Rolling Stones / 1994-1995 Voodoo Lounge Tour Soundboard Collection / 1CD

Rolling Stones / 1994-1995 Voodoo Lounge Tour Soundboard Collection / 1CD / Non Label

Voodoo Lounge Tour Soundboard Collection

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The Voodoo Lounge Tour from 1994 to 1995 might have been blessed with live video. In addition to the two main pillars of Miami and Tokyo Dome, there is now the ultimate culmination of “TOTALLY STRIPPED”. In addition to such a live image, there is also a live video that was broadcast in song units at this time from JFK Stadium on the first day of the tour. These are mainly materials used in news videos, but due to their nature, they were often recorded as bonus tracks for CD items.
If you were a mania, you would have become accustomed to such a short video and sound source in real time and with a bonus track like the previous one, but until now there has never been an item that summarizes such scattered tour sound sources . Even the Voodoo Lounge Tour, which is blessed with video and sound sources, seems to have been overlooked when it becomes a more fragmented live sound source. Rather, there are many manias who do not even know the existence of such a fine sound source. Or a mania who was craving for items that combined short sound sources. This compilation was designed for such people.
Primarily, it is a professional shot video or stereo sound board recording, so even if you put it together in one, you can create a first-class 1994-95 live compilation. But there is no art. Since it is only sound board recording with good features after all, it was finished to a sound board album with high completeness by equalizing them by sound source unit, and then making edits that connect carefully between songs etc.

The sound sources recorded in this album are all familiar with mania in real time and I really miss them. The JFK stadium on the first day of the tour that I mentioned earlier, and two songs from the MTV Grand Prix that appeared one month later, are the sound source that was a regular bonus track for CD items at that time. The next year, the first day of the European tour, Stockholm, which was broadcast only two songs, was also known to mania for the same treatment. But that’s a long time ago. Rather, not a few manias can be mentioned for the first time in this release. After all, 25 years (!) Years have passed since that tour.
, In between the pieces of sound board recording that were popular at the time, such as those, we have combined the sound sources that were released in detail between the end of the tour and the present. A few songs from the “STRIPPED” TV special will be expected by enthusiasts, but when a new album was released 20 years ago, it was recorded as a bonus for some reason as a service for Japan regardless of the contents of the album “Angie” at the Tokyo Dome, which was made, is really nostalgic now.
This is something that Japanese enthusiasts donated in the absence of too much tactics from the beginning, but it is still a sound source that can only be heard here, and at the same time it was incorporated in this compilation There is a feeling that fits where it should fit. And in recent years Paradiso’s second day “It’s All Over Now”, which was released only by distribution, is a song selection that can be easily reached.

For the above reasons, the overall sound quality level is extremely high, and as a result of focusing on the connection and equalization between songs, the result is completely comparable to the official level 1994-95 live album. There is no doubt that manias as well as beginners can enjoy it with confidence. In addition, “STRIPPED” was a live album with the acoustic side as the main, but this is an edit that mainly uses normal electric band sounds, so you can’t overlook the contrast.
It’s a compact content that fits on a single disc, and it plays a role in ease of listening, but of course it’s arranged alongside the actual live song, so it’s like the best of voodoo lounge tour An attractive aspect is a big attraction.
Of course, the opening will be “Not Fade Away”, but the performance in Stockholm here is also a famous opening version for mania. It was good until we started with the rhythm of driving as usual, but it was probably caused by a monitor trouble. Charlie’s drum that joins it does not mesh at all. Did you try a new opening arrangement only on this day? (Laughs) Not only the sound quality is good, but also a 1994-95 sound board album that can be enjoyed to such an unexpected happening. This is a useful piece that mania has been waiting for!

1994年から95年にかけてのヴードゥー・ラウンジ・ツアーはライブ映像に恵まれた時期ではないでしょうか。マイアミと東京ドームという二大柱があるだけでなく、今や「TOTALLY STRIPPED」という究極の集大成まである。そうしたまとまったライブ映像はもちろん、この時期は曲単位で放送されたライブ映像もツアー初日のJFKスタジアムから細々と存在します。これらは主にニュース映像などで使われた素材なのですが、そうした性質上、CDアイテムのボーナストラックとして収録されることの多いものでした。

これなどリリースされた当初からあまりの脈略のなさに日本のマニアがドン引きしてしまったものですが、未だにここでしか聞かれない音源であると同時に、今回のコンピに組み込まれたことで収まるべきところに収まった感があります。そして近年になって配信だけでひっそりとリリースされていたパラディソ二日目の「It’s All Over Now」などもかゆいところに手の届く選曲かと。

当然オープニングは「Not Fade Away」となる訳ですが、ここに収められたストックホルムでの演奏は昔からマニアには有名なハプニング・バージョンでもある。いつものように打ち込みのリズムから始まったまではよかったのですが、モニターのトラブルでも起きたのでしょう。そこに加わるチャーリーのドラムがまったく噛み合わない。もしかしてこの日だけ新しいオープニング・アレンジを試していたのか?と錯覚しそうなほど(笑)。ただ音質が良いだけでなく、そうした意外なハプニングまで楽しめるゴキゲンな1994-95サウンドボード・アルバム。これぞマニアが待ち望んだ便利な一枚!


1. Not Fade Away (Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 3rd June 1995)
2. Tumbling Dice (JFK Stadium, Washington, DC, USA 1st August 1994)
3. You Got Me Rocking (JFK Stadium, Washington, DC, USA 1st August 1994)
4. All Down The Line (The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 27th May 1995)
5. Shine A Light (The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 27th May 1995)
6. Angie (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 6th March 1995)
7. Dead Flowers (The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 27th May 1995)
8. It’s All Over Now (The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 27th May 1995)
9. I Go Wild (Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 3rd June 1995)
10. Love Is Strong (Radio City Music Hall, New York City, USA 8th September 1994)
11. Monkey Man (JFK Stadium, Washington, DC, USA 1st August 1994)
12. Rip This Joint (Mixed from the Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 27th May 1995, L’Olympia, Paris, France 3rd July 1995 & Brixton Academy, London, UK 19th July 1995)
13. Start Me Up (Radio City Music Hall, New York City, USA 8th September 1994)
14. Brown Sugar (JFK Stadium, Washington, DC, USA 1st August 1994)


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