Rolling Stones / Black And Blue UK Original LP -Fool To Cry UK 7 Single / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / Black And Blue UK Original LP -Fool To Cry UK 7 Single / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken from the original UK LP (COC 59106 A1/B1)

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“Black And Blue UK LP Yellow Label”, which was popular as a gift item before, has been newly torres, and the only single song (RS 19121) “Fool To Cry / Crazy Mama” has been added and re-appeared from this album. ..

Released on April 20th, almost at the same time as the album, “FoolTo Cry / Crazy Mama” reached No. 4 on the UK charts (in the US, Side B is Hot Stuff and the best ten is No. 10). The album was No. 2 in the UK and No. 1 in the US. The disc used this time is an original A1 / B2 matrix. Like the album, the matrix has a STERLING stamp. And the feature of this album is that the songs are credited with “Richard / Jagger”. Since we recorded a single song at the end, the same song will continue, but you can enjoy the difference in sound between the album and the single.

From here, I will explain the album part.
As you all know, this work was produced with a number of session members after leaving Mick Taylor and was released in 1976.
Perhaps it was a ridiculous achievement of the fire place, this work containing this kind of various songs was a content that greatly satisfied Stones fans.

By the way, this work can be heard on SACD now, but for analog enthusiasts, Stones is still the original UK version! It will become.
However, it requires a slightly difficult choice to judge the original UK version of this work.
First of all, on the label side, the US version is a custom label that uses a photo of the inner jacket, but the UK version has a conventional yellow label that does not have the W mark printed.
It’s a work of 1976, so it’s not a problem with the W mark printed on it. .. .. Also, like the US version, there is a disc with the W mark on the custom label.
And as for the essential stamper, as written on the obi of the Japanese edition, it is a haze that it is “universal in the world …”, but the UK edition has the “STERLING LH” stamp, but it represents the generation of the master. There are handwritten disks and engraved disks whose matrix numbers are (in a sense, important). To make things even more complicated, it seems that discs such as handwriting on one side and engraving on one side coexist.
This time, the yellow label has no W mark, and the handwritten A1 / B1 disc is presumed to be the original first UK version. The mochimon disc condition is also the best! Please enjoy!

以前ギフトアイテムとしてご好評いただいた“Black And Blue UK LP Yellow Label”を新たにトーレスし、このアルバムから唯一のシングル曲(RS 19121)“Fool To Cry/Crazy Mama”を追加収録して再登場です。

アルバムとほぼ同時4月20日にリリースされた“FoolTo Cry/Crazy Mama”は全英チャートの4位を記録します(米国ではB面がHot Stuffでベストテン順位は10位)。アルバムは全英2位、全米で1位を記録しました。今回使用したディスクはマトリックスはA1/B2のオリジナル盤です。アルバムと同じくマトリックスにはSTERLINGの刻印があります。そしてこのアルバム収録曲は”Richard/Jagger”とのクレジットとなっているのが特徴です。 最後にシングル曲を収録しましたので同じ曲が続きますがのアルバムとシングルでの音の違いをお楽しみいただけると思います。


そして肝心のスタンパーですが、日本盤の帯に書いてあるとおり『世界共通・・・』とのハズなのですが、UK盤には『STERLING LH』の刻印はあるもののマスターのジェネーレーションを表すとされる(ある意味肝心の)マトリックスナンバーが手書きデイスクと刻印デイスクが存在します。更にややこっしいことに片面は手書き、片面は刻印、といったデイスクも共存するようです。
今回はイエロレーベルにWマークなし、手書きでA1/B1、のデイスクをオリジナル初回UK盤と推定して使用しています。もちもんデイスクコンディションも極上です ぜひお楽しみください!

1. Hot Stuff 2. Hand Of Fate 3. Cherry Oh Baby 4. Memory Motel 5. Hey Negrita
6. Melody 7. Fool To Cry 8. Crazy Mama

9. Fool To Cry (UK Original 7 inch Single Side:A)
10. Crazy Mama (UK Original 7 inch Single Side:B)

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