Rolling Stones / Foxboro 1989 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Foxboro 1989 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA. USA 29th September 1989


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I think that the “STEEL WHIEELS” tour from 1989 to 1990 is a brilliant day for Japanese people to be unforgettable forever as a time when Rolling Stones was first familiar to us. At any moment the Stones revived to the dissolution report widely … resumed the tour from …. The release of that album “STEEL WHIEELS” and the announcement of the US tour will have been unlikely to suppress the excitement for everyone. It is a time when we still could not understand the possibility of a Japanese performance later becoming a fanatic after just Amelia’s schedule was announced. The number of Japanese who participated in the US tour in America is not so high due to the pleasure that Stones has started to move again before that.
Meanwhile, while Stones revived and made a tour, the 1989 US tour, the scuffy and soundable items of the audience recording were not released easily. It was a result of reflection that the taper was not able to secure a good position because it was a topic tour that took a stadium all the time. Or was it good until it was issued on CD, but it was a memorable experience that a snappy item appeared as a sharing stadium where chapters were not hit. Almost, it’s almost 30 years since the 89 year tour? I thought it was recently, but the flow of time is too early …
Audience things with kore! In the end of the tour live broadcasting of Atlantic City was realized within the time that no items appeared, and as for the tour of 1989 more, the items of the audience recording completely lagged behind. In the midst of the tour, the tour has entered its second year, even the sound boards of Tokyo Dome and Wembley Stadium have appeared, and the tour of ‘STEEL WHEELS’ in 1989 finally became a disadvantaged audience recording item It was.

When the rush of such sound board type item settled down, the item of the audience recording finally appeared Potsutotsu. The sound board of the screen video sound which continued to leak after the tour ended Atlantic City on the last day of the tour if thinking that the guitar balance was unnatural. The appearance of audience recording items was indispensable to understand the full picture of the considerable long-term 89 year tour.
“SHEA STADIUM 1989” or “SHEA STADIUM 1989 FINAL NIGHT” which we have released in recent years was an item that was definitely a long-awaited manifestation, so in short, Sold Out. It would be proof that maniacs were eagerly waiting for items that captured the enthusiasm of the tour, which can not be guessed just by sound board recording alone.
And the audience recording of the 89th tour released this time is a superb sound source that caught an ultra upper voltage show in Foxboro, Sullivan Stadium on September 29th. Strictly speaking, there was a track record of being itemized with this sound source, CD-R “BOSTON 1989 1ST NIGHT” attached as the first delivered gift of the DVD of “Pro / DVLAS 1989 2ND NIGHT” which our shop released in the past . This time we are using the same audience recording, but recently the upgrade version that appeared on the net is confined in a limited press CD.
Clearly, the difference with “BOSTON 1989 ~” is clear. Originally it was a fine audience recording, but by using a low generation master, we realized freshness improvement and clearness as if it were coats. It matched with the release in a state suitable for calling just upper version.
Losing to the sound source “SHEA STADIUM 1989 FINAL NIGHT” lively enthusiastic presence is really interesting, for example, the audience who can not wait to choral at the chorus portion of “Ruby Tuesday” starts to count, it is not only lively Enjoy a jolly excitement. Still it is not a balance that will block the prospect of playing, so excellent recording conditions are brilliant.
It is regrettable that a weak cut of the intro is occurring with some songs, and more than that, at Keith ‘s “Before They Make Me Run” which was surprisingly rare on the 89th tour was heading for the ending and the recording ended It is a pity that I got there. However, since there is no other sound source, there is no compensation for these cuts.

Nonetheless, this sound quality has the charm that is too much for release on press CD. While recording at the stadium as mentioned earlier, the sound image is surprisingly on. Among them, there are many scenes where Keith’s guitar is caught in a powerful sound image, for example, playing with “Sad Sad Sad” is goose bumps and so on.
The performance of the band as a whole is an unusual speed feeling on this day, especially from “Bitch” to “Undercover Of The Night”, and even “Paint It Black” is a wonderful exhilarating momentum. Besides, Mick’s tension is considerably upper condition, and it can be asserted that it is one of the most prestigious tours in the “Rock And A Hard Place” that was a new song at the time!
In those days I was thinking that Stones was restarted and stepped in mature period, but even now even such a tour has passed for nearly 30 years, now I can not make it realistic that there was still young momentum I can not go in. Also in “Sympathy For The Devil”, Keith’s half-timed firing is tremendous, and at the end of the momentum it is vigorously overwhelmed with the intro of “Brown Sugar” even with a sense of awkwardness (laugh) with exquisite sound quality. No, no, the Stones in 1989 was still young, the best performance among the tours in the USA is here!
1989年から1990年にかけての「STEEL WHIEELS」ツアーは、我々にとってローリング・ストーンズが初めて身近に感じられた時期として、日本人にとっては永遠に忘れられない輝かしい日々だと思います。何しろ一時は解散報道まで広く伝えられたストーンズが復活…からのツアー再開。あのアルバム「STEEL WHIEELS」リリースとアメリカ・ツアーの発表は誰にとっても興奮を抑えきれない思いだったことでしょう。まだアメリアの日程が発表されただけで、後に狂騒曲となる日本公演の可能性は未だに解らなかった時期。それ以前にストーンズが再び動き出したという喜びのあまり、アメリカ・ツアーに参戦した日本人は数知れません。
オーディエンスものでコレ!というアイテムが登場しない内にツアー終盤でアトランティック・シティの生中継が実現してしまい、なおさら89年ツアーに関してはオーディエンス録音のアイテムが完全に立ち遅れてしまいました。そうこうしている内にツアーは二年目に突入、東京ドームやウェンブリースタジアムのサウンドボードまでもが登場するに至って、いよいよ89年「STEEL WHEELS」ツアーはオーディエンス録音アイテムに恵まれない時期となってしまいました。

