Rolling Stones / London Stadium 2018 2nd Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / London Stadium 2018 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at London Stadium, London, UK 25th May 2018

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Both simultaneous releases of London Stadium were audiences recordings with the same taper and their CD-R release was “LONDON STADIUM 2018” last week. As was mentioned at that time, in the two days, on May 25, the sound source of the second day is more powerful sound quality attractive recording. Or should it be said that it is the first day of clear and the second day of force? Both of them are sure to boast quality that is easy to hear for each. However, it may be a weak point on the second day of the London Stadium that the sound quality itself gives a slightly cloudy impression. In promoting the promotion by the limited press CD this time, we have made equalization which improves coming out, and has evolved to the upper version of the finished version which made better use of the original power and on sound image.
In addition, it seems that the taper of this day recorded in the area where the surroundings are more exciting than on the 22nd, scenes where the chorus is exciting everywhere can be seen, but fortunately I am grasping with balance that is not disgusting. While the surroundings are lively than at that time, it is fortunate that there are no noises who are still close at hand. The only thing to name an unfriendly part may be a person singing Keith’s “The Worst” together with a low voice instead of loud and noisy. It is a big deal to keep singing this song together forever, but that bass bass voice may be Bimmyo.

On the other hand, it is truly reliable that the performance of Stones is clearly improving better than the first day in London. First of all the opening is “Jumping Jack Flash”. After all, at the time of writing this “Sympathy For The Devil” started with “Dublin”, it has become only Dublin, and we are entertaining the situation where we can keep an eye on each opening and select. If it becomes “Jumping Jack ~”, Stones will play for a margin. However, unlike the first day, some songs were missing in the performance at the beginning of the day on this day. That is “Let’s Spend The Night Together” and “Dead Flowers”, both of which are the first repertoire of this year’s tour. Compared with “Jumping Jack ~” I can not stop feeling insufficient momentum. All songs other than those are good, and the place is clearly different from last year.
But “Wild Horses” was even better than Dublin, and with the addition of Flores Welch and singing with Mick, it was finally a wonderful version. Actually from this song it seems that the engine is fully open in Stones, and the next “You Can not Always Get What You Want” is a wonderful performance that far surpasses the first day in London. That key and parson is Ronnie. After all, on this tour, Ronnie’s hard work which restored the physical condition will lead the performance to a wonderful one. In addition the ending is a reply.
“Happy” which Keith sang next to “The Worst” mentioned earlier is the first to appear on this tour. Last year’s same song was inevitably missing the momentum of the performance, and in many cases the performance lost sight of the composition of the songs and the performance fell down to the point of Gudaguda. Certainly, the momentum of performance is certainly insufficient here, but it seems that this time it seems that there is no Gudaguda feeling like last year.

Apparently, “Sympathy For The Devil” is a sign that it will be a standard to be played in the middle of the show from this day, but the fact is that the performance is getting warmer than when it is played at the opening. Especially the difference is clear in the intensity of Keith’s guitar. “Midnight Rambler” that took over the momentum, this is no longer the area of ​​the performance. It also lightly surpasses the first day of London which was quite a performance. Ronnie plays the explosion guitar after “You Can not Always Get What You Want”, and after reaching Mick, he says a long passage of Robert Johnson’s “Come On In My Kitchen” for a long time. Let’s assert that it is the best performance of “Midnight Rambler” in the first half of this tour.
However, I think that I am going to push through the show at its best, and Mick’s tension suddenly falls off from “Start Me Up” suddenly. As already pointed out by a mania, Mick seems to be tough to sing. This upset is pretty noticeable before encore, because the sound quality is good, it will be transmitted more realistically.
It is a fact that it is the day when full comprehension is heard throughout even including such a happening, and it can be said that the modulation of Mick can be said in some ways to hear it. Anyway, while it is a show where everyone has a question in London for two days in London, we already have this kind of performance, so I am really looking forward to the “NO FILTER” tour this time!

