Rolling Stones / Johannesburg 1995 / 2DVDR

Rolling Stones / Johannesburg 1995 / 2DVDR / Jointrip

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Live At Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg , South Africa, 25th February 1995. Mono/ NTSC


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★ Stones only South Africa performances, appeared in PROSHOT + STEREO REMASTERED SOUND!
VOODOO LOUNGE TOUR from the February 25, 1995 which is also the Stones history only of South Africa tour
The live in Ellis Park Stadium, and release determined by JOINTRIP unique high-quality + high-quality sound!
This live at the time, be broadcast live by the South African SABC TV local, How can even here the series FM stations are on the air at the same time, in person of TV Rock And A Hard Place is almost cut in relation to the CM,
A person of FM is Midnight Rambler, Monkey Man is will be aired is cut,
Only title with a master from both insufficient source did not have distribution.
At this time JOINTRIP, while compensate for the missing part in each other, and the current highest quality video master
Most reputable was good CD with sound board sound source (Luxembourg Dr.GIG label) provided at the time
He handed the FM sound source master from a donor, by the perfect synchronous with the video
The DVD of the ultimate Johannesburg live video we realized.
Pre-show that has been aired before live day while only 6 minutes also add recording.
If you look back again this live in superb sound board voice of the perfect separate, I think of this time performance can be either re-discovered it was how excellent.
One discarded without masterpiece VOODOO LOUNGE after announcement song which is also a first world tour after withdrawal Bill Wyman, among the new sense of crisis, whether solidified also unity of members, in recent years Keith also the guitar work rarely seen in possible, it has dull and Charlie of the groove that response to, even Ronnie of Aubry.
Also kick-off has been the tour in years ’94 to rush in 1995, Midnight Rambler, etc. also newly set-in,
Immediately after this performance, Stones is the thing that is straight to Japan in the chartered plane facing the Tokyo Dome performance,
The South Africa tour nostalgic memorial concert is also the set list drew suddenly the attention to the Japanese fans in.
Well it is really, good performance. This after EUROPE tour focuses on the performance of unplugged flavor in a small venue, and always be sublimated to STRIPPED after, this performances Stones showed on tour now and the peak in the “gigantic stadium performances” Uneru might be content.
We will deliver in the past best quality important 1995 Johannesburg performances in such Stones Live history.

VOODOO LOUNGE TOURからストーンズ史上唯一の南アフリカ公演でもある1995年2月25日の
Ellis Park Stadiumでのライヴを、JOINTRIPならではの高画質+高音質にてリリース決定!
このライヴは当時、現地の南アフリカSABC TVにより生中継され、同時に当地の系列FM局でもオン・エアーされたのですが、TVの方ではCMの関係でRock And A Hard Placeがほとんどカットされ、
FMの方ではMidnight Rambler、Monkey Manがカットされて放映されしまい、
どれひとつ捨て曲のない名作VOODOO LOUNGE発表後の、ビル・ワイマン脱退後の初の世界ツアーでもあり、新たな危機感のなか、メンバーの結束も固まったのか、キースのギターワークも近年稀に見るデキで、呼応するチャーリーのグルーヴと、ロニーのオブリも冴えてます。
’94年にキックオフされたツアーも’95年に突入し、Midnight Ramblerなども新たにセットイン、

2DVDR 145 min
[SABC TV Pre-Show 25th February 1995] Document In South Africa / Before The Show /
[LIVE AT ELLIS PARK STADIUM, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA. 25th February 1995] *Pro Shot with Stereo Sound*
DISC-1 : Opening / Not Fade Away / Tumbling Dice / You Got Me Rocking /
It’s All Over Now / Live With Me / Sparks Will Fly / Satisfaction /
Out Of Tears / Angie / Volkswagen cm break /
Rock And A Hard Place(24th February – sound only)/
Rock And A Hard Place+(25th February – partly)/
Midnight Rambler+ / I Go Wild /
DISC-2 : Miss You / Band introduction / Honky Tonk Women / Happy /
Slipping Away / Sympathy For The Devil / Monkey Man+ / Street Fighting Man /
Start Me Up / It’s Only Rock’n Roll / Brown Sugar / Jumping Jack Flash /
+=Remastered Mono

Jointrip. JTDV-019

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