Rolling Stones / Los Angeles 1989 Final Night Mike Millard Master Tapes / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Los Angeles 1989 Final Night Mike Millard Master Tapes / 2CD / Non Label

Live At Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA USA 22nd October 1989.

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Speaking of the Stones live sound source left by Mike Millard, I think of a series of LA performances in 1975, but it is unknown in the ongoing excavation of the Millard Master by JEMS. The Stones Document of was excavated. It was recorded in the 1989 “STEEL WHEELS” tour. Of course, he made the recording here again in LA. However, the “STEEL WHEELS” tour uses the venue of the basic stadium class, and even at the same, it is held at the Memorial Coliseum instead of the LA Forum. The 1989 LA Memorial Coliseum show was held four times for the convenience of being sandwiched between the schedules of Share Stadium in New York.
One of the most famous LA performances in the series is the leaked professional shot footage of Eric Clapton on the 19th, but a few years ago, JEMS also released the audience recording “LOS ANGELES 1989”. It’s also new to me that “1ST NIGHT” was released as a limited press CD release. As mentioned earlier, it was held at the big venue, and since it was the first live tour of the Stones in 8 years, it was difficult to obtain tickets, it was difficult for the taper to secure a good position, and the sound quality of the audience recording It is also a tour that is not blessed with.

Even so, even though it is truly a mirrored, the early stage is not a sound image that is described as “a sound board”, but even at that time the mirroring quality is a level that is impressive and clear. Regarding LA performances, all performances have had audience recordings among traders for a long time, but due to the above reasons, the sound image is far, and it is overwhelmingly easy to hear compared to them. While maintaining a good sense of distance, the sound image evolves more and more as the performance progresses. It’s definitely a record-breaking LA performance in 1989, and at the same time, let’s assert that it is one of the highest-ranked audience recordings that captured the 1989 tour.
Also, this is a place that seems to be a mirrored, but there is no noisy audience around. As for him, it can be said that he would have paid close attention to the recording environment even on the 1989 tour, where it was difficult to obtain a good position. Especially from around “Rock and a Hard Place”, the sound image is full of power, and it is just like a mirrored recording. When it comes to two songs around “Midnight Rambler” and Keith, it’s finally terrible.
In the recording career of Millard, it was a sound source belonging to the later years, and it was not a so-called vintage period, so I suspect that recording did not appear between traders unexpectedly. In this limited press CD release, the pitch that was quite high was adjusted accurately. From the enthusiasts who have already been obtained on the net, even if this problem is solved, it should be a big point. In addition, the cuts that occur between songs are compensated by the audience recording that has been around since then, so the whole live can be played back much smoother than the original version. On the contrary, I would like to make it even more enjoyable as a document by supplementing the scene where the carmen at the end of the performance, which was not recorded in his version, and the fireworks and announcements on the way back are covered. Nevertheless, no equalization was added to eliminate the delicate hiss that is characteristic of mirrored recording.

What is amazing to me is the wonderful performance of the Stones on this day. Especially, the height of Mick’s crisp voltage is a different dimension from the performances with existing items such as the first day and 19th. Not only is it a big city show that the Stones are overwhelming, but if this day is over, the fact that there were two days off until it returned to the share stadium might have been the factor that caused Mick to fully open the engine. Shouts are already amazing. I have been singing quite hard since the opening, but especially the new songs “Mixed Emotions” and “Midnight Rambler” let me hear a powerful song, which is “Sympathy For The Devil” at the end of the live and ” When it comes to (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, it’s a magnificent area.
On the other hand, the power of Keith’s guitar is also considerable. This is also fresh from around “Mixed Emotions”, and in the next “Honky Tonk Women” you can hear how he is playing on the backing. In addition, Keith’s singing “Before They Make Me Run” shows the introductory power.
Perhaps because in the beginning of “Harlem Shuffle”, Mick did not sing at the beginning, only Bernard’s humming sounded empty, or noise from the equipment on stage just before starting “Rock and a Hard Place”. , The intro of the same song starts only with the rhythm corps, or even the funny scene where Keith tries to play the intro of “It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It)” before the members are introduced. .. Above all, it’s a great achievement just to enjoy the “STEEL WHEELS” American tour in mirrored quality, but more than that, it’s a great performance on this day!

(Remastered memo)
★Adjust a pitch slightly higher than 30% of a semitone.
★Adjust the mid-high range where each instrument is dense and the bass where the impression is cloudy
I made an impression with a sense of separation.

