Rolling Stones / Decca 60s Stereo Tracks Compilation/ 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Decca 60s Stereo Tracks Compilation/ 1CDR / Non Label

Vintage Alternate Mix

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Not to mention the studio recordings of the 1960s artists, Stones also exists in both stereo and mono versions. Although it was good because it was mono-centric in the LP era, when the CD appeared in the 80’s, there was a phenomenon that the stereo mix first appeared in Stones’s album was sporadically incorporated. As a result, the situation in which both mono and stereo are mixed in one album has continued until now. Above all, it is remarkable in the album until about Stones 65. Like the Beatles, it seems as if there is no way to unify both stereo and mono.
In the case of Stones, to get a stereo version, you have to be prepared for the song to double and buy several CD albums. On the contrary, it is said that even songs like “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” have only had a stereo mix released for LP. Still, there is no sign that an official, only a stereo version of the album will be created.

The gift this time was made by the mania that stood up there. A work to put together a single stereo mix that has been officially released to date, and to collect from the boot for stereo tracks that can not be obtained from the official yet.
The main one is the stereo mix that is scattered on the current CD, and until “Time Is On My Side” is that part. When the current album was released for the first time in 2002, it was really amazing when we could finally hear “Around And Around” and so on in a really clear stereo. Naturally, the unCD-ized stereo mix of “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” mentioned above is also included. This is a valuable mix that was heard only in the British edition “ROCK’N ROLLING STONES” published in the 70’s, but this take itself, which was originally recorded only in the UK’s second album, is a single item Because it is a difficult sound source to obtain in the album, is it even more valuable?

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Play With Fire”, and “Get Off My Cloud” are stereo mixes of the nostalgia that suddenly appeared on the compilation board “HOT ROCKS” CD in the late 80’s. This appearance became a topic even in those days, and I was also aiming for those first appearance stereos, and bought the same editorial board by the double readiness of the music with other albums. Above all, the stereo mix of “Satisfaction” is a finish different from the current board, and I was surprised at the noticeable finish of acoustic guitar played by Brian.
The rest of the stereo mix recorded in the second half is an unannounced stereo mix heard by Rattle Snake’s “KEY TO THE HIGHWAY” and DAC “MAD SHADOWS”. The stereos of “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?” Have not yet been officially released. All in all, the level is so well organized that you can enjoy it as a high quality 60’s Stones stereo album of official level (natural or not).
Lastly, the only “As Tears Go By”, for which there is no stereo mix in any form, is a mania tailored to the original stereo for this compilation, and it is persuasive enough to separate the strings left and right. Surprise because it is a stereo version of

ストーンズの場合、ステレオ・バージョンを集める為には、曲がダブるのを覚悟していくつものCDアルバムを買わなければならない。それどころか「Everybody Needs Somebody To Love」のように、未だにLPでしかステレオ・ミックスがリリースされていない曲まであるという。それでいてオフィシャルでステレオ・バージョンだけをまとめたアルバムが作られる気配がまったくないのだから困りもの。

メインとなるのは現行盤CDに散在しているステレオ・ミックスで、「Time Is On My Side」までがそのパートとなります。2002年に現行盤が初めてリリースされた際、遂に「Around And Around」などが実にクリアーなステレオで聞けるようになった時は本当に驚かされたものです。先に触れた「Everybody Needs Somebody To Love」の未CD化ステレオ・ミックスも当然収録。これは70年代に出されたイギリス編集盤「ROCK’N ROLLING STONES」だけで聞かれた貴重なミックスですが、そもそもイギリスのセカンド・アルバムのみで収録されていたこちらのテイク自体がモノでも単体のアルバムでは入手し辛い音源ですのでなおさら貴重かと。

「(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction」や「Play With Fire」、さらに「Get Off My Cloud」などは80年代後半に編集盤「HOT ROCKS」CDにて突如現れた懐かしのステレオ・ミックス。当時でもこの登場が話題となり、私もそれらの初登場ステレオが目当てで同編集盤を他のアルバムとの楽曲のダブり覚悟で買ったものです。中でも「Satisfaction」のステレオ・ミックスは現行盤とも違う仕上がりであり、当時はブライアンが弾くアコギの目立つ仕上がりに驚かされました。
そして後半に収録されている残りのステレオ・ミックスはラトル・スネイクの「KEY TO THE HIGHWAY」やDAC「MAD SHADOWS」などで聞かれた未発表ステレオ・ミックス。「19th Nervous Breakdown」や「Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?」のステレオは未だにオフィシャルでリリースされていません。全体を通してもすべてがオフィシャル・レベル(当たり前か)のハイクオリティな60年代ストーンズのステレオ・アルバムとして楽しめるほどよくまとまっています。
最後に、唯一どんな形でもステレオ・ミックスが存在しない「As Tears Go By」だけは、本コンピレーション用にマニアが独自のステレオ状態に仕立てたもので、ストリングスが左右に分離するという、十分に説得力のあるステレオ・バージョンとなっているから驚き!

1. It’s All Over Now 2. I Can’t Be Satisfied 3. If You Need Me 4. Empty Heart
5. 2120 South Michigan Avenue 6. Confessin’ The Blues 7. Around And Around
8. Look What You’ve Done 9. Down The Road Apiece 10. What A Shame 11. Time Is On My Side
12. Heart Of Stone * 13. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love *** 14. The Last Time
15. As Tears Go By ** 16. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction * 17. Play With Fire
18. Get Off My Cloud * 19. Paint It Black * 20. 19th Nervous Breakdown
21. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?

* Vintage alternate mix ** Depth-enhanced stereo (DES) *** Vinyl transfer

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