Rolling Stones / Fort Worth 1997 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Fort Worth 1997 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX USA 1st November 1997 STEREO SBD



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Stones releases from this week of our will to appear at once three titles sound source that meets hear the sound board system from the “BRIDGES TO BABYLON” tour. First the one fastest Fort Worth performances of November 1 from Babylon tour in 1997. This day is not release the real audience recording items, but at that time had become one of the fully overlooked the Babylon Live, a few years ago His Master’s Choice label that says “DANGER! KEEP BEHIND BARBED WIRE” the sound source of this performance can be released in the title is what you have surprised the mania around the world. But Babylon Tour began to be re-evaluated between the fan is located a little later than this release, initially it was released “Imasara Babylon Tour?” That does not deny the feeling that had been neglected in the wind was. Certainly Babylon Tour There is also feeling that had been the most underestimated between subsequent years fan, at that time also unearthed the video such as “NEW JERSEY ROADIE TAPES” of our release you remember that did not called a surprisingly reputation.
Such Babylon and tours of “BRIDGES TO ~” has come to be re-evaluated in things around has passed ten years from the tour, the live activities Stones somewhat support excessive state you restart from 1989 in in the time of the live sound that continued to constant, would not it be that it was Mise regained most Stones seems harshness was the beginning of re-evaluation. Keith there is probably the multiplied by the “BRIDGES TO ~” a favorite also spur that had been cited as an album in the autobiography. Nowadays, but our shop is has become a ’98 Babylon Japan title Any quickly Sold Out was released, if you were to have released it ten years ago from now, whether became any more of Sales question whether the. It is of a Babylon Tour’s so recent evaluation has become a skyrocketing.

In high re-evaluation Babylon Tour, most of the fun of the harshness and set list has been re-recognized it would be US tour of ’97. think strongly against the album that Mick and Keith were created beyond the violent conflict, in addition to the new song from there, and the taste is rich fun selection of music was in the past repertoire rich in the most variety in since ’89 tour this You will say that it was time.
Although it seems whether our shop many people it is again experience in has released “CHICAGO 1997 1ST NIGHT” last month, not playing the “Flip The Switch” from the latest album tour beginning, even it was the latest single ” Anybody Seen My Baby “of singing, such as can not be determined, it is what is plan that you are going to Morikomo new tour was interesting that the point has been glimpse that is not fully digested. But here Fort Worth passed one month from the tour start, the original groove that would Stones had been aimed at this tour is I have shone over the whole volume.

And do not miss hear characterized by very strange recording state sound source of this day. Despite its real stereo sound board state, as much as the sound of musical instruments with a focus on guitar too vivid, it official live recording or broadcasting sound source and is completely different thing. Unlike sound source via the mixing desk to say whether, emerge realistic cheers as the suddenly in the scene where rise of between songs and some. Although cracking sound and by the input excessive to frequent everywhere while stomach it, not harsh, when before, such as using a noise entering occasionally, it will not display still as professional recording. Balance not hear most bass sound in the opposite of the ’99 Anaheim of this simultaneous release also would be similar.
Sound board recording the unique clearness of this hand is noticeable but stereo ALD sound of Bruce Springsteen Live since 1999 that have been released from such GODFATHER and CRYSTAL CAT has been known among enthusiasts, this Fort Worth sound source recording state also to exactly recall it. Thus mania that had been concealed stereo ALD sound was revolutionary at the time 1997 is, (in between the trader is a kind called “matrix Recording”) was added at everywhere the cheers of the audience recording, pass a sound source to the HMC … It is such a place in I think. Such as previous noise there really be one seems ALD sound source.

But etc. if the recording of specificity, there is no doubt that it is a charm sound source where you can enjoy full momentum Stones playing and its clearness. This time (it has been a total of more than 100 locations improved.) Did on thoroughly remove the previous noise, it is possible to modify the stereo position of Keith and Ronnie, we have achieved a more stable state seems Stones Live . And weakened around the sound is right channels other than vocal Become a acoustic performances form the state of (a phenomenon seems this area is also ALD) “Dead Flowers” is also corrected (because right is weak sound 圧上 down), improvement of listening ease also I am thoroughly.
And this day “Star Star”, song selection of “Crazy Mama” in the B stage also will that wow the mania. The former was called the topic is already been played by such as Giants Stadium, where the indescribably attractive and that (is rough to say but) yesteryear reminiscent Mick and Ronnie of harmonizing is heard with exquisite clearness is Do not. And has become a latter also play seems Stones in the wild than the time of the club gig in a double door. The recording in the bonus to the HMC Like broadcast stereo sound board recording the MTV live a few days ago (this speech, had received the sound quality and high evaluation of the best in the same venue live.). Korezo appeared in ’97 Fort Worth definitive edition in appropriate title of the limitations of the press CD, please do not miss!

