Rolling Stones / Its Only Rock N Roll / 4CD

Rolling Stones / Its Only Rock N Roll / 4CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. USA 15th & 16th July 1975

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Speaking of the high sound quality audiences recording in Stones’ 1975 ‘TOUR OF THE AMERICAS’ Speaking of Mikuwa is MSG June 27th on the LA Forum on July 13th and the first day of the Cow Palace. Regarding Cow Palace, it was established in the fan by “IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL” which appeared on the flow of box boom of LP boot which was excited in the mid-1980s, but it is a rich binding book called LP three-sheet set box And with a very good sound quality, it was sold at a ridiculous price at the beginning of release (it was touched upon review of fan club magazine).
About 20 years ago from now VGP label releases CD in the form following the artwork of this box. Here we have evolved that the generation of tape is different in the original and second edition, and among them the second decided to undermine its position as the definitive version of Cow Palace. Because of high quality sound source anyway, some items were released in coupled form with the second day Cow Palace second touch which will be touched next, but none of them are of quality that can not exceed the VGP board. Thanks to that, VGP Second was an unusual situation that will build a long-term administration as a definite version.
However, unexpectedly the VGP board has become difficult to obtain, it is not possible to obtain the famous and famous sound source Cow Palace … Unexpected development that such a serious situation will continue until now. Even if it is not a mania, is not it that we have long been waiting for the appearance of a new Cow Palace? Also, the sound image becomes more turned on from “You Can not Always Get What You Want”, it is also the secret of popularity that the state will finally become superb.

The reason why the appearance of the upper version was not realized even though such a name sound source, although it is not realized easily, it is exhausted to the fact that the appearance of the low generation sound source did not realize once. Krw_co has a feeling of becoming a heavyweight of rare sound source uploading in the past few years that extended the helping hand to the situation where frustration accumulated even if not a mania. Last year, he finally released an analog master of the Cow Palace sound source on the net via DAT.
Of course, items already containing this version have been released on CD-R and press CD, respectively, but the cut portions played abandoning any of them. Speaking of Cow Palace the first day, there is another sound source audience recording called LP “SAD SONG IS ALL I KNOW” (release as item was ahead of the box). Better yet our shop has already released an itemized CD LP. Then, there is no hand that does not apply editing making full use of this.
So we decided to do thorough supplementation for this release. The most famous deficit in “IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL” sound source (hereinafter referred to as “recorder 1”) is in the middle of “Rip This Joint”, but actually there are many other defects in fact. By utilizing the “SAD SONG IS ALL I KNOW” sound source (hereinafter referred to as “recorder 2”), we have finished up to the longest and best version ever, that is, without complaints.
Although its detailed editing is introduced in another section in detail, for example, the introduction of “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” is subtly lacking, and in “recorder 1” there was the impression that playing started suddenly. So supplementing ‘recorder 2’ enabled me to enjoy the complete condition. In addition to the scene of introduction of band members, by making full use of “recorder 2” even in scenes other than the performance, it has evolved to content that was comprehensive enough not to be compared with past releases. Besides, since the tendencies of sound quality are similar, it is attractive that there is almost no change in sound quality and discomfort. This editing finally enough that “Rip This Joint” can now be heard in complete, but enough to please maniacs around the world. It was a painful cut that occurred when the original performance got on the momentum, so the pleasure that made it possible to listen without stress in this way is too big.
And above all, the upper feeling is exceptional if it is master. The sharpness feeling that was in the long selling VGP second disappeared, the suddenly warmy and natural listening comfort was the best. It makes me realize the recording from the master exactly.

Needless to say, the great charm of the day is that the performance is wonderful. Immediately after the live start, the two guitar ‘s sounds are not good, and despite playing with the tone of the percussion instinct lacking in thickness until the end of the show, the performance is extremely hot. Rather, let me tell you a smart summary performance than the days of LA that was done just before. “Fingerprint File” which was also a highlight of the irregular ensemble is finally gathered together, the play of Keith playing in such a situation is really fresh.
Mick seems to be 75 years old, Mick has been flying from the beginning of the show, but the famous “If You Can not Rock Me” as a best moment in the first day of Cow Palace is fierce. Apart from play, Charlie’s bus drawn striking it that stirs it as if sound only covers two grues who are bad from the intro, it is goose bumps thing to hear many times. The performance of “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo” with a sense of mature as liberaly as a live repertoire will have ended on this day.

