Rolling Stones / The Last Time For A While / 2CD

Rolling Stones / The Last Time A While / 2CD / Rattlesnake

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U Arena, Nanterre, paris, October 25th 2017.

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The first stone’s boot in 2018 is Paris, the final show of Rattle Snake’s new No Filter tour.
As the title shows, it is the latest live at the moment.

Speaking of Rattle Snake, “PINKPOP ON FIRE” (RS 264/65) will be released in its own high-quality sound covert sauce in 2016, which took about a year and a half after live, but also “SAD TORTURED STORY OF THE ROLLING STONES “(RS 266), contrary to the information board called” sound board “, it is a European label which is incredibly incredibly disappointing that the content was a pre-eminent secret sound source, but this is the final performance of this No Filter tour Paris 3 and how?
This Paris show is only on the net that only sound recording sources of MD recording are released, and where the original sound source of “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT” released from LH was also worrisome.

However, since Rattle Snake is released so much it will not be said that MD recording is not an original sound source, so I made a quick hit reservation for Hamamatsu, but apparently beginning in Europe around January 25 Even though it seemed to be nothing from Hamamatsu, I could not wait and ordered from Europe.

So I arrived directly from Europe, this is a unique sound that is not an MD recording that came out on the net as soon as I listen!

No Filter Tour Although it is not the highest sound quality surpassing LH’s “DEFINITIVE MUNICH 2017” by Neumann KM 140’s sound source which boasts the strongest sound, it boasts a different sound quality from the preexisting sound source.

Although it seems to be a recording from the side close to Ronnie which is not a close range, the sound image also has a large spread, the sound that the guitar sounds ringing as if it is just broken, the missing sound makes one step to the outdoor performance, It’s a wonderful sound, much more clear than MD recording.
Also, it is the finished sound that the deep bass sounds, and I think that it might be OK even if the bass on it is still ON, but this is a good recording that the liveness of live at the arena venue is transmitted.
It is also good “EX” – “EX -” that surroundings are not noisy at all.

In comparison with LH’s “PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT”, Disc 1 is about 10 seconds, Disc 2 is short for about 1 minute, and songwriting is slightly cut in some places, not all of them are finely verified, but MC It seems that it is not an extreme cut like cutting.

And Rattle Snake seems like booklets are fulfilling.
However, although it is a shame that the used photo is not from this final performance, the text that explains the explosion in Paris is Stones live, touching on the worry for Keith who was originally No Filter tour · It makes your athletes’ chest hot.
Also, the print of the board is Keith for Disc 1, Mick for DIsc 2, that is also a polite and fine detail like that.

No, but the highlight of this day is “She’s So Cold”! ! Keith ‘s notch is irresistible.
On the way back from the flower street in the intro, Keith ‘s keeper seriously carved the riff while indulging in our eyes, stopping towards the stage rather than towards the audience and showing the guitar to us The figure is revived vividly in the mind.
And, as it was the last day of the tour, even if there was a mistake, the stones that carry on the performance ahead of time are in front!
Rattle Snake, Thank you for putting this sound into the world! Although I do not feel like I’m gonna be a big deal if I do it a long time ago (laugh)

Well ~ I think this will release the remaining 2 performances in Paris, but there are 3 works in total, Bob Dylan and Robert Plant released, it will not be released together this time that there is little hope Shooter ~. Even though there is sound, it may not be just booting. .
But in Paris final performance there are lots of YouTube images, such as close-up pictures and so on, so we hope that you can see video works that made the audio sync successfully with this sound.

That’s why the latest live at the moment was a release that was released with a high sound quality that exceeded the previous episode and was a relieved release!

2018年ストーンズ・ブート第一弾は、Rattle Snakeの新作、No Filterツアー最終公演のパリ。

Rattle Snakeといえば、ライブから1年半も経った2016年に『PINKPOP ON FIRE』(RS 264/65)を独自の高音質隠密ソースでリリースするも、同時リリースの『SAD TORTURED STORY OF THE ROLLING STONES』(RS 266)ではサウンドボードというインフォに反して中身は既発の隠密音源だったという、見事に期待を裏切ってくれたイマイチ信用ならぬ欧州レーベルですが、果たしてこのNo Filterツアー最終公演であるパリ3やいかに?
このパリ公演はネットにはMD録音の音源しか公開されておらず、LHからリリースされた『PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT』の元音源もそれだっただけに気になるところ。

でもRattle SnakeがわざわざリリースするくらいだからそのMD録音が元音源ということはなかろう、ということで告知が出るや浜松に速攻予約を入れていましたが、どうやら欧州では1月25日あたりから出回り始めたようでも浜松からは音沙汰がないので、待ちきれずに欧州から取り寄せてしまいました。


No Filterツアー最強を誇るNeumann KM140’s音源によるLHの『DEFINITIVE MUNICH 2017』を凌ぐ最高音質というわけではありませんが、既発音源とは次元が違う音質を誇ります。


なお、LHの『PARIS 2017 3RD NIGHT』と比べると、Disc1は10秒ほど、Disc2は1分ほど短く、ところどころ曲間が僅かにカットされており、全部を細かく検証したわけではありませんが、MCをカットするような極端なカットではないようです。

そしてRattle Snakeらしくブックレットは充実しています。
ただし使われている写真がこの最終公演からではないのは非常に残念ですが、No Filterツアー当初のキースへの心配にも触れながら、このパリでの爆発ぶりを解説するその文章はストーンズ・ライブ・アスリートの胸を熱くさせてくれます。

いやしかしこの日のハイライトは”She’s So Cold”!!キースの刻みがたまらんです。
Rattle Snake、この音を世に出してくれてありがとう!もうちょいいじれば大化けするサウンドのような気がしないでもありませんが(笑)



●Disc 1
1. Sympathy For The Devil / 2. It’s Only Rock’n Roll / 3. Tumbling Dice / 4. Just Your Fool / 5. Ride ‘Em On Down / 6. She’s So Cold / 7. She’s A Rainbow / 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want / 9. Paint It Black / 10. Honky Tonk Women / 11. Band Introductions / 12. Happy / 13. Slipping Away

●Disc 2
1. Miss You / 2. Midnight Rambler / 3. Street Fighting Man / 4. Start Me Up / 5. Brown Sugar / 6. Jumping Jack Flash / 7. Gimme Shelter / 8. Satisfaction

Rattlesnake. RS-308/09

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