Rolling Stones / Honolulu 1998 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Honolulu 1998 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii 23rd January 1998

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Speaking of Stones’ Hawaiian performance, the impressions of 1966 and 73 are very strong, but just three decades ago a real Hawaiian performance was realized just 20 years ago. It is remembered nostalgically not only that it was a long Hawaiian performance but also that it was now that there were many Japanese participants from the viewpoint of the land pattern which is very easy to go. Babylon Tour The first live activity on the 1998 schedule and the MSG show which called a big topic was for Japanese maniacs who had no choice but to give up from the height of the ticket fee (as then) Hawaiian performances following that were positive It was a savior to say as a savior. At this time, the information that secret · gig seems to be carried out in Hawaii is leaking from before the performance, gigs are done before the regular two performances, even now even the details of the performance is obvious There was a night of vision that it did not become.
After that it was two performances in Hawaii, but unlike the MSG performed in New York in the midwinter and the subsequent Japanese performances, it was done in a temperate environment, the stone’s liveliness stands out for two days I was asked. Both shows were recorded in 1998 when the VGP label made the audience recording CD, and although it is a sound quality for maniacers, there were not many enthusiasts who have listened to himself because of the good performance contents. While the sound quality was good during the two days was “INSIDE THE RAINBOW” which recorded January 23, this year, as soon as 20 years passed from this performance (it is early!), Suddenly the audience Another sound source for recording appeared.

The sound source of this time was that DAT was used for recording, and it is also not picked up much middle low region, and the sound quality which is quite trembling. Furthermore, there are scattered parts where the stereo is unstable, whether the audience near the tapers raises a squirrel, or perhaps it wants to keep it away. Whether it is unfortunate that both will calm down from around “Gimme Shelter” and become easy to hear. Furthermore, weak deficiencies have occurred in the first half of “Tumbling Dice” or sound skipping has occurred slightly even at 4:10 “You Can not Always Get What You Want”. Among these problems, the former is finished so that you can listen through by porting other parts of the performance. Also there is a sound like a microphone looking downwards in the middle of “Like A Rolling Stone”. And after “Start Me Up”, noise such as chirping due to aging of DAT master will occur around the right channel.
Upon the release of this limited press release CD, we thoroughly overhaul to alleviate those problems. In addition to editing the previous “Tumbling Dice”, the sound quality itself was equalized to the balance where high notes were conspicuous, and it was reborn as a sound quality that remarkably feels at the warmy. If it is a mania who has already obtained the original sound source, there is no doubt that you will be surprised to evolve into an upper version that is easier to hear as you no longer hear it.

Thus, although I first pointed out the minus point of this sound source for the first time, the fact that there was a big advantage over that of the already-released sound source more than that is the biggest factor realizing the limited press CD release. It means that the performance is captured by a large sound image rather than “INSIDE THE RAINBOW” (hereinafter referred to as the pre-existing board). Although the sound quality that made me feel the calmness of the pre-launch board was attractive, on the other hand, the sound image of the performance played by Stones was a sense of distance, and there was a problem that the hole / echo was strengthened. It is very attractive that the sound source of this time is far easier to hear, and after the “All Down The Line”, the sound of Keith and Ronnie’s guitar is caught in a surprisingly realistic sound image It is wonderful to say that. On the Babylon Tour, it is especially fresh that Ronnie’s obligato judgment clearly heard at “Angie” where this day was premiered.
In addition, it is fun to really convey Hilarious unique hilarious presence throughout the whole thing, it is interesting that it is american like excitement to chorcitate the previous “All Down The Line” and the B stage “Little Queenie”. On the contrary, even with the new song “Flip The Switch” at that time, the songs “unique, oei, oei” are unique to the 1998 Stones Concert. It was commonplace at the time, but the fact that I was excited with new songs from the new album was a real sense of the Babylon tour alone.

Such “Flip The Switch” seems to have been the season of the live performance of this song, from the live broadcast of St. Louis which was the last show of the previous year to the Japanese performances after Hawaii. Actually, the performance here is higher tension, and it is natural that you will want to chorus before such a performance. Since this song suddenly loses momentum from where the Babylon tour reached Europe in summer, the speediness of playing here in Hawaii is particularly prominent.
And Mick is doing fine throughout the show. It is now nostalgic that the schedule of the MSG performance of the example will be reconstructed from the fact that he caught a cold earlier in the new year, so it is now nostalgic but as long as the singing passionate Mick is keen to appeal to the resurrection ing. It looks like a result that the timing of entering the song with “Like A Rolling Stone” of stage B is going to be suspicious, as if the momentum of Mick had surplus, rather it was funny. As in old “INSIDE THE RAINBOW”, this time may also be the quality of the area for maniacs in total. However, before this sound source that has been able to hear the performance suddenly, there are a lot of Japanese Stones mania whose memory is coming up. Please enjoy the new sound source of Hawaii performance in 1998 plenty, Aloha!

★ It is the first appearance new source.

