Rolling Stones / Werchter 1998 / 4CD

Rolling Stones / Werchter 1998 / 4CD / Non Label

Live at Festival Ground, Werchter, Belgium 20th & 21st June 1998 TRULY AMAZING/PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)


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Translated text:

Album BRIDGE TO BABYLON is used on many pages of Keith’s autobiography. So now Rolling Stones fans think an evaluation for the tour. 2 years since the tour start , Festival Ground, Werchter, Belgium 20th & 21st June 1998 from Europe Leg. This 2 audience recording are surely original that trader and taper don’t have even not on internet. We get the original master from Japanese watched and recorded. We know GOLD’N GLORY that June 21 main and June 20 bonus that selected only songs that play on June 20. But June 21’s performance is so so and June 20’s sound is not good.

Now we can listen to whole June 20 show, it is very attractive release. And the sound quality is different levels from GOLD’N GLORY, This is very clear, on sound. You may listen to audience noise on first 2 songs, but after that it will be really fantastic because the sound of their playing become louder. Especially Keith’s guitar is so strong and sharp.

Moreover we have to say June 20 show itself is really fantastic. Flip The Switch is very wild performance, it beat Paris Soundboard or Blamen TV show easily. Mick sing Saint Of Me hyper with the band. They select Love In Vain which is really attractive with their loose manners from web-choice.

But these June 20 & 21 recordings have typical BRIDGE TO BABYLON tour problem, The live sound on B stage performances is so thin but wild sound. And Charlie’s drumming is bit lags because of the position of recording . But after Sympathy For The Devil the fantastic sound is back again ok with even Keith’s guitar up and down.

But when you listen to June 21 live, you may think the band are rather tired. Mick sing to protect his throat, Guitar intro is strange after that the band also can not follow on Start Me Up that almost stop playing. Jumpin’ Jack flash also too horrible performance compareing with June 20. You can listen to their bad condition live with high quality sound like GOLD’N GLORY. Now you know the truth of 2 shows in Werchter. This is limited CD-press. Truly fantastic sound!


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