Rolling Stones / Live At The El Mocambo / 1CD

Rolling Stones / Live At The El Mocambo / 1CD / Goldplate

Translated Text:
Live At El Mocambo Tavern, Toronto Canada March 4th & 5th 1977



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Small · gig, which was held March 4 ~ 5, 1977 at “El Mocambo · Club” in Toronto, Canada known as the legendary live of Stones in the 70’s appeared in the latest remaster of 2016!
This time the live recorded only 4 songs in the live album “Love You Live” that was held just after Keith was arrested on illegal possession of heroin has lost acetate tone generator or part of the sound board sound source Although it was discovered newly, the latest remaster by 2016 overseas edition newly appeared. The revive version which further modified it based on this sound source which became the best best editing source together with the best existing sound source source appeared for the first time this time! Once monophonic sound source also became soundboard sound source of all song stereo · mix, scratch noise and hiss · noise also dramatically resolved, and “Crazy · mama” which only existed incomplete sound source was reached at the same time Rehearsal sound source is compensated and finished in a complete shape. Although an unedited version has been additionally recorded, the revised version also fixes intro chords and unnatural mixes of its complementary editing. It has been upgraded to the best content with further fine tuning. We will deliver 2016 year’s latest remaster & revied edition of “El Mocambo” which is said to be one of the most noteworthy live sounds in the 70’s Stones by press board


1. Route 66 2. Hand Of Fate 3. Crazy Mama 4. Mannish Boy 5. Crackin’ Up 6. Dance Little Sister 7. Around And Around 8. Worried About You 9. Let`s Spend Night Together 10. Band Introduction 11. Little Red Rooster Plus 12. Crazy Mama (incomplete acetate) 13. Mannish Boy (edit master) 14. Crackin’ Up (original master)
Goldplate. GP-1605

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