近年リリースしてまいりました「SHEA STADIUM 1989」あるいは「SHEA STADIUM 1989 FINAL NIGHT」は正にマニア待望と言えたアイテムであったことから、あっという間にSold Out。サウンドボード録音だけでは窺い知れないツアーの熱狂を捉えたアイテムをマニアが待ち望んでいたことの証でしょう。
そして今回リリースされる89年ツアーのオーディエンス録音は9月29日のボストンはフォックスボロ、サリヴァン・スタジアムでの超アッパー・ボルテージなショーを捉えた極上音源。厳密に言いうとこの音源、当店が過去にリリースしたプロショット映像のDVD「DALLAS 1989 2ND NIGHT」の初回納品分ギフトとして付属したCD-R「BOSTON 1989 1ST NIGHT」でアイテム化された実績がありました。今回も同じオーディエンス録音を使用していますが、最近になってネット上に現れたアップグレード・バージョンを限定のプレスCDに封じ込めています。
はっきり言って「BOSTON 1989~」との差は歴然。元々が上質なオーディエンス録音ではありましたが、ロー・ジェネレーションなマスターを使用したことによって、一皮むけたかのような鮮度の向上とクリアネスを実現。正にアッパーなバージョンと呼ぶに相応しい状態でのリリースと相成りました。
この音源は「SHEA STADIUM 1989 FINAL NIGHT」に負けじと賑やかな臨場感が実に面白く、例えば「Ruby Tuesday」のコーラス部分で合唱するのが待ちきれない観客がカウントを始めるなど、単に賑やかなだけでない愉快な盛り上がりが楽しめます。それでいて演奏の見通しを塞いでしまうようなバランスではないのだから、優秀な録音状態がお見事。
惜しむらくはいくつかの曲でイントロの微弱なカットが起こっていること、それ以上に89年ツアーでは意外とレアだったキースの「Before They Make Me Run」がエンディングに向かっていたところで録音が終わってしまうところが残念。しかし別音源というものが存在しない日ですので、これらのカットに関しては補填を行っていません。

それでもなお、この音質はプレスCDでのリリースに余りある魅力を持っています。先に触れたようなスタジアムでの録音ながら、音像は驚くまでにオン。中でもキースのギターがド迫力な音像で捉えられている場面が多々あり、例えば「Sad Sad Sad」での弾きまくりなどは鳥肌モノかと。
何しろバンド全体の演奏がこの日は異様なスピード感であり、特に「Bitch」から「Undercover Of The Night」、さらに「Paint It Black」でも爽快な勢いが素晴らしい。おまけにミックのテンションが相当にアッパーなコンディションであり、当時は新曲だった「Rock And A Hard Place」に至ってはツアー屈指の名演だと断言できます!
当時はストーンズが再始動すると共に円熟期に踏み入れたものだと思っていたものですが、そんなツアーですら30年近い時が経過した今、まだまだ若い勢いがあったのだと痛感させられずにはいられません。「Sympathy For The Devil」でもキースの半端ない弾きまくりぶりが凄まじく、挙句の果てには勢い余って「Brown Sugar」のイントロをやり直す気まずい空気感までも(爆笑)極上音質で味わえる。いやはや、1989年のストーンズはまだまだ若かった、アメリカ・ツアーの中でも指折りのホットなパフォーマンスがここに!

Disc 1 (68:00)
1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Sad Sad Sad 5. Undercover Of The Night
6. Harlem Shuffle 7. Tumbling Dice 8. Miss You 9. Ruby Tuesday 10. Play With Fire
11. Dead Flowers 12. Rock And A Hard Place 13. Mixed Emotions 14. Honky Tonk Women
15. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (63:57)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 2. Little Red Rooster 3. Before They Make Me Run
4. Happy 5. Paint It Black 6. 2000 Light Years From Home 7. Sympathy For The Devil
8. Gimme Shelter 9. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 10. Brown Sugar 11. Satisfaction
12. Jumping Jack Flash

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