Rolling Stones / Brixton Academy 1995 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Brixton Academy 1995 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK 19th July 1995 STEREO SBD


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Now, it is the appearance of the favorite board that re-mastered the sound board recording of the Sumorugigu Brixton Academy during topic boiling. This gig is being conducted on 19 July 1995 that “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour was approaching in the second half. Stones finished the performance of three times at Wembley Stadium before that, I was Sumorugigu conclude in London. Began studio recording in Tokyo, as part of the recording live album that was released on tour after the “STRIPPED”, Sumorugigu which served as the recording of several times is conducted in Europe, also gig of this Brixton course intended for that purpose. I mean that stereo sound board recording at this time leaked this time.

Existence of the nature audience recording is a rare Sumorugigu of ’95, but multiple sources are recorded surprisingly for this gig, it was those items based on them was around for a number of time . There also had to be recorded in the situation the audience like any crowded, feeling was unsatisfactory in the sound quality will not be denied. But items of their past was Arigatagara is, it will be because it was a special live that Sumorugigu solely.
But they I have become a thing of the past all the advent of sound board recording like this. Sound board recording of real stereo shakes the hearts of those who listen with tremendous impact. I feel growth of high-pitched as insufficient slightly like a sound source that was leaked, but the state of the mix is also very good to Keith-time, such as the processing of vocal kind is high completeness quite. It may be said that balance and Kurianesu as something close to complete form more than even I nabbed the topic of this year or “WOLFGANG’S VAULT” sound quality.
However, stereo panning of Ronnie and Keith I had been upside down the sound board recording that appeared this time. Because it is a mixed state perfection like the previous high, since the Kurianesu guitar two people stand out, it will remember the great sense of incongruity and are listening. So upon this release, and to adjust the stereo position is, of course, it was not recorded in the original recording, (Charlie calls venue full of hot air atmosphere distinguished!) To audience recording of past members introduce part close quarters The compensation upgrade does not realized the full inclusion. I think because it is compensated very smoothly, and in not there is something wrong in feeling that I heard suddenly.
In addition to that it was after you have been doing the Sumorugigu in Paris and Amsterdam as well until then, gig itself of Brixton I let you hear playing rock-solid Stones before celebrities such as Jack Nicholson and George Harrison. Was adopted in many live album from the early gig as including “Like A Rolling Stone” is the thing that convinced from this gig. Was said to highlight gig in a series of “Down In The Bottom” is stereo sound board recording, yet is so listen to the mix a high degree of perfection is … Best. Points say eyeball hidden in gig set of “Connection” is heard in stereo sound board is similar, but I will laugh at how Ronnie is dragged down in the first half rather than Keith here.
And please check in your own ear by all means finish that I want to recommend it with confidence for those who were needed to remain stepping to get from problems such as localization. Release of this tour excavation sound board sound source was continued recently from our store, but the configuration different from the normal live that Sumorugigu a word of fresh. So this time also Nanitaru luxury and sound board. Would not only “VOODOO LOUNGE” tour revaluation this anymore!


Disc 1 (60:05)
1. Honky Tonk Women 2. Tumbling Dice 3. You Got Me Rocking 4. Live With Me 5. Black Limousine
6. Dead Flowers 7. Sweet Virginia 8. Far Away Eyes 9. Love In Vain 10 . Down In The Bottom
11. Shine A Light 12. Like A Rolling Stone


Disc 2 (63:58)
1. Monkey Man 2. I Go Wild 3. Miss You 4. Introductions Band 5. Connection 6. Slipping Away
7. Midnight Rambler 8. Rip This Joint 9. Start Me Up 10. Brown Sugar 11 . Jumping Jack Flash



Mick Jagger – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboard (Memory Motel on 17th)

Keith Richards – Guitars, Vocals Ronnie Wood – Guitars Charlie Watts – Drums

Darryl Jones – Bass, Backing Vocals Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone

Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocals, Percussion
Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocals, Percussion

The New West Horns:
Andy Snitzer – Saxophone Michael Davis – Trombone Kent Smith – Trumpet





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