Rolling Stones / Chicago 2019 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Chicago 2019 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA 21st June 2019

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Although the postponement of the tour from the event of Mick’s emergency surgery was reported with shock, his operation was successful. Immediately after the end, Mick’s steady recovery was posted through SNS, etc. The concern of fans around the world was over. Under these circumstances, the 2019 edition “NO FILTER” tour began as the world focused on. The first day of the race has been selected due to a change in schedule on June 21 at Chicago’s Soldier Field. This venue, which has a strong impression on the first day of the 1997 tour, can not help feeling that it has become the first day of the tour again, almost twenty years later. The first day of the 2019 tour, which Stones fans from all over the world are watching, is released on the limited press CD.
The audience recording that appeared on the net immediately after the live is very wonderful quality for the first day of the tour. Clearness that captures the performance with a sense of distance without its disgust is excellent. However, only in the show that fans from all over the world were waiting for, the taper might have been scooped up in the first two songs, and places where the sound sways to the left and right are scattered. Particularly disappointing is the scene where the recording sways left and right as soon as Keith makes the intro sound at the opening “Street Fighting Man”. If I listen to it with headphones I wonder if the stress is extremely high.
So, in this release, it was the trouble with the first two songs that put the emphasis on adjustment most. Above all, the problem has been greatly improved, and people who have already heard the sound source from Stones latest live should be absolutely surprised. It is no longer comparable to the original sound source. The original high quality audience recording made it even easier to hear with such a restorer.
Astonishingly, the degree of turning on the sound image increases from “Miss You” and it becomes easier to hear, but it is inferred that this is the result of the sound output from the hall being up. In any case, the sound quality is so clear that Mick, who successfully finished the operation on the heart, has almost no sense of illness, and it is an excellent document as a document for the restoration show that went up on stage well. If you think about it, it was an emergency operation just before the tour, so it should have been ready as a band. In addition to that there is no doubt that the band’s morale has risen to support Mick’s return as a whole, and that the dangers inherent in Stones’ first day stage can not be surprisingly felt.

Not to mention at this first day, “Sad Sad Sad” is the secret gig since 2002 at Palace Royal. Other than playing the up-down intense phrase with a part except Keith’s interlude (laughs), it is a performance that is sufficiently cool, and Stones may have felt that it would be cool with this, at the time of writing this is also in Toronto It was played. Conversely speaking, Keith also plays a phrase that he is good at interlude.
“You Got Me Rocking” was followed by “90s song connection” was a good development, but this set list in the first half of the live than ever before “You Can’t Always Get It is interesting that the composition is played by What You Want. It has been proven in the recent tour that it was a flash point that the band’s engine was fully open by playing this song, but if you notice it there is a move to the performance in the first half of the set The Certainly the effect is huge, and it is clearly transmitted that Stones grabbed the tone by playing the same song here.
The B-stage corner was treated earlier than “You Can’t”. The B-stage, which has been set up in the middle of the live for over 20 years so far, has been repositioned this time in the first half of the live. What’s more, the mobile BGM says “2120 South Michigan Avenue” is a maniac cry. And it was “Deads Flowers” in the style that all guitarists played the acoustic guitar. There is no doubt that this is a performance style familiar with older members, and I think it is an arrangement that I want to continue. In addition, it was also impressive that Mick and Keith showed a hamo with one microphone at the end of the performance. The position of “Sympathy For The Devil” is also fresh by this “advanced configuration”.
And “Midnight Rambler” that the effect that “You Can’t ~” was played early appeared to the fullest. The performance is so intense that I can not think it is the first day of the tour. Above all, the scene where Keith and Charlie go up and down in rhythm will be thrilled. This play quality, Stones, after a while on the first day, had made a big live configuration with Mick’s hospitalization, it was definitely a wonderful day when the results came to life. We carefully restore the latest sound source that captured such a show with great sound quality. I am really looking forward to this tour!

(Remastered note)

★ Fixed the difficult points in the early stages as much as possible. The most inconvenient Street Fighting Man The big point is that the first guitar sound has been improved.

★ We adjusted middle low range and made it easy to hear.

