feeling. However, on this day the largest happening occurs come to the end. Keith is wrong larger the configuration in the final stage of “Brown Sugar”, I had to rush to the illusion of the fourth wheel part (laughter!). Looking at the video, Mick is even Carl wire as well support, had captured the state in which wit’s end how good together for. Meanwhile is not sung Mick, awkward scene that only the music and back chorus. Exactly in Auckland of 73 years Australia tour is what similar happening was happening, but the manner in which the time or more to vigorously playing the confusion must listen!
With me anymore … to say the sound quality that it is large satisfactory sound source alone, came out sound source who has caught more live of this listening far from …. Latest tour sound source to listen in the best sound quality that awaited the mania around the world. It will be of course limited press CD release, but great performance such as “Midnight Rambler”, is also the appearance of the name of the sound source from the 2016 latest tour to listen to 迷演 of the two songs mentioned so far. Everyone, was not really you waiting!


ローリング・ストーンズの最新ライブ・ツアー「AMERICA LATINA OLE」は大きな話題を振りまいたキューバ公演をもって無事に終了しましたが、これまで当店がリリースしてきたアイテムが物語っていたように、南米特有の音源が恵まれない状況にとにかく苛まれてきた最新ツアーでもありました。当店タイトルのうち「SANTIAGO 2016」と「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」は上の下から中の上ランクを彷徨いそうな録音状態、さらに先週の「RIO DE JANEIRO 2016」に至っては「下」ランクに届いてしまいそうな音質ながらもSold Outを記録してしまい、当店としても驚かされた次第です。やはりマニアでなくとも、ストーンズの最新ツアーはプレス盤でコレクトしたい…そんな思いをひしひしと感じた次第です。だからこそ、2016年らしい高音質音源は登場しないものだろうか、スカッと音のいい優良オーディエンス録音が現れてくれないものだろうか…最新ツアーだというのにもかかわらず、それはもはや悲願の域に達していました。
ところが、です。来ました、遂に来ました!「AMERICA LATINA OLE」からの極上オーディエンス録音が現れてくれたのです…オンな音像とうっとりさせられるようなクリアネスを兼ね備えた音源が!待ちに待った極上オーディエンス録音が捉えてくれたのは3月14日のメキシコ。ツアーも終盤に差し掛かったところ、南米のテーパーが見事な音質でキャッチしてくれました。オープニングの「Start Me Up」が始まった直後こそ、微妙に音のエッジが割れてしまいますが、それもすぐに解消。2016年らしい見事な録音状態を前に、誰もが興奮を抑えきれないこと間違いなし。中でもクリアネスが本当に素晴らしい!見通し抜群であり、聴いていて胸がすくほどです。やっとこんなオーディエンス録音が現れてくれた…ある意味では、待った甲斐があったというもの。

もちろん今回も南米ライブならではの激アツな盛り上がりが当たり前なのですが、その臨場感というか、盛り上がりをキャッチしたバランス感がまた実に見事。これまでの「AMERICA LATINA~」リリースのような生々しさも大きな魅力ではあったのですが、今回は盛り上がりをリアルに捉えつつも、それが鑑賞のストレスとなることが一切ないのです。さらに詳しく説明しますと、メキシコのオーディエンスの熱狂が後ろからウォーミーな音質、あるいは耳に優しいソフトなバランスで聴こえてくる…そう例えれば想像してもらえるはず。だからこそ、熱狂的でありながらも演奏を邪魔しない絶妙なバランスをヘッドフォンでじっくりと味わっていただきたい!
何しろ「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」の間奏が始まるだけで大盛り上がり(笑)そうなれば「Honky Tonk Women」のコーラスや「Miss You」などは、彼らが待ってましたとばかりに熱唱してくれます。それでいて鑑賞の妨げにならない見事なバランスの臨場感。本当に待った甲斐のある音源だと断言したくなります。キースが二曲歌うパートの前での「オーレオーレ」合唱なども本当に楽しく、今回の「AMERICA LATINA~」ツアーにおいて共通する熱狂がこれほどまで聴きやすくキャッチされたというのは本当に優秀な録音でしょう。

そしてバンドの演奏の方ですが、これまたストーンズらしい山あり谷ありの内容なのだから、これがまた本当に楽しい!ミックの方はいつものようにオープニングから足腰しなやかで、「Start Me Up」の終盤は何度も「アーハー」と連呼するほど。ところがバンドの方はライブ序盤で七分咲きといった感じ(先の「It’s Only~」も演奏自体は勢いを欠いたもの)で、「Tumbling Dice」の何となく終わってしまう尻すぼみ感と言ったら(笑)。バンドがエンジン全開となるのは「Out Of Control」からなのですが、「Paint It Black」では寄り添ってきたキースに気を取られたロニーが曲の構成を間違えて演奏が混乱しそうになってしまいました。
その後はタイトでいい感じに演奏が続き、この日もロニーが冴えを見せた「Midnight Rambler」など、いい感じでライブ進行しています。ところが、終盤にきてこの日最大のハプニングが発生。キースが「Brown Sugar」の終盤で構成を大きく間違え、幻の四番パート(爆笑!)へと突入してしまったのです。動画を見ると、ミックはもとよりサポートのカール・デンセンですら、どう合わせていいのか困り果てている様子が捉えられていました。その間はミックが歌わず、演奏とバックコーラスだけという気まずい場面。73年オーストラリア・ツアーのオークランドで正に同じようなハプニングが起きていたものですが、その時以上に激しく演奏が混乱する様子は必聴!
もう…音質だけでも大満足な音源だというのに、こんな聴きどころの多いライブをキャッチしてくれた音源が出てきてくれたとは…。世界中のマニアが待ち望んだ極上音質で聴ける最新ツアー音源。言うまでもなく限定プレスCDリリースとなりますが、「Midnight Rambler」のような名演に、ここまで挙げた二曲の迷演まで聴ける2016年最新ツアーからの名音源の登場でもあります。皆さま、本当にお待たせしました!


Disc 1 (55:41)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Out Of Control
6. Street Fighting Man 7. Wild Horses 8. Paint It Black 9. Honky Tonk Women
10. Band Introductions 11. You Got The Silver 12. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (72:43)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Jumping Jack Flash 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Elementuum) 8. Satisfaction

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