Thankfully krw_co uploaded the second day as well as the first day of Cow Palace at the same time. Compared to the first day we are unwavering the evaluation as a classic audience, the second day can only be said to be unfaithful. First of all it was lucky that it appeared. Originally a blue jacket “THE UDDER SHOW” LP was first appearance, but we released a unique jacket · sense of the label that released this (we will not use Stones’ pictures as a table), and even the audience recording It was because the maniac continued to go on behind the scenes. There was an exception like the culmination of the 72-year Tour SBD “PLUG IN FLASH OUT”, but it seems like it was neglected because it was released from the class B treated label.
The audience recording on the second day of Cow Palace is not blessed with CD items, and the first release of “TOUR OF THE AMERICAS ’75” with a nostalgic binder is recorded from a genetically degraded deterioration cassette. IDLE MIND’s “THE COMPLETE COW PALACE TAPE 1975” finally improved in sound quality, the first day of simultaneous recording is said to be imaichi. Moreover, there was also a star banner flag pattern box set which I thought as a copy board of this.
Unlike the first day, it also increased the minus image of this sound source, which was causing blatant inter-track cuts in some places. Apparently this is the original recording condition and it will not change in this version of Krw_co version. Besides, since there is no separate sound source unlike the first day, in this release, I focused on eliminating the difficulty of listening at once by applying crossfade editing to cuts between tracks. Regarding the onskill of “You Can not Always Get What You Want” as a late premise, krw_co patched the sound source of the previous day at the time of uploading, and it was tailoring as a full length version for the time being, but his pseudo- Because it was unexpectedly unexpected, I reprinted from the sound source of the previous day again after hitting this release. Either way, it does not change that it is compensating from the sound source of another day, but it has made a remarkably smooth connection when compared with the original version.

In this way, when you ask again, you will be amazed by the fact that it is a sound source with a high sense of sound without complaints, while still having a slightly distant sound image. The sound quality itself is also a charming impression than the previous day. On the contrary, both of the sound sources of both days have not given any extra equalization at all. Because it is a precious master record, not only the first day with a reputation for long ago, the finish that made use of both the refreshing and natural upper feeling will also be the big appeal of this time.
And the performance on the second day is also unexpected. When I listen again, it seems like it was just being neglected because only items that were not clear in the past were released. There is no problem with the ringing of the guitar on this day, and again, “Fingerprint File” is a masterpiece of Keith ‘s excitement. It is the only place where Keith mistook the timing of Charlie who was upset because Keith started playing chuck berry style intro unusual intro and only “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” is a stone’s like Zukkoke Such as “Midnight Rambler” And the high tension Mick is 75 years itself.
As well as the first day when the best renewal was awaited, of course, the second day of inconvenience realized recording in the best condition without multiplication. Besides, both sound sources are wonderfully natural sound quality is clear. Of course the title and artwork are featured again with the design based on the black of the old LP box. What would you do without calling this a definitive version of Cow Palace in 1975?

★ Cow Palace 2DAYS performance decision board which showed Cow Palace 2 performance from 1975 North American tour, compiled as much as possible.

ストーンズ1975年の「TOUR OF THE AMERICAS」における高音質オーディエンス録音の三羽烏と言えばMSG6月27日にLAフォーラム7月13日、そしてカウ・パレスの初日といったところではないでしょうか。カウ・パレスに関しては1980年代半ばに盛り上がったLPブートのボックス・ブームの流れに乗って登場した「IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL」によってファンに定着したのですが、LP三枚組ボックスというリッチな装丁と非常に良好な音質によって、リリース当初はとんでもない価格で売られた(ことがファンクラブ誌のレビューで触れられていましたね)ほど。
ところが意外なことにVGP盤が入手困難となって久しく、名演かつ名音源のカウ・パレスが手に入らない…そんな由々しき事態が現在に至るまで続くという予想外の展開。マニアでなくとも新たなカウ・パレスの登場を待ち望んでいたのではないでしょうか。それに「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」から音像がよりオンとなり、いよいよ極上な状態となるのも人気の秘訣。

