Rolling Stones / East Troy 1989 2nd Night / 2CD+DVD

Rolling Stones / East Troy 1989 2nd Night / 2CD+DVD / Non Label
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Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI. USA 9th September 1989


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In 1989 “STEEL WHEELS” America’s tour with Stones revived the resurrection lost smoke several years later, several sound board recordings were running out. It is divided into two lines, one is stereo recording via the PA desk, the other is a monaural sound of the video recorded on the screen of the venue. And, interestingly, it is interesting that the sound board runoff has reached the first peak immediately after the tour from Genepro just before the tour started. East Troy performance on 9th September, which is the seventh performance since the tour started, was also one of the performances awarded such benefits.
Three concerts were held at the same place, but the show on the 9 th is a middle day. Speaking of sound board recording since the tour came to September, Toronto on the 3rd is famous and has been released in our past, but in September this is another sound board. To tell the truth, here is also the record that had been previously released. No, it was not “release” but as a “gift”. Yes, the promotion to the limited press CD of the East Troy 1989 upper version, which our store gifted with gifts a few years ago, has brought about great reactions at last.

In the East / Troy SBD there are several missing pieces in the middle and the second half of the show, and VGP “WHEELS ARE ROLLING” supplemented with audience recording has been the best. However, the reproductive audience recording that appeared on the net several years ago, the reproductive audience recording that was used for gifts is a totally different sound source from that, in addition to that the recording of the main SBD itself also uses a copy of the state where the generation is lower, It was a literally “upper version” literally good sound quality on this day, which had a strong impression of sound quality.
Of course, it is what the voice saying that it got out with the press board as soon as possible as it is whether the gift will finish clearly the improvement of the sound quality so far. However, during the interval, the sound source of the latest tour of Stones was appearing rapidly, so we lost sight of the release timing, and it was rather close to an uncontrolled play.
Therefore, this time release will be a press CD that is really long-awaited for maniacs all over the world. In doing so, the extremely high pitch that was the biggest problem was thoroughly adjusted. It was a problem that I really could not help putting my neck down, why the upper version of the matter was punishing the big madness of the pitch. Even though it is not as much as before, the state of muffled sound still remaining and the muddy state of the cymbal are carefully corrected with equalization. Although it is an upper version which originally boasted a remarkable clearness, by such processing it has evolved into a state that makes it easy to hear that “This is that East Troy?”
And the greatest attraction in this upper version is not only to use a new audience recording excelling in sound quality as a patch factor of the defective part but also to create a remarkable presence feeling by matrixing in combination with the whole SBD doing. Yes, the fatal weakness in this type of SBD is lack of presence. If you let it quietly resolve it and quote the original grammatical wishes of the gift, it means that it was reborn into “rich and thick sound”.

Speaking of the interesting aspect of “STEEL WHEELS” America tour at the beginning of the tour, the schedule of Uptown Horns is not suitable for anything, and they will not be joining yet. Therefore, horn parts necessary for some songs are supplemented with synths played by Matt Clifford, who played an important role in this tour. For example, around the “Harlem Shuffle” it is still a synth cheating but in the “Rock And A Hard Place” where the horn is fully open, the sound of Clifford, which does not reach the force of the Horn corps, is like a synth pop It is pleasant because I am facing it. In addition, this performance which was not included in SBD, but because of the good sound of the audience recording this time, its cheapness will be transmitted to real.
Subsequently, “One Hit” played was also a rare number that was missing on the sound board, but again it is attractive to hear the valuable performance carefully as the sound of the audience recording is good . It is a strong impression of September ‘s repertoire because of the strong impression of this day and Toronto, but in fact it was played sporadically until the end of October.

Besides, there are seven performances since the beginning of the tour and it is now rather fresh that the performance of the entire band has not come to pass. As for this day, unexpectedly Mick ‘s mistake was scattered, he forgot the lyrics with “Paint It Black”, furthermore it breaks off from the count of “Satisfaction” and it misplaced the timing and said it breeze It is enough to see the scene.
The audience shot of the same day which was set also at the time of gift release is supplemented with visual aspects like these early stage tours. It is a shooting with slightly less than an hour, unfortunately it is not a complete recording. However, the state of the picture taken from the front / row position considerably on the left side of the stage is surprisingly easy to see. On the whole, its proximity becomes enemy, it is a difficult point that the facial expressions of the members are not projected by lighting, but when members come to fuzz up to the flower road in front of you, even the professional shocking angle Because it will be and it is enough. Especially in the interlude of “Honky Tonk Women” and “Jumping Jack Flash” you can enjoy a powerful angle as if you are on the spot.
And in “Dead Flowers” Mick ‘s microphone broke down on the way, he stopped singing because he saw it, stopping singing and concentrating on Akogi, the staff that looked up panickily and replaced the microphone. However, if you still watch it is not fixed, Mick will disappear from the view of this image. I think whether it has been withdrawn from the ground, or Mick ‘s singing voice is on the contrary. In other words, he was singing in front of their microphones at the chorus unit so much that they were outstanding.
No matter how much upper board sound recording it was, such a happening was not transmitted by sound alone. Because it is realistic so far thanks to the audience shot, it is great to say that the power of visuals is powerful. Furthermore, the SBD sound source also seemed to be missing from the sound source of the upper state with respect to this “Dead Flowers”, and the SBD of the previous “WHEELS ARE ROLLING” and the audience recording went up to the net until this MC and the subsequent MC It was patched at the stage. When this song is over and Mick tells me to do a new song, the scene where the surrounding audience persist persistently as “Mixed Emotion”. Ironically, this process makes the clearness of the main part SBD and audience recording stand out even more!

ストーンズが復活の狼煙を上げた1989年「STEEL WHEELS」アメリカ・ツアーは終了から数年後、いくつかのサウンドボード録音が流出していました。それは二つの系統に分かれており、一つはPA卓経由のステレオ録音、もう一つは会場のスクリーンに映し出された映像を録画したビデオのモノラル音声の二種類に枝分かれしています。しかも面白いことに、ツアー開始直前のゲネプロからツアー開始直後にサウンドボード流出が最初のピークを迎えているというのが何とも興味深い。ツアー開始から7公演めにあたる9月9日のイースト・トロイ公演もそんな流出の恩恵を授かった公演の一つ。

イースト・トロイのSBDはショー中盤と後半で数曲の欠損があり、そこをオーディエンス録音で補ったVGP「WHEELS ARE ROLLING」がベストとされてきました。しかし数年前ネット上に現れ、ギフトに使われていた補填用オーディエンス録音はそれとまったく別の音源であり、それに加えてメインのSBD自体の録音もよりジェネレーションが低い状態のコピーを使っており、こもり気味な音質の印象が強かったこの日の格段に音質が良い文字通りの「アッパー版」となっていました。

ツアー開始当初における「STEEL WHEELS」アメリカ・ツアーの面白い点と言えば、何と言ってもアップタウン・ホーンズのスケジュールが合わず、まだ彼らが加わっていないことでしょう。よっていくつかの曲で必要なホーン・パートは本ツアーにおいて重要な役割を果たしたマット・クリフォードが奏でるシンセで補っているのです。例えば「Harