Rolling Stones / Keep Your Motor Runnin / 1CD

Rolling Stones / Keep Your Motor Runnin / 1CD / Mayflower

Translated Text:
The Lost Live Album From 1972 US Tour . Soundboard

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■ sound board sound source was recorded for the live album
■ played with Stevie Wonder “(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction”

Than Stones professional mayflower label, sound board sound of 1972 will be released. This year of the tour is done is recording for live album, but the release itself was discontinued, then, the title to be the result as Firasupe such as name board in the Collector’s history was born many. In the title that has been made from this work, “Keep Your Motor Runnin ‘” is also such a series of outflow, of course that the sound quality is excellent, the Over dub is performed, just the fact that work towards the release has been made it is also the title to prove.

Has become the main but is Philadelphia performances July 20, 1972, and has been recorded from the other performances, it is not a complete recording of the time of the set list, begin with “Brown Sugar” and “Satisfaction” that ends with, making it the contents of a certain unity as live album. Noteworthy is the medley of the “Uptight”, “Satisfaction”. Stevie Wonder will not sing along to jump in, but I have become very arrangements influence of Stevie funky arrangement is reflected strongly.

Than the Rolling Stones 1972 US tour, great sound board sound source to be also referred to as the unreleased live album. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications.



ストーンズ専門mayflowerレーベルより、1972年のサウンドボード音源がリリースになります。この年のツアーはライヴ・アルバムのためにレコーディングが行なわれ、リリース自体は中止となりましたが、その後、結果としてフィラスペなどコレクターズ史上で名盤とされるタイトルが多く生まれました。本作「Keep Your Motor Runnin’」もそのような一連の流出から作られたタイトルで、音質が抜群であることはもちろん、オーヴァーダブが施され、まさにリリースに向けて作業が行なわれたということを証明するタイトルでもあります。 

メインとなっているのは1972年7月20日フィラデルフィア公演ですが、その他の公演からも収録されており、当時のセットリストを完全収録ではありませんが、「Brown Sugar」で始まり、「Satisfaction」で終わるという、ライヴアルバムとしてまとまりある内容となっています。特筆すべきは「Uptight」と「Satisfaction」のメドレーです。スティーヴィー・ワンダーが飛び入りして一緒に歌っていますが、非常にファンキーなアレンジでスティーヴィーの影響が色濃く反映されたアレンジとなっているのです。 


01. Brown Sugar Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
02. Bitch Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
03. Rocks Off Philadelphia, July 21, 1972 1st show
04. Gimme Shelter Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
05. Happy Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 1st show
06. Tumbling Dice Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
07. Love in Vain Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 1st show
08. Sweet Virginia Philadelphia, July 21, 1972 1st show
09. You Can’t Always Get What You Want Houston, July 25, 1972 1st show
10. All Down The Line Philadelphia, July 21, 1972 2nd show
11. Midnight Rambler Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 2nd show
12. Don’t Lie To Me Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 1st show
13. Bye Bye Johnny Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
14. Rip This Joint Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
15. Jumping Jack Flash Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 1st show
16. Street Fighting Man Fort Worth, July 24, 1972 1st show
17. Uptight Philadelphia, July 20, 1972
18. Satisfaction Philadelphia, July 20, 1972


Mayflower. MF-63

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