Rolling Stones / Buddy Dodd Stadium 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Buddy Dodd Stadium 2015 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Bobby Dodd Stadium, Atlanta, GA. USA 9th June 2015


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Stones latest this week our releases “Zip Code” tour two performances worth appeared. The first will introduce first, live tour 6 performances eyes of Atlanta at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Sound source is what it was spread from on the net, but the shop will based on the audience recordings compared to Petco Park and San Diego that had been released earlier boasts a high-quality sound up a notch. Balance of the on-sound image, even clearness is no perfect. Given that the source of the previous two performances was a sound image with no small sense of distance, “ON” this kind that mania often been waiting for the audience recordings me to catch the Stones latest live sound image would.

This tour, as had also been demonstrated in the Petco Park, instantaneous force of the Stones that have been over the tour I am progressing in a stunning environment that is exerted from the first day. Performance that is actually heard in Atlanta also class goods. Although at that Petco Park “This is the first day of the tour?” That the performance of the engine fully open much that had been showing off was called the topic, duration admirably its momentum here. “Start Me Up” is also Stones power of early from the opening has become a fully open. Of course Mick worthy to be called a top condition, “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” sublime and sore sing exaggeration in Upper enough not even if it was from the early live was the best part.
But as it is I me Stones let playing a rolled skip throughout the live, if not the first half of the song selection downright attractive among them. I substantially “EXILE ON MAIN STREET” and the historical name board of the songs that produced the 70s Stones called “STICKY FINGERS” from being unsparingly showcase live the first half.
Omakeni day before met with “STICKY FINGERS” various Deluxe Edition was released, select and play is also excellent from the same album of the day. “Can not You Hear Me Knocking” band will Oshimakuri Upper a voltage surpassing lightly also Petco Park. And Sachs Carl wire solo turning from the middle, in a tone like wipe the fire to Ronnie guitar both, it was a stunning expansion of further performance is blown-up in the deployment songs plus a new riff approach the final stage . State began to proceed to the next stage this song which joined the repertoire from “LICKS” tour came here have been caught in the best sound quality.
Although it is “STICKY FINGERS” songs that are played in succession, came out “You Gotta Move”! The basic arrangements to will a big attraction in the first mania that has followed the slow version of the ’75 and ’76 tours, while others play also great of wire coming at stake in this performance. Now Will was able to demonstrate the personality to come here also he who joined from the last year of Australia in response to after the late Bobby Keys in support of the Stones.

But is Atlanta Live showed me sufficiently attractive deployment even here, number of fans after this has been played by selecting the “Some Girls” because it is supposed to be a killer selection of music in the mania. Moreover, since the Stones of this day I’m great, for us to decide in an atmosphere such as the performance is also calm and composed. But hunting the first time, such as if the “Doom And Gloom” only on this day has been like last year’s nightmare revived. Meien and classic was followed in live the first half of this day, it has become the only blemish …
And Keith sings in the middle of the tour has changed to arrange the key is lowered of “Happy”, we let think of it again in ’76 tour around. It is at the time of the original “LICKS” tour was a once key is extremely lowered to discomfort MGA there was in the past, whether fortunately it has not been down to there. Original key said that it will the things that have become stricter in the now of Keith. Although as a whole live there in the day overwhelmingly extensive playing is heard, while the latest sound source that has me caught in the wonderful sound quality these interesting changes, since also become a limitation of the press CD release this time, please do not miss it !

今週当店がリリースするストーンズ最新の「Zip Code」ツアーは二公演分が登場します。まず最初に紹介しますは、ツアー6公演目のアトランタはボビー・ドッド・スタジアムでのライブ。音源はネット上から広まったものですが、当店が先にリリースしていたペトコ・パークやサンディエゴと比べてワンランク上の高音質を誇るオーディエンス録音を元にしています。オンな音像のバランス、さらにはクリアネスも申し分ありません。先の二公演の音源が少なからず距離感のある音像であったことを考えると、こういった「オンな」音像でストーンズ最新ライブをキャッチしてくれたオーディエンス録音を待ち望んでいたマニアも多いことでしょう。

今回のツアーはペトコ・パークでも実証されていたように、ツアーを重ねてきたストーンズの瞬発力が初日から発揮されるという見事な環境の中で進んでいます。実際にアトランタで聴かれる演奏も一級品。あのペトコ・パークでは「これがツアー初日?」というくらいエンジン全開の演奏が披露されていたことが話題を呼びましたが、その勢いはここでも見事に持続。オープニングの「Start Me Up」から早くもストーンズのパワーは全開となっています。もちろんミックはトップ・コンディションと呼ぶにふさわしく、ライブ序盤の「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」からして壮絶と例えても過言ではないほどのアッパーな歌いっぷりが圧巻でした。
そのままライブ全体を通してストーンズは飛ばしまくりな演奏を聞かせてくれるのですが、その中でも前半の選曲が何とも魅力的ではありませんか。実質的に「EXILE ON MAIN STREET」と「STICKY FINGERS」という70年代ストーンズが生み出した歴史的名盤の収録曲がライブ前半で惜しげもなく披露されてしまうのです。
おまけに前日は「STICKY FINGERS」各種デラックス・エディションがリリースされたとあって、この日の同アルバムからのセレクトと演奏がまた絶品。「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」はペトコ・パークをも軽く凌ぐアッパーなボルテージでバンドが押しまくります。しかも中盤からのソロ回しではカール・デンセンのサックス、ロニーのギター共に火を噴くような調子で、曲が終盤に近づくと新たなリフを加えた展開でさらに演奏が吹き上がるという見事な展開でした。「LICKS」ツアーからレパートリーに加わったこの曲がここにきて次の段階へ進み始めた様子が極上音質でキャッチされています。
続けて演奏された「STICKY FINGERS」収録曲ですが、出ました「You Gotta Move」!基本的なアレンジは75年や76年ツアーのスローなバージョンを踏襲していることがまずマニアには大きな魅力でしょうし、この演奏に絡んでくるデンセンのプレイも素晴らしいものがあります。今は亡きボビー・キーズの後を受けて昨年のオーストラリアからストーンズのサポートに加わった彼もここにきて個性が発揮できるようになったのでしょう。

ここまでも十分に魅力的な展開をみせてくれたアトランタ・ライブですが、この後のファンが選んで演奏されたナンバーが「Some Girls」というのもマニアには必殺の選曲となるはず。しかもこの日のストーンズが絶好調ですので、その演奏も余裕綽々といった雰囲気で決めてくれます。ところがこの日に限って「Doom And Gloom」はまるで昨年の悪夢が蘇ってきたかのような乱調ぶり。名演かつ名曲が続いたこの日のライブ前半において、唯一の汚点となってしまいました…

Disc 1 (63:38)
1. Intro 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. All Down The Line 5. Tumbling Dice
6. Doom And Gloom 7. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 8. You Gotta Move 9. Some Girls
10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2 (67:11)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Jumping Jack Flash
5. Sympathy for the Devil 6. Brown Sugar
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with The Emory University Concert Choir)
8. Satisfaction

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