マイク・ミラードが遺したストーンズのライブ音源といえば1975年に行われた一連のLA公演が思い浮かぶかと思われますが、現在進行中のJEMSによるミラード・マスターの発掘の中で、知られざる彼のストーンズ・ドキュメントが発掘されました。それは1989年「STEEL WHEELS」ツアーにおける記録。もちろん彼が録音を敢行してくれたのは、ここでもLA。ただし「STEEL WHEELS」ツアーは基本スタジアム・クラスの会場が使われており、同じでもLAフォーラムではなくメモリアル・コロシアムで行われています。89年のLAメモリアル・コロシアムでのショーはニューヨークのシェア・スタジアムのスケジュールに挟まれる形で都合四回の公演が行われました。
一連のLA公演の中で昔から有名なのはエリック・クラプトンが飛び入りした19日の流出プロショット映像でしょうが、数年前にはやはりJEMSが公開してくれたオーディエンス録音を元にした「LOS ANGELES 1989 1ST NIGHT」が限定プレスCDリリースにてリリースされたのも記憶に新しいところ。先に触れたように大会場で行われた上、ストーンズ8年ぶりのライブ・ツアーだったことからチケットの入手は熾烈を極め、テーパーが好ポジションを確保するのが難しく、とかくオーディエンス録音の音質に恵まれないツアーでもあります。

それと、ここがミラードらしいところなのですが、周囲に騒がしい観客がまったくいない。彼のことですから、好ポジションの獲得が難しかった89年ツアーでも録音環境には細心の注意を払ったであろうことが伺えます。特に「Rock and a Hard Place」辺りからは迫力満点な音像となり、まさにミラード録音らしさ全開。それが「Midnight Rambler」やキースの二曲辺りになるといよいよ凄まじい。

そして何といっても驚かされるのが、この日のストーンズの演奏の素晴らしさ。特にミックのキレキレなボルテージの高さは初日や19日といった既発アイテムが存在する公演とはまるで別次元。ストーンズが張り切る大都市ショーというだけでなく、この日を済ませればシェア・スタジアムに戻るまで二日ものオフが設けられていたことがミックをエンジン全開にさせる要因だったのではないでしょうか。もうシャウトが凄い凄い。オープニングから相当に激しく歌っているのですが、中でも新曲「Mixed Emotions」や「Midnight Rambler」辺りは力の入った歌を聞かせてくれますし、それがライブ終盤の「Sympathy For The Devil」や「(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction」になるともはや壮絶な域へと。
一方でキースのギターの迫力も相当なもの。これがまた「Mixed Emotions」辺りから生々しく、次の「Honky Tonk Women」ではバッキングで彼がどんな風に弾いているかが聞き取れてしまうほど。さらにはキースが歌う「Before They Make Me Run」でもイントロの迫力は凄まじい。
かと思えば「Harlem Shuffle」では冒頭で何故かミックが歌わず、バーナードのハモりだけが空しく響き渡ったり、あるいは「Rock and a Hard Place」を始める直前にステージ上の機材からノイズが鳴り響いたせいか、同曲のイントロがリズム隊だけで始まるといったハプニング、あるいはキースがメンバー紹介が済む前から「It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It)」のイントロを弾こうとするといった愉快な場面までも。何より「STEEL WHEELS」アメリカ・ツアーがミラード・クオリティで楽しめるというだけでも快挙な訳ですが、それ以上にこの日は激アツの名演!



Disc 1 (68:58)
1. Continental Drift ★0:43 – 0:51 / 1:12 – 1:15 のボリューム調整緩和
2. Start Me Up
3. Bitch
4. Sad Sad Sad
5. Undercover Of The Night
6. Harlem Shuffle
7. Tumbling Dice
8. Miss You
9. Ruby Tuesday
10. Angie
11. Rock And A Hard Place ★5:27 – 5:33 補填
12. Mixed Emotions
13. Honky Tonk Women
14. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (75:59)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2. Little Red Rooster
3. Before They Make Me Run
4. Happy ★3:52 – 4:13 補填
5. Paint It Black
6. 2000 Light Years From Home
7. Sympathy For The Devil
8. Gimme Shelter
9. Member Introductions
10. It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll
11. Brown Sugar
12. Satisfaction ★7:19 – 8:51 補填
13. Jumping Jack Flash ★7:37 – 最後まで補填 (★補填したことでこの日の花火とカルメンがクリアに聴ける。)

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