Rolling Stones / Emotional Rescue US Original LP / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Emotional Rescue US Original LP / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken From The Original US LP (Rolling Stones Records,COC 16015)

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The album “Emotional Rescue”, which was released in June 1980 and became the number one album in the UK and the US, was directly reproduced using the US original board. It was also the number one album in the UK since “Goat’s Head Soup”. The tour that accompanied the release of this album did not take place, and I received a sober impression because it was released between “The Tattooed Man” and “Women”, which contains songs representative of Stones It is generally evaluated that the work has some experimental aspects including the contents (because reggae and disco music are recorded) and the album cover (the poster covered the entire jacket) It seems to be. However, it may be said that it is an album that has really pop music when listening to the current standards. There is also a well-known episode that John Lennon, when he was alive, highly appreciated this work. For fans, I feel the emo that the album will be closed by Keith’s closing number (Ultra Killer Tune) “All About You”. This song seems to be a staple of Keith Corner on this 2019 tour. In the Foxboro performance on July 7, “Like Ice” was selected as Vote. Some songs that were recorded and not recorded for this album will also be recorded in the next “Tattoo Man”. Some of the songs will be performed live on the US / European tour that started the following year. Now, it is a US original board with STERLIG inscription on this matrix, but it may have a good loud cutting and a good sound and sharp impression. In addition, this time we have added bonus tracks for both the emotional rescue and the 7 inch single promotional “Ice no Ikuni” single cut from this album. Listen to this album that once marked Stones’ 80s start!


1. Dance 2. Summer Romance 3. Send It To Me 4. Let Me Go 5. Indian Girl 6. Where The Boys Go
7. Down In The Hole 8. Emotional Rescue 9. She’s So Cold 10. All About You

Emotional Rescue US promotional 7″ single(RS-20001)

11. Emotional Rescue (Long Version)
12. Emotional Rescue (Short Version)

She’s So Cold US promotional 7″ single(RS-21001)

13. She’s So Cold (God Damn Version)
14. She’s So Cold (Cleaned Up Version)

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