Rolling Stones / Montreal 1989 1st Night Steel Wheels Canadian Tour / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Montreal 1989 1st Night  Steel Wheels Canadian Tour / 2CD / Non Label

Live at Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada 13th December 1989 STEREO SBD


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Translated text:

Rebirth of Rolling Stones, we have already released last day of Tokyo Dome and the early stage Toronto and all of them are sold out. It is the soundboard recording Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada 13th December 1989.There is a pro-shot film of Olympic Stadium and the mono soundboard recording already, but it is 14th December. And this 13th one is unreleased and stereo soundboard
An attribute of sound of Steel Wheels Tour by Wolfgang’s Vault is rough mix, this live is also same attribute. But even that this title’s sound is more gorgeous as Steel Wheels tour also gorgerous. It means you can listen to many effects with several instruments in this title. But you can not listen to chorus part by Bernard Fowler and Lisa Fischer on Undercover Of The Night. And Charlie’s drumming was recorded loudly on first part of the concert.
Keith’s guitar sound is very listenable with just few up and down, on the other hand Ron’s guitar is off sound except solo part of the songs. And most interesting point is Mick’s guitar is louder than Keith’s one even Mick does not play much. You can listen to Mick’s guitar Sad Sad Sad and Mixed Emotion that usually played Keith and Ron guitar loudly.
Most different point from other Tokyo Dome or Toronto is that Uptown Horns are very loud on this recording. They have not joined in Toronto live and off sound in Tokyo Dome. In this recording you can listen to strong horn sound on Rock And A Hard Place. You can distinguish the difference between real horn and synthesizer horn by Matt Clifford. And You can listen to much Chuck Leavell’s piano on Mixed Emotion. You are surprised at Matt’s loud keyboard sound.
There is Living Color as opening act joined the concert on 14th, but this recording has no guest and Terrifying is not played that means rare case even last part of the tour. But This live is very fantastic because of tighter band in last part of the tour. And we can find how to play guitar and vocal by Keith on Keith songs in this recording. Keith cannot play guitar well if he sings, or he cannot sing well if he plays guitar. We can know Keith guitar was like that in late 80’s. Also Keith vocal is singing with a lot of tremolo on Happy. Especially you can listen his tremolo. This title that never released even as audience recording and is the live from interesting last part of the tour could be sold out item like Tokyo Dome or Toronto, we have adjusted pitch and removed some noise. This is must have title surely.

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