同時リリースとなるロンドン・スタジアム二日間はどちらも同一テーパーによるオーディエンス録音であり、そのCD-Rリリースが先週の「LONDON STADIUM 2018」でした。その時にも触れましたように、二日間の中では5月25日、二日目の音源の方が迫力ある音質が魅力の録音です。あるいはクリアーな初日と迫力の二日目だと例えれば良いでしょうか。どちらもそれぞれに聞きやすいクオリティを誇ることは間違いないのです。しかし音質自体は若干ながら濁った印象を与えるのがロンドン・スタジアム二日目の弱点かもしれない。そこで今回の限定プレスCDによる昇格リリースに当たっては、抜けをよくするイコライズを敢行、元々の迫力やオンな音像もより活かした仕上がりのアッパー版へと進化させました。
さらにこの日のテーパーは22日よりも周囲が盛り上がるエリアで録音したのでしょう、随所で合唱が盛り上がる場面が見受けられますが、幸いにも嫌味がないバランスで捉えてくれています。その時よりも周囲が賑やかでありながら、それでいて至近距離で騒ぐ輩がいないのがまた幸い。唯一、耳障りな個所を挙げるとすれば大声で騒ぐような代わりに、低い声でキースの「The Worst」を一緒に歌っている人物かもしれません。この曲をずっと一緒に歌い続ける様は大したものですが、そのねっちょり低音ボイスがビミョーかも。

一方、ストーンズの演奏はロンドン初日よりもはっきり調子を上げてくれているのが実に頼もしい。まずオープニングが今度は「Jumping Jack Flash」。結局これを書いている時点で「Sympathy For The Devil」から始まったのはダブリンだけとなっており、毎回のオープニング・セレクトから目が離せない状況が楽しませてくれています。それが「Jumping Jack~」ともなれば、ストーンズは余裕の演奏ぶり。ただし、初日と違ってこの日は序盤で演奏に勢いが足りない曲も散見されました。それが「Let’s Spend The Night Together」と「Dead Flowers」という、どちらも今年のツアーでは初登場のレパートリー。こなれた「Jumping Jack~」と比べて勢いが足りない感がいなめません。それら以外の曲はどれも好調であり、その辺りが昨年とはっきり違うところ。
しかし「Wild Horses」はただでさえダブリンを上回る出来であり、さらにフローレス・ウェルチが加わってミックと一緒に歌い上げたことでいよいよ素晴らしいバージョンとなりました。実際にこの曲からストーンズはエンジンが全開となったようで、次の「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」はロンドン初日をはるかに凌ぐ素晴らしい演奏が聞かれます。そのキー・パースンはロニー。やはり今回のツアーでは体調を回復したロニーの頑張りが演奏を素晴らしいものへと導いてくれる。おまけにエンディングはリプライズ。
先に触れた「The Worst」に次いでキースが歌った「Happy」は本ツアー初登場。昨年の同曲は演奏の勢いが足りないのは仕方ないとして、曲の構成を見失って演奏がグダグダなところまで堕ちる場合も少なくありませんでした。確かに、ここでも演奏の勢いは足りないのですが、昨年のようなグダグダ感がないのが今回らしいとこかと。

どうやら「Sympathy For The Devil」はこの日を境にショー中盤で演奏されるのが定番となりそうな気配ですが、オープニングで演奏される時よりも演奏が白熱しているのは事実。特にキースのギターの激しさには違いがはっきりと。その勢いを引き継いだ「Midnight Rambler」ですが、これはもはや名演の域。なかなかの演奏だったロンドン初日をも軽く上回ります。ロニーは「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」に次いで爆裂ギターを弾いていますし、ミックに至っては久々にロバート・ジョンソン「Come On In My Kitchen」の一節を口ずさむ。今回のツアー前半における「Midnight Rambler」最高の演奏だと断言いたしましょう。
ところが、このまま絶好調でショーを突き進むかと思いきや「Start Me Up」から突如としてミックのテンションがガクンと落ちてしまう。既にマニアが指摘していたように、ミックは歌うのが辛そう。この不調がアンコール前まではかなり顕著で、音質が良いからなおさらリアルに伝わってきます。
そんなハプニングを含めても全体を通して充実の演奏が聞かれる日であるのは事実ですし、ミックの変調もある意味では聞きどころだと呼べるはず。いずれにせよロンドン二日間はそれぞれに聞きどころがあるショーである一方、既にこれだけの演奏を聞かせてくれるのだから、今回の「NO FILTER」ツアーはこれからも本当に楽しみ!


Disc 1 (64:29)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 4. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Just Your Fool 7. Dead Flowers 8. Wild Horses (With Florence Welch)
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Paint It Black 11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions 13. The Worst 14. Happy

Disc 2 (53:40)
1. Sympathy For The Devil 2. Miss You 3. Midnight Rambler 4. Start Me Up
5. Brown Sugar 6. Gimme Shelter 7. Satisfaction


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