Rolling Stones / The Lost Handsome Girls / 1CD

Rolling Stones / The Lost Handsome Girls / 1CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Ruppa Arena, Lexington, kentucky 29th 1978 & Sam Houston Coliseum, houston, Texas 19th July 1978. Stereo Soundboard Recording


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About six years ago our shop releases the Stones ’78 tour sound source to the compilation “HOUND DOG -THE LOST HANDSOME GIRLS” will have been re-evaluated between mania this year. There is also the fact that time initially it was released that became Stones had been active, it does not become a Sold Out in so fast pace, I was rather between mania is considered a stable of items. But it is Sold Out after the official release of 2012 of Stones restart and Fort Worth of live video I am led to now.
When you honestly I say, then it is what had been considered for some time is not very large, such as voice you wish to re-release, it’s past Stones title that was Sold Out as our shop. But the popularity of this board is rekindled earlier this year. Sold Out To quickly barely in response to the voice also dead stock that has been secured from overseas, it and are traded at a high price in between mania, he had shown a deployment that unusual among of our release title.

Only a small number of stock that was realized earlier seems there was a feeling that was turned into a “phantom items” for the generation of enthusiasts who do not know this item. Ever since the beginning of this year in any case, the orientation and prompts you to re-evaluate and re-released to the board is growing rapidly fact. Our shop is what was also surprised at its climax.
Although there is that even a shop did not OJ expected at the time of this year began, recurrence of “HOUND DOG -THE LOST HANDSOME GIRLS” was out of print state in response to this upsurge has decided finally!

Of course this release, it does not stop the mere recurrence. First Detroit performances of July 6 that accounted for the first half. This is the outtakes at the time “WOLFGANG’S VAULT” radio broadcast sound source that is published has become a hot topic in. Because it is a sound that was recorded on the premise that such a broadcast, the sound quality is the best stereo sound board recording. However, easing the hard sound quality is there tend cymbals to the sound source you via the Internet at the time stand out in remastered. So far is the process which has been subjected to the previous release.
However, this sound source is also there that the radio broadcast sound source of outtakes, mix was completed one step short of the rough ones. In bias tend to balance in the right overall localization had shown the state vividly, it this time carefully adjust. Especially supposed to be stunned to overwhelmingly this time of listening ease which was improved to a natural state in comparison to listen with headphones. The “Honky Tonk Women” is also deleted noise that was contaminated at that entered the interlude.
While this second half of the disc has been broadcasting only on the radio sound source, and had been together the part that decent recording the title did not exist in the CD item. They are those based on the LP called “LIVE FROM ENGLAND 1974,” but I was proud of clearness that exceeds even the title, such as more famous “CAN NOT STOP ROLLIN ‘” in the same sound recording version. This part at the time of the previous release, but the difference between the volume of the first half of Detroit is what was worrisome, this time the adjustment to force also significantly up there.

Of ’78 Stones turn from unrefined funky sound that was while extremely up to it, apparently while it was aware of the rise of punk to return to straight rock sound simple, strumming a song on stage at the Stones seems rough of It had.
Because it was such a situation, from being murmured the Seven Dirty Words without Mick is in when the daily occurrence. “Tumbling Dice” in Houston that has been recorded in this part in the prime example, and that Mick would emit Seven Dirty Words of example While apologize to Keith singing the wrong offensive of the song, really what it seems to this tour It is.
In order of course it is there to hide the Seven Dirty Words, I buzzer is Hisara, but was Mise provides such take to the broadcasting station all the way to the whether this era unique. Rough play and wild performance, this is what was the ’78 US tour.

And cover of “Hound Dog” of the last in Lexington was recorded as a bonus. Is what messed version of the previous day of Memphis have been popular from the LP era, Lexington version that was revealed at the time of release of 2010 is not yet heard only here in the rare-take. This only has a really outflow sound source sound quality via the net, but the performance of the atmosphere unlike versions of that Memphis is fresh Omotte now.
Finally appeared at that masterpiece “HANDSOME GIRLS” upgrade version of the rare sound of ’78 tour you do not listen in box has been condensed into a compact single disc masterpiece is limited to meet the request of everyone Press CD You. This release what absolutely do not miss!