当然ながら既にこのバージョンを収録したアイテムがCD-RとプレスCDそれぞれでリリースされていますが、それらはどれもカット部分が放置プレイ。カウ・パレス初日と言えばLP「SAD SONG IS ALL I KNOW」という別音源オーディエンス録音が存在(アイテムとしてのリリースはボックスよりも先だった)します。ましてや当店はLPをCD化したアイテムをリリース済。そうなると、これを駆使した編集を施さない手はない。
そこで今回のリリースに当たっては徹底した補填を敢行しました。「IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL」音源(以下「recorder 1」と称します)におけるもっとも有名な欠損は「Rip This Joint」の中間ですが、実は他にも欠損箇所が多くある。そこを「SAD SONG IS ALL I KNOW」音源(以下「recorder 2」と称します)を駆使することによって、過去最長かつ最良のバージョン、つまり文句なしのアッパー版へと仕上げています。
その緻密な編集は別項にて詳しく紹介していますが、例えば「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」のイントロが微妙に欠けていて「recorder 1」では唐突に演奏が始まってしまう印象があった。そこで「recorder 2」を補填したことで完全な状態を楽しめるようになったのです。またバンドメンバー紹介の場面を始めとして、演奏以外の場面においても「recorder 2」を最大限に活用することによって、過去のリリースとは比較にならないほど充実した収録内容にまで進化したのです。おまけに音質の傾向が似ているので音質の変化や違和感がほとんどないのも魅力。この編集によってようやく「Rip This Joint」がコンプリートに聞けるようになった点だけでも世界中のマニアを喜ばせるに十分なもの。元の演奏が勢いに乗ったところで起きた「recorder 1」痛恨のカットでしたので、こうしてストレスなしに聞けるようになった喜びはあまりに大きい。

言うまでもなく演奏が素晴らしいのもこの日の大きな魅力。ライブ開始直後はギター二本の出音が不調ですし、ロニーに至ってはショーの最後まで厚みを欠いたペラペラのトーンで弾き通したにもかかわらず、演奏は激アツ。むしろ直前に行われていたLAの日々よりもスマートにまとまった演奏を聞かせてくれるのでは。変則アンサンブルが見どころでもあった「Fingerprint File」はいよいよ演奏がまとまっており、そんな中で弾きまくるキースのプレイが実に新鮮。
いかにも75年らしく、ミックはショー開始当初から飛ばしまくっていますが、カウ・パレス初日における最高の瞬間として古くから有名な「If You Can’t Rock Me」は壮絶。プレイとは別に音だけがイントロから不調なギター二人をカバーするかのようにミックがまくしたてると、それを煽りまくるチャーリーのバスドラ連打は何度聞いても鳥肌モノなのです。惜しむらくはライブ・レパートリーとして熟成した感のある「Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo」の演奏がこの日で終わってしまったことでしょう。