ミックの緊急手術というハプニングからのツアー延期は衝撃をもって報じられましたが、彼の手術は無事成功。その終了直後からミックの順調な回復がSNSを通して投稿されるなどして世界中のファンの心配は杞憂で終わりました。こうした中で世界中が注目する形で始まったのが2019年版「NO FILTER」ツアー。予定の変更によって新たに初日の地に選ばれたのは6月21日、シカゴのソルジャー・フィールド。1997年ツアーの初日の印象が強いこの会場がほぼ二十年後の歳月を経て再びツアー初日となったのには因果を感じずにはいられません。そんな世界中のストーンズ・ファンが注目する2019年ツアー初日を限定プレスCDにて速攻リリース。
ライブ終了後、さっそくネット上に現れたオーディエンス録音はツアー初日にして非常に素晴らしいクオリティ。その嫌味のない距離感で演奏を捉えたクリアネスは絶品。ところが世界中のファンが待ちわびたショーだけに、序盤二曲ではテーパーがもみくちゃにされたのでしょう、左右に音が揺れる箇所が散見されます。特に残念なのがオープニング「Street Fighting Man」でキースがイントロの音を鳴らした途端に録音が左右に揺れてしまうという場面。もしヘッドフォンで聞いたらストレス極まりないかと。
驚くべきは「Miss You」から音像のオンな度合が増していよいよ聞きやすくなるのですが、これは会場の出音がアップした結果だと推測されます。いずれにせよ非常にクリアーな音質ですので、心臓の手術を無事に終えたミックが病み上がり感をほとんど匂わせず、元気にステージに上がった復帰ショーのドキュメントとして申し分のないもの。考えてみればツアー直前での緊急手術でしたので、バンドとしての準備は万端だったはず。そこに加えてミックの復帰を一丸となって支えようとすべくバンドの士気が高まったことは間違いなく、ストーンズの初日ステージにありがちな危うさは意外なほど感じられません。

この初日で何と言っても注目すべきは2002年パレス・ロイヤルでのシークレット・ギグ以来となる「Sad Sad Sad」。キースが間奏を除いたパートでアップダウンの激しいフレーズを弾く(笑)以外は十分にイケてる演奏であり、ストーンズ側もこれならイケると感じたのでしょう、これを書いている時点ではトロントでも演奏されました。逆に言うとキースも間奏ではお得意のフレーズを弾きまくり。
それに続いて「You Got Me Rocking」が披露された「90年代ソングつながり」も良い展開だったのですが、今回のセットリストでは今まで以上にライブの前半の位置で「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」演奏されるという構成が面白い。この曲を演奏することでバンドのエンジンが全開となるフラッシュポイントであったことは近年のツアーで実証済みですが、そこに気付いてか今回はさらにセットの前半での演奏へと扱いが移りました。確かにその効果は絶大で、ここでも同曲を演奏したことでストーンズが調子を掴んだ様子がはっきり伝わってきます。
「You Can’t~」よりもさらに前倒しの扱いとなったのがBステージ・コーナー。これまで20年に渡ってライブの中盤に設けられてきたBステージも今回はライブ前半で登場という配置換え。しかも移動BGMが「2120 South Michigan Avenue」というのもマニア泣かせ。そして披露されたのがギタリスト全員アコギを弾くというスタイルでの「Dead Flowers」。これが高齢のメンバーにスッと馴染む演奏スタイルであることは間違いなく、これからも続けてほしいアレンジだと思います。おまけに演奏終盤ではミックとキースが一本のマイクでハモってみせたのも感動的でした。こうした「前倒し構成」によって「Sympathy For The Devil」の位置も新鮮。
そして「You Can’t~」が早めに演奏された効果が最大限に現れたのが「Midnight Rambler」。ツアー初日とは思えないほど演奏が白熱しており、中でもキースとチャーリーがリズムを合わせて登り詰めて行く場面はゾクゾクさせられます。初日にしてこのプレイクオリティ、ストーンズがミックの入院を機にライブの構成を久々に大きくテコ入れしたことは間違いなく、その成果がさっそく現れた素晴らしい一日でした。そんな注目のショーを素晴らしい音質で捉えた最新音源を丁寧にレストア。今回のツアーはこれからが本当に楽しみです!


★序盤の難有ポイントはなるべく修正。一番違和感のあるStreet Fighting Man 一発目のギター音が改善されたのが大きなポイント。



Disc 1 (65:16)
1. Intro
2. Street Fighting Man
3. Let’s Spend The Night Together
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Sad Sad Sad
6. You Got Me Rocking
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
8. B-stage S.E.
9. Angie
10. Dead Flowers
11. Sympathy For The Devil
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. Band Introductions
14. You Got The Silver
15. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (57:34)
1. Miss You
2. Paint It Black
3. Midnight Rambler
4. Start Me Up
5. Jumping Jack Flash
6. Brown Sugar
7. Gimme Shelter
8. Satisfaction

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