約6年前に当店がリリースしたストーンズ78年ツアー音源のコンピレーション「HOUND DOG -THE LOST HANDSOME GIRLS」が今年に入ってマニアの間で再評価されています。リリースされた当初はストーンズが活動していたなった時期ということもあり、それほど速いペースでSold Outにはならず、むしろマニアの間では安定のアイテムとみなされていました。しかし2012年のストーンズ再始動やフォートワースのライブ映像の公式リリース後にSold Outとなり今に至っています。
正直に申しますと、それからしばらくは再リリースを希望される声などさほど大きくなく、当店としてもSold Outした過去のストーンズ・タイトルだとみなしていたものです。ところが今年に入って本盤の人気が再燃。その声を受けてかろうじて海外から確保したデッド・ストックも瞬く間にSold Out、それがマニア間において高値で取引されるなど、当店リリースのタイトルの中でも一風変わった展開を見せていました。

今年が始まった時点では当店ですら予想だにしなかったことではありますが、この盛り上がりを受けて廃盤状態だった「HOUND DOG -THE LOST HANDSOME GIRLS」の再発が遂に決定しました!

もちろん今回のリリース、単なる再発には留まりません。まず前半を占めた7月6日のデトロイト公演。これは当時「WOLFGANG’S VAULT」で公開されて話題となったラジオ放送用音源のアウトテイクです。そのような放送を前提として収録された音源ですので、音質は最高のステレオ・サウンドボード録音。ただし当時のインターネット経由した音源にありがちなシンバルが目立つ固い音質をリマスターにて緩和。ここまでは前回のリリース時に施していた処理です。
しかしこの音源はラジオ放送用音源のアウトテイクということもあり、ミックスは完成一歩手前のラフなものでした。その状態を如実に示していたのは全体的に定位が右に偏りがちなバランスで、それを今回は丁寧にアジャスト。特にヘッドフォンで聞き比べれば圧倒的に自然な状態へと向上した今回の聞きやすさに唖然とさせられるはず。また「Honky Tonk Women」が間奏に突入したところで混入していたノイズも削除。
このディスクの後半はラジオ音源でしかも放送されていながら、CDアイテムではまともに収録されたタイトルが存在しなかったパートをまとめていました。それらは「LIVE FROM ENGLAND 1974」というLPを基にしたものですが、同音源収録版でより有名な「CAN’T STOP ROLLIN’」といったタイトルをも上回るクリアネスを誇っていました。このパートは前回のリリース時において、前半のデトロイトとの音量の差が気になったものですが、今回はそこを調整して迫力も大幅にアップ。

そういった状況でしたので、ミックがいつになく放送禁止用語を呟いてしまうのは日常茶飯事。このパートに収録されたヒューストンでの「Tumbling Dice」はその最たる例で、ミックが曲の攻勢を間違えて歌いながらキースに詫びる一方で例の放送禁止用語を発してしまうという、いかにもこのツアーらしいものです。

そして最後にボーナスとして収録されたレキシントンでの「Hound Dog」のカバー。前日のメンフィスでのハチャメチャなバージョンがLP時代から親しまれてきたものですが、2010年のリリース時に明らかとなったレキシントン・バージョンは未だにここでしか聴かれないレア・テイク。これだけいかにもネット経由の流出音源的な音質ではありますが、あのメンフィスでのバージョンとは違った雰囲気の演奏は今をもって新鮮です。
あの名作「HANDSOME GIRLS」ボックスでも聴けない78年ツアーのレア音源がコンパクトな一枚のディスクに凝縮された名作のアップグレード・バージョンが皆様のリクエストにお応えして限定のプレスCDにて遂に登場します。今回のリリースこそ絶対にお見逃しなく!

1. Introduction Lexington 29th June 1978
2. Let It Rock Detroit 6th July 1978 (Alternate Mix)
3. All Down The Line Detroit 6th July 1978
4. Honky Tonk Women Detroit 6th July 1978
5. Star Star Detroit 6th July 1978
6. When The Whip Comes Down Detroit 6th July 1978 (Alternate Mix)
7. Lies Detroit 6th July 1978
8. Miss You Detroit 6th July 1978 (Alternate Mix)
9. Beast Of Burden Detroit 6th July 1978
10. Just My Imagination Detroit 6th July 1978 (Alternate Mix)
11. Shattered Detroit 6th July 1978
12. Love In Vain Detroit 6th July 1978 (Alternate Mix)
13. Support Member Introductions Houston 19th July 1978
14. Tumbling Dice Houston 19th July 1978
15. Happy Houston 19th July 1978
16. Brown Sugar Lexington 29th June 1978
17. Jumping Jack Flash Lexington 29th June 1978

(Bonus Track)
18. Hound Dog Lexington 29th June 1978

(Track 1, 16-18)
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky 29th June 1978

(Track 2-12)
Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan 6th July 1978

(Track 13-15)
Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas 19th July 1978


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