今週の当店からのストーンズ・リリースは「BRIDGES TO BABYLON」ツアーからのサウンドボード系の聴き応えある音源を一気に三タイトル登場させます。まずその一番手はバビロン・ツアー1997年から11月1日のフォートワース公演。この日はリアル・オーディエンス録音アイテムがリリースされず、当時は完全に見過ごされたバビロン・ライブの一つとなっていましたが、数年前にHis Master’s Choiceレーベルが「DANGER! KEEP BEHIND BARBED WIRE」というタイトルでこの公演の音源をリリースして世界中のマニアを驚かせたものです。しかしバビロン・ツアーがファンの間で再評価され始めたのは、このリリースよりも少し後であり、リリースされた当初は「今更バビロン・ツアー?」という風に軽視されていた感が否めませんでした。確かにバビロン・ツアーはその後数年間ファンの間でもっとも過小評価されていた感もあり、当店リリースの「NEW JERSEY ROADIE TAPES」のような発掘映像も当時は思いのほか評判を呼ばなかった記憶があります。
そんなバビロン・ツアーや「BRIDGES TO~」が再評価されるようになったのはツアーから十年が経過した辺りのことで、1989年から再始動したストーンズがややサポート過多な状態でライブ活動をコンスタントに続けた時期のライブ・サウンドの中において、もっともストーンズらしい荒々しさを取り戻してみせたことが再評価の始まりだったのではないでしょうか。そこへキースが自伝の中で「BRIDGES TO~」をお気に入りのアルバムとして挙げていたことも拍車をかけたと言えるでしょう。今でこそ当店がリリースした98年バビロン来日タイトルはどれもあっという間にSold Outとなっていますが、今から十年前にそれをリリースしていたとしたら、あれほどのセールスとなったかは疑問かと。それほど近年の評価がうなぎのぼりとなっているのがバビロン・ツアーなのです。

先月当店がリリースした「CHICAGO 1997 1ST NIGHT」で改めて体感された方も多いかと思われますが、ツアー開始当初は最新アルバムからの「Flip The Switch」が演奏されず、さらには最新シングルだった「Anybody Seen My Baby」の歌い方が決まらないなど、新たなツアーに盛り込もうとしているプランが消化しきれていない点が垣間見られたことが面白かったものです。しかしここフォートワースではツアー開始から一か月が経過し、このツアーでストーンズが目指していたであろう本来のグルーブが全編に渡って輝きを放っているのです。

この手の独特なクリアネスが目立つサウンドボード録音はGODFATHERやCRYSTAL CATなどからリリースされている1999年以降のブルース・スプリングスティーン・ライブのステレオALD音源がマニアの間で知られていますが、このフォートワース音源も正にそれを思い起こさせる録音状態。よって1997年当時には画期的だったステレオALD音源を秘匿していたマニアが、オーディエンス録音の歓声を随所で加え(トレーダー間では「マトリクス・レコーディング」と呼ばれる類です)、HMCに音源を渡した…そんなところではないでしょうか。先のノイズなどはいかにもALD音源らしいものでもあります。

しかし録音の特異性はあれど、そのクリアネスと勢い溢れるストーンズの演奏が楽しめる魅力たっぷりな音源であることは間違いありません。今回は先のノイズを徹底的に除去した上(合計100か所以上は改善されています。)、キースとロニーのステレオ定位を修正することで、よりストーンズ・ライブらしい安定状態を実現しています。それにアコースティックな演奏形態になってボーカル以外のサウンドが右チャンネルを中心として弱くなってしまう(この辺りがまたALDらしい現象)「Dead Flowers」の状態も補正し(右が弱いので音圧上げ)、聴きやすさの向上も徹底しています。
そしてこの日は「Star Star」、Bステージでの「Crazy Mama」という選曲もマニアを唸らせるものでしょう。前者は既にジャイアンツ・スタジアムなどで演奏されて話題を呼んでいましたが、ここでは往年を偲ばせるミックとロニーのハモり(というには雑ですが)が絶妙なクリアネスで聴こえるのが何とも魅力的ではありませんか。それに後者もダブル・ドアでのクラブ・ギグの頃よりもワイルドでストーンズらしい演奏となっています。ボーナスにはHMCと同じく数日前のMTVライブを放送用ステレオ・サウンドボード録音にて収録(この音声は、同会場ライヴではベストの音質と高い評価を受けていました。)。これぞ97年フォートワースの決定版に相応しいタイトルが限定のプレスCDにて登場します、どうぞお見逃しなく!

Disc 1 (78:33)
1. Intro 2. Satisfaction 3. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 4. Let’s Spend The Night Together
5. Flip The Switch 6. Gimme Shelter 7. Dead Flowers 8. Anybody Seen My Baby?
9. Bitch 10. Out Of Control 11. Star Star 12. Miss You 13. Band Introductions
14. All About You 15. Wanna Hold You

Disc 2 (78:05)
1. B-Stage SE 2. Little Queenie 3. Crazy Mama 4. You Got Me Rocking 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Tumbling Dice 7. Honky Tonk Women 8. Start Me Up 9. Jumping Jack Flash 10. Brown Sugar

Bonus Tracks
from MTV’s “Ten Spot”, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY. USA 25th October 1997

11. Tumbling Dice 12. Anybody Seen My Baby? 13. Sister Morphine 14. Out Of Control
15. Gimme Shelter



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