Rolling Stones / Fully Finished Studio Outtakes / 3CDR

Rolling Stones / Fully Finished Studio Outtakes / 3CDR / Non label

Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

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A collection of demo versions that first appeared that shocked Stones fans around the world. The recording dates and contents are randomly recorded, but the value of each song is unparalleled. The quality and quantity of the Stones studio demo collection is the highest ever. Must listen! !!

Is it the best title of the year as soon as possible? The Rolling Stones’ three-disc set “FULLY FINISHED STUDIO OUTTAKES” has given a big impact to enthusiasts all over the world. The main recordings are outtakes from 1982 to 1985, but in the olden days, a wide range of valuable outtakes, from the performance of “THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST” in 1967 to the performance of “LICKS” in 2002. It is recorded with the highest sound quality that the take can be officially released as it is.
It was enough to be surprised just because the sound quality was excellent, but what added further was that, as the title of “FULLY FINISHED” shows, these outtakes were completely mixed, and the previous one. It boasts a degree of perfection that can be released as it is. With this volume and quality, it can only be said to be a truly shocking release.
There are many famous outtakes heard in past releases, but they are totally different in sound quality and track perfection. Furthermore, in the past items, the imbalance of Mick’s tentative song, which was noticeable in the outtake around 1982, has been resolved, and the splendid state that was pushed out to the entire surface is just right to call it “FULLY FINISHED”. ..

This release was so shocking that it was even featured in popular newspapers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. But over time, some facts have become clear. First of all, I wonder if the original sound source is a sound source compressed to mp3 (although it has high sound quality).
What is even more missed is the skipping that occurs in the intro of Disc-3 “Strictly Memphis”. Was this obviously a press mistake, a mistake when creating the master, or was it leaked in such a situation? It’s presumed to be one of them, but it hurts because of the unprecedented volume and amazing quality of the set.
It was also a pity that it happened to “Strictly Memphis”. As any enthusiast knows, it is an outtake of the album “DIRTY WORK”, and a very complete version was on the market even at the time of the past outflow. There must have been many enthusiasts who were impressed by the fact that this “FULLY FINISHED” state finally made it possible to hear in perfect condition and perfect sound quality. That is why this state is missed.

The content was so shocking, and the super-topic work that even unreleased songs, whose titles were known only until now, were unearthed with perfect sound quality, so the copy board was already flooded. doing. However, there are problems with “Strictly Memphis” in all currently available versions, which can reduce the value of even the release of the original Black Frisco Records.
It is an unpredictable situation whether Black Frisco Records will take any action in the future. That’s why it’s a good idea to give this gift version a quick try. Come with the most luxurious title (laughs) in the history of free gifts that contain a super-topic board that you can fully enjoy even if you subtract the problems of the example!


早くも今年のベストタイトルか?と言うほど世界中のマニアに大きな衝撃を与えているローリング・ストーンズの三枚組「FULLY FINISHED STUDIO OUTTAKES」。主に収録されているのは1982年から85年にかけてのアウトテイクなのですが、古くは67年の「THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST」から2002年の「LICKS」の時期の演奏まで、多岐にわたる貴重なアウトテイクがこのままオフィシャルでリリースできてしまうほどの最高音質にて収録されている。
音質が素晴らしいというだけでも驚かされるに十分だった訳ですが、さらに追い打ちをかけたのは「FULLY FINISHED」のタイトルが示すように、これらのアウトテイクにミキシングが完全に施されており、先のようにそのままリリースされてもおかしくないほどの完成度を誇っているということ。これだけのボリューム、なおかつこれだけのクオリティなのだから、本当に衝撃的なリリースとしか言いようがありません。
過去のリリースで聞かれた有名アウトテイクも多く含まれていますが、それらは音質とトラックの完成度がまるで違う。さらに過去のアイテムでは82年頃のアウトテイクに顕著だったミックの仮歌のバランスの遠さが解消されており、俄然全面に押し出された見事な状態なども正に「FULLY FINISHED」と呼ぶに相応しい。

それ以上に惜しまれるのがDisc-3「Strictly Memphis」のイントロで生じている音飛び。これは明らかにプレスミス、マスター作成時のミス、あるいはそのような状態で流出したか?のどれかだと推測されますが、何しろ空前のボリュームと驚愕のクオリティを誇るセットだけにこれは痛い。
それがよりによって「Strictly Memphis」に生じてしまったというのがまた痛恨。マニアならご存じのようにアルバム「DIRTY WORK」のアウトテイクであり過去の流出時点でも非常に完成度の高いバージョンが出回っていたもの。それが今回の「FULLY FINISHED」な状態によって遂に完全な状態かつ完璧な音質で聞けるようになった事で感動したマニアは少なくなかったはず。だからこそこの状態が惜しまれる。

あまりにも衝撃的な内容であったこと、なおかつ完璧な音質で今まで曲名しか知られていなかった未発表曲まで完璧音質で発掘してみせたという超話題作だけに、早くもコピー盤まで氾濫しています。だがしかし、現在手に入るすべてのバージョンにおいて「Strictly Memphis」に問題が生じており、そのせいでオリジナルBlack Frisco Recordsのリリースすら価値が落ちてしまいかねない状況。
これからBlack Frisco Recordsが何らかの対応をするのかどうか、予断を許さない状況であります。それだけに、このギフト・バージョンでサクッとお試しするのも良いのではないでしょうか?例の問題を差し引いても十分に楽しめる超話題盤を収めた無料ギフト史上、最贅沢タイトル(笑)で是非!

Disc 1 (79:22)
01. Nobody’s Perfect (1985)
02. Trouble’s A Coming (1979)
03. Dreams To Remember (1982)
04. Don’t Lie To Me (1987)
05. Fiji Jim (1977)
06. Eliza Upchink (1982)
07. Deep Love (1985)
08. She’s Doing Her Thing (1967)
09. Putty In Your Hands (1985)
10. Dog Shit (1983)
11. 20 Nil (1997)
12. Tell Her Now It Is (1970)
13. (You Better) Stop That (1982)
14. Scarlet (1974)
15. Walk With Me Wendy (1970)
16. Never Make You Cry (1977)
17. Part Of The Night (1982)
18. Low Down (1997)

Disc 2 (74:34)
01. It’s A Lie (1979)
02. I Can’t See No One Else (1985)
03. Not The Way To Go (1978)
04. Giving It Up (1989)
05. Hands Off (1993)
06. Built That Way (1975)
07. Keep It Cool (1982)
08. Can’t Find Love (1982)
09. You Win Again (1977)
10. Blood Red Wine (1968)
11. Fast Talking Slow Walking (1974)
12. Cooking Up (1982)
13. Every Time I Break Her Heart (1977)
14. Dream About (1997)
15. Flip The Switch (Keith Richards on Vocal) (1997)

Disc 3 (78:19)
01. Sanctuary (1997)
02. Desperate Man (1997)
03. Prairie Love (1997)
04. Living In The Heart Of Love (1974)
05. Still In Love With You (1982)
06. I Tried To Talk Her Into It (1982)
07. Might As Well Get Juiced (1997)
08. Too Many Cooks (1973)
09. Curtis Meets Smokey (1969)
10. Covered In Bruises (Ronnie Wood / Mick Jagger on Vocal) (1977)
11. Ivy League (1993)
12. Too Tight (Keith Richards on Vocal) (1997)
13. Criss Cross (1973)
14. Strictly Memphis (1985)
15. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) (1973)
16. Extreme Western Grip (Studio Cuillaume Tell, Suresnes near Paris, May 2002)
17. Well Well (Studio Cuillaume Tell, Suresnes near Paris, May 2002)

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