ありがたいことにkrw_coはカウ・パレスの初日はもちろん、二日目も同時にアップロードしてくれました。定番オーディエンスとしての評価を揺るぎなくしている初日と比べ、二日目は不遇としか言いようがありません。まず登場からしてついてなかった。そもそも青いジャケの「THE UDDER SHOW」というLPが初出だったのですが、これをリリースしたレーベルの独自なジャケット・センス(ストーンズの写真を表に使おうとしない)、さらにはオーディエンス録音を中心にリリースし続けたマニアックさが裏目に出ていたからです。72年ツアーSBDの集大成「PLUG IN FLASH OUT」のような例外もありましたが、B級扱いされたレーベルからのリリースだったせいで軽視されてしまったように思えてならないのです。
カウ・パレス二日目のオーディエンス録音はCDアイテムにも恵まれず、初めてのリリースとなった懐かしのバインダー付き「TOUR OF THE AMERICAS ’75」はジェネ落ち劣化カセットからの収録。ようやく音質が向上したIDLE MINDの「THE COMPLETE COW PALACE TAPE 1975」は同時収録の初日がイマイチという落ち。さらにはこれのコピー盤と思しき星条旗柄ボックスセットなんてのもありました。
初日と違っていくつかの箇所で露骨な曲間のカットが生じていたのもこの音源のマイナス・イメージを増長させたものです。どうやらこれは元からの録音状態であって、今回のKrw_coバージョンでもそれは変わりません。おまけに初日と違って別音源が存在しないので、今回のリリースに当たっては曲間のカットにクロスフェード編集を施して聞きづらさを一気に解消することに神経を注ぎました。また「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」の終盤が未収録という持病に関してはkrw_coがアップロード時に前日の音源をパッチして、とりあえず全長版に仕立てていましたが、彼の疑似完全版編集が思いのほか不自然でしたので、今回のリリースに当たって改めて前日の音源からの補填をやり直しています。いずれせよ別の日の音源からの補填であることは変わりないのですが、元のバージョンと比べると格段になめらかなつながりに仕上げました。

そして二日目の演奏も意外なほどアツい。改めて聞いてみると、過去に冴えないアイテムばかりがリリースされ続けたせいで軽視されていただけのように思えてなりません。この日はギターの鳴りも問題ありませんし、またしても「Fingerprint File」はキースを中心とした盛り上がりが圧巻。唯一、キースがいつもと違ったチャック・ベリー調のイントロを弾き始めたせいで動揺したチャーリーが入るタイミングを間違えた「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」だけがストーンズらしいズッコケといったところでしょうか「Midnight Rambler」でハイテンションなミックも75年そのもの。


Live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. USA 15th July 1975

Disc 1 (64:47)
1. Fanfare For The Common Man
2. Honky Tonk Women
3. All Down The Line
4. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud ★7:01-7:29演奏後の曲間を補填
5. Star Star ★4:22-4:27、 4:41-6トラック直前まで、演奏後の曲間を補填
6. Gimme Shelter ★6:01-6:20 演奏後の曲間を補填
7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
8. You Gotta Move ★3:22付近曲中カット部をクロスフェード処理
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Happy
11. Tumbling Dice ★4:59以降の曲間を補填
12. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 0:00-0:02イントロ部補填、 4:57以降の曲間を補填

Disc 2 (65:20)
1. Band Introductions ★ほぼ丸ごと補填
2. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
3. Fingerprint File ★7:55以降を補填
4. Angie ★0:00-0:12イントロ部を補填
5. Wild Horses ★1:16付近の音切れをLPソースをオーバーダブして緩和 / 演奏後6:55以降曲間補填
6. That’s Life ★カットイン(補填ソースなし)
7. Outa Space ★カットイン(補填ソースなし) / 演奏後4:02以降曲間補填
8. Brown Sugar ★0:00-0:09 補填
9. Midnight Rambler
10. Rip This Joint ★1:05-1:42付近 補填
11. Street Fighting Man
12. Jumping Jack Flash

Live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. USA 16th July 1975

Disc 3 (63:12)
1. Fanfare For The Common Man
2. Honky Tonk Woman
3. All Down The Line
4. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
5. Star Star
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
8. You Gotta Move
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want ★9:29以降-11:17付近まで15日音源で補填
10. Happy
11. Tumbling Dice ★4:45付近曲間カット編集
12. It’s Only Rock’n Roll

Disc 4 (52:55)
1. Band Introductions ★メンバー紹介は殆どカット / 0:26、0:35付近それぞれ曲間カット編集
2. Fingerprint File ★演奏後7:36付近曲間カット編集
3. Wild Horses
4. That’s Life ★フェードイン
5. Outa Space
6. Brown Sugar ★演奏後3:44付近曲間カット編集
7. Midnight Rambler
8. Rip This Joint
9. Street Fighting Man
10. Jumping Jack Flash ★フェードイン

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