Rolling Stones / Frankfurt 1976 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Frankfurt 1976 1st Night / 2CD  / Non label

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Live at Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 28th April 1976

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Speaking of Frankfurt of European tour of 1976, soundboard recordings were draining from the time of analog LP, and the day two is overwhelmingly famous. Last year I heard that “FRANKFURT 1976”, which is a combination of audience recording plus conventional soundboard recording, came out in memory. Thanks to that situation Frankfurt is a frequented spotlight on the second day, but as for the first day, the release situation that only the two songs on the LP “WELCOME TO FRANKFURT” has been recorded until now is impressive I was doing. It is impossible for this to happen.
On the first day of such Frankfurt there is also a full length audience recording. Unfortunately the sound quality is inferior to what was recorded in “WELCOME TO FRANKFURT”. It is plentiful with a sense of vintage, which is why the item was not created until now. Although the sound image of the distance feeling is good, the balance is good, and the voice of each person’s play and Mick can be heard through unexpectedly. However, freshness is fresh (laugh). If you say that this is analog boot tick quality, you can imagine it.

Although it was this overlooked sound source, as a result of carefully equalizing on reviewing the release, it was unexpectedly promoted to the level of the upper version which can be released with limited press CD. Anyhow the biggest drawback was randomly adjusted random mad pitch. Even this point alone has become much easier to hear than the sound source that was traditionally circulated among traders. In addition to that, sound quality itself was also improved by equalizing. As expected, hiss noise still remains, but still it became much easier to hear compared to the original condition. It is the same also that the clearness improved to an old fashioned sound quality. As expected it is not said that it is for everyone, but even then it evolved into a state where you can enjoy it a lot.

And the performance content is interesting more than anything. Europe ‘s tour of 1976 was based on the composition of the previous year’ s American tour, introducing a repertoire from the new album ‘BLACK AND BLUE’ there, and overall it was compactly summarized from the previous year. The result will be compiled later as the official live album “LIVE YOU LIVE”, but the first day of the tour. It is still interesting because the sticky sound that seems to be a tour of 76 years has not been completed yet, rather hyper momentum like the previous year remains.
The best example is the opening “Honky Tonk Women”. It started to be played with a shortened arrangement from this day, but it seems like Mick was screaming all the way as if it was the previous year tour. Nevertheless the lyrics of the place name are changed to “Frankfurt City” for the first time in service. However, when it comes to the next “If You Can not Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud”, it has been played with a relaxed tempo by changing, and here it is like a compromise between 75 and 76 years Their own atmosphere is coming to passion. Also “All Down The Line” was dismissed for 2 days in Frankfurt.

Regarding the songs recorded for “BLACK AND BLUE” as well, there is not yet a settlement that I saw in Paris one month later, much less so since those songs became a live premiere on this day, the historical value is also very high. Actually “Hey Negrita” is performed more carefully than the later version (it seems to be premiered), Mick’s “Fool To Cry” which is a popular song every night with a huge hit from premiere, It is also interesting to introduce and introduce music “from the new album” and start playing.
The best of these new repertoires is “Hot Stuff”. In the late story of the song, Mick screamed up with Hyper Shout that reminds me of 75 years and I am surprised because it is singing in a wild atmosphere than later live version. From this place as well, there was a sight that seemed like a first day, a compromise between 75 and 76 years old.
Just like the 1975 Louisville released at the same time, there is no doubt that this is also an audience recording of sound quality for maniacs. However, it is full of listening skills unique to the first day of the tour. It is also interesting that Keith sounds a chord (possibly Roddy?) After all is over at “Street Fighting Man”. Anyway, I guarantee that you can absolutely enjoy it if you are a European tour lover mania for 76 years.

★ Tour on the first day unbooted sound source. The press sounds pretty good at the beginning. All pitch has been fixed.