それに続いたハワイでの二公演ですが、真冬のニューヨークで行われたMSGやその後の日本公演と違い温暖な環境の中で行われただけあって、二日間共にストーンズの活きのよさが際立つ演奏が聞かれました。どちらのショーも1998年当時にVGPレーベルがオーディエンス録音をCD化しており、マニア向けの音質ではあるものの、演奏内容の良さから愛聴したマニアも少なくなかったことでしょう。二日間の中で音質が良かったのは1月23日を収録した「INSIDE THE RAINBOW」でしたが、この公演からちょうど20年の歳月(早いものですね!)を経た今年、突如としてオーディエンス録音の別音源が登場しました。

今回の音源はDATが録音で使われたということもあってか中低域があまり拾われておらず、かなり高音寄りな音質。さらにはテーパーの近くにいる観客が奇声を上げたり、恐らくはそれを遠ざけたくて動いてしまったのか、定位が不安定になる箇所が散見されます。どちらも「Gimme Shelter」辺りから落ち着いて聞きやすくなってくれるのが不幸中の幸いかと。さらに「Tumbling Dice」の前半に微弱な欠損が生じていたり、あるいは「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」4:10の所でもわずかながらに音飛びが生じてしまっている。これらの問題の内、前者に関しては演奏の他の箇所を移植することによって通しで聞けるように仕上げています。また「Like A Rolling Stone」の途中でマイクが下を向いてしまったかのような音のこもりもある。そして「Start Me Up」以降はDATマスターの経年によるチリチリといったノイズが右チャンネルを中心に生じてしまいます。
今回の限定プレスCDリリースに際してはそれらの問題を緩和すべく徹底したオーバーホールを敢行。先の「Tumbling Dice」の編集だけでなく、音質自体も高音が目立つバランスにイコライズを施したところ、ウォーミーで格段に感触の良い音質へと生まれ変わりました。元音源を既に入手済みのマニアであれば、それを聞く気がなくなるほど聞きやすいアッパー版へ進化したことに驚かされること間違いなし。

こうして最初に今回の音源のマイナス・ポイントを最初に挙げましたが、それ以上に既発音源を上回る大きなアドバンテージがあったことが限定プレスCDリリースを実現させた最大の要因です。それは「INSIDE THE RAINBOW」(以下既発盤と称します)よりも演奏が大きな音像で捉えられているということ。既発盤の落ち着きを感じさせる音質も魅力的でしたが、その反面ストーンズが奏でた演奏の音像には距離感があり、なおかつホール・エコーが強めという問題があったのです。今回の音源の方がその点は遥かに聞きやすくなっているのが非常に魅力的な上、なおかつ「All Down The Line」以降はキースとロニーのギターの音が驚くほどリアルな音像で捉えられているというのも素晴らしい。バビロン・ツアーではこの日が初演だった「Angie」におけるロニーのオブリガートさばきがはっきりと聞こえるところなどは特に新鮮かと。
また全体を通してハワイならではの陽気な臨場感が伝わってくるのが実に楽しく、先の「All Down The Line」やBステージの「Little Queenie」を大合唱してみせるのがアメリカっぽい盛り上がりで何とも面白い。それどころか当時の新曲である「Flip The Switch」ですら「おーいえ、おーいえ」と皆で合唱しているのが1998年のストーンズ・コンサートならではの光景。当時はそれが当たり前のことでしたが、こうしてニューアルバムからの新曲で盛り上がれたのもバビロン・ツアーならではの現役感。

そんな「Flip The Switch」は前年ラスト・ショーだったセント・ルイスの生中継からハワイ後の日本公演あたりまでがこの曲のライブ演奏の旬だったように思えます。実際にここでの演奏はテンション高めであり、こんな演奏を前にしたら合唱したくなるのも当然では。バビロン・ツアーが夏のヨーロッパに到達した辺りから本曲は突如として勢いを失ってしまうので、なおさらここハワイでの演奏のスピーディーさが際立っています。
それにショー全体を通してミックが絶好調。彼が年明け早々に風邪をひいてしまったことから例のMSG公演の日程が組み直されるというハプニングも今となっては懐かしいものですが、だからこそ復活をアピールせんばかりに元気なミックの熱唱が冴え渡っている。Bステージの「Like A Rolling Stone」で歌に入るタイミングが怪しくなりそうな場面など、むしろミックの勢いが余ってしまった結果のように映って微笑ましい。古の「INSIDE THE RAINBOW」がそうだったように、今回もトータル的にはマニア向けな域のクオリティかもしれません。しかし俄然演奏が聞き込めるようになった今回の音源を前に、思い出がこみあげてくる日本のストーンズ・マニアは多いはず。ぜひ懐かしさたっぷりに98年ハワイ公演の新音源をお楽しみください、アローハ!



Disc 1 (75:08)
1. Intro 2. Satisfaction 3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 4. Flip The Switch
5. Gimme Shelter 6. All Down The Line 7. Angie 8. Saint Of Me 9. Out Of Control
10. She’s A Rainbow 11. Miss You 12. Band Introductions 13. Thief In The Night
14. Wanna Hold You

Disc 2 (62:08)
1. B-Stage SE 2. Little Queenie 3. The Last Time 4. Like A Rolling Stone
5. Sympathy For The Devil 6. Tumbling Dice 7. Honky Tonk Women
8. Start Me Up 9. Jumping Jack Flash 10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. Brown Sugar

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