Rolling Stones / Fifty Years Live / 2CDR

Rolling Stones / Fifty Years Live / 2CDR / Non Label

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Rolling Stones Fifty Years Live.


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I reproduce a CD of fun content to be able to be called the 2013 edition of : ” LICKS JAPAN TOUR 2003 SAMPLER WELCOME TO JAPAN LICKS ” which was well received by gift release last week . It was sold last year , originally as it was attached to the 50th Anniversary Crystal Vodka Special Package formed , official live album of Stones label record company has the copyright current ” Love You Live ,” ” Still Life ” and a selection of songs ” Flashpoint ,” ” Live Licks “, ” Stripped ,” ” Shine A Light ” from 6 title , by connecting well cheers between songs , as live album of a piece , as if to edit it to listen to non-stop Yes you are . Has been adjusted so that there is no discomfort volume ( accrued Virgin has a copyright is ” No Security “) , indeed , in spite of age spree fly rapidly , from being listen without feeling so much , the aesthetics of universal will it where it said Stones unique , penetrating . It has been fun to make , such as a live best little , I think the creator , and had thought What do try to position of Sympathy For The Devil and Jumpin ‘Jack Flash , but in any case , truly official work it is the item of the first class goods made ​​to stick to convincing , to the processing of details , enthusiast has become the contents of the above individual consent as a CD that accompanies the planning mono collaboration with liquor . In spite of great content , but there was no chance to listen easily in the regular fan , by all means , please enjoy this opportunity . It is most suitable for BGM of the way to work , to drive the car .

先週ギフトリリースし好評を博した「WELCOME TO JAPAN LICKS: LICKS JAPAN TOUR 2003 SAMPLER」の2013年版とも言える楽しい内容のCDを復刻。元は昨年販売された、結成50周年記念クリスタル・ウォッカ・スペシャル・パッケージに付いていたもので、現在レコード会社が版権を持っているストーンズ・レーベルの公式ライヴ盤「Love You Live」「Still Life」「Flashpoint」「Live Licks」「Stripped」「Shine A Light」6タイトルから曲をセレクトし、曲間の歓声を上手く繋げて、あたかも一枚のライヴ盤のように、ノンストップで聴けるように編集してあります。(Virginが版権を持ってる「No Security」は未収)音量も違和感のないように調整してあり、時代がめまぐるしく飛びまくる割には、それほど違和感なく聴けてしまうのは、流石、普遍の美学を貫くストーンズならでは、と言ったところでしょうか。ちょっとしたライヴベストのような楽しい作りになっており、製作者は、Jumpin’ Jack FlashとSympathy For The Devilの位置をどうしようか考えてしまったとは思いますが、いずれにせよ、流石は公式の仕事と思わせる、細部の処理までこだわって作製された一級品のアイテムであり、お酒とのコラボの企画モノの付随するCDとしてはマニアも納得の上々の内容になっています。素晴らしい内容の割には、一般のファンには手軽に聴けるチャンスが無かったわけで、是非、この機会にお楽しみ下さい。通勤途中のBGM、車のドライブ用にも最適ですよ。

Disc 1(40:59)
1. Brown Sugar (Love You Live) 2. Let’s Spend The Night Together (Still Life)
3. Shattered (Still Life) 4. Paint It Black (Flashpoint) 5. Gimme Shelter (Live Licks)
6. Wild Horses (Stripped) 7. Shine A Light (Shine A Light) 8. Rocks Off (Live Licks)
9. Miss You (Flashpoint)

Disc 2(42:08)
1. Beast Of Burden (Live Licks) 2. Angie (Stripped) 3. Under My Thumb (Still Life)
4. Start Me Up (Flashpoint) 5. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Flashpoint) 6. Honky Tonk Women (Love You Live)
7. (I Can’t Get No) SATISFACTION (Still Life) 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Love You Live)
9. Sympathy For The Devil (Shine A Light)

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