1976年ヨーロッパ・ツアーのフランクフルトと言えばアナログLPの時代からサウンドボード録音が流出していたこともあり、二日目の方が圧倒的に有名です。昨年にはオーディエンス録音プラス従来のサウンドボード録音という組み合わせの「FRANKFURT 1976」が出たのも記憶に新しいところかと。そうした事情から二日目ばかりにスポットライトが当たりがちな76年フランクフルトですが、初日に関しては今まで「WELCOME TO FRANKFURT」というLPにたった二曲だけ収録されていただけ、というリリース状況がまた印象を薄くさせていました。これでは無理もないことですね。
そんなフランクフルト初日は全長版のオーディエンス録音も存在しています。残念ながら音質は「WELCOME TO FRANKFURT」に収録されていたものより劣ってしまう。それはビンテージ感たっぷりなもので、だからこそ今までアイテムが生み出されなかったのでしょう。距離感の音像ながらもバランスは良く、各人のプレイやミックの声が思いのほか通って聞こえる。ただし鮮度はさっぱり(笑)。これぞアナログブートチックな音質だと言えば想像してもらえるでしょう。


そして何よりも演奏内容が面白い。76年のヨーロッパ・ツアーは前年のアメリカ・ツアーの構成をベースとしつつ、そこにニューアルバム「BLACK AND BLUE」からのレパートリーを導入し、全体的には前年よりコンパクトにまとめたもの。その成果が後にオフィシャルのライブアルバム「LIVE YOU LIVE」としてまとめられる訳ですが、何しろツアーの初日。まだ76年ツアーらしい粘っこいサウンドは完成しておらず、むしろ前年のようなハイパーな勢いが残っているから面白い。
その最たる例がオープニングの「Honky Tonk Women」。この日から短縮アレンジで演奏されるようになりましたが、ミックがやたらと叫んでいるのがまるで前年ツアーのよう。それでいて地名の歌詞は「フランクフルト・シティ」と変えてみせるサービスぶり。ところが次の「If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud」になると打って変わってゆったりとしたテンポで演奏されており、ここでは75年と76年の折衷のような状態となっていた独自の雰囲気がひしひしと伝わってくるのです。また「All Down The Line」はフランクフルト二日間でお役目御免となりました。

「BLACK AND BLUE」収録曲に関しても一か月後のパリでみせたようなまとまりがまだなく、ましてやそれらの曲がこの日ライブ初演となったのだから、歴史的価値も非常に高い。実際に「Hey Negrita」は後のバージョンよりも慎重な調子で演奏されていますし(実に初演らしい)、大ヒットして毎晩の人気曲となる「Fool To Cry」も初演ということからミックが「ニューアルバムからの曲」と紹介して演奏を始めるのがこれまた面白い。
それら新レパートリーの極めつけは「Hot Stuff」。曲の後半の語りにおいてミックがそれこそ75年を思い起こさせるようなハイパー・シャウトでまくし立てており、後のライブ・バージョンよりもワイルドな雰囲気で歌われているから驚かされます。こんなところからも75年と76年の折衷という、初日らしい光景がみられたのですね。
同時リリースの1975年ルイヴィルと同じように、こちらもマニア向けな音質のオーディエンス録音であることに間違いない。しかしツアー初日ならではの聞きどころが満載。「Street Fighting Man」ですべてが終わった後にキースがコードを鳴らす(もしかしてローディか?)という不思議な場面も面白い。とにかく76年ヨーロッパ・ツアー好きのマニアなら絶対に楽しんでもらえることを保証します。

★ツアー初日 未ブート化音源。プレスは初で結構音が良い。ピッチは全て修正済み。


Disc 1 (46:13)
1. Intro. 2. Honky Tonk Women 3. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
4. Hand Of Fate 5. All Down The Line 6. Hey Negrita 7. Tumbling Dice 8. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
9. Fool To Cry 10. Star Star

Disc 2 (53:51)
1. MC 2. Hot Stuff 3. You Gotta Move 4. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
5. Midnight Rambler 6. Nothing From Nothing 7. Outa Space 8. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
9. Brown Sugar 10. Jumping Jack Flash 11. Street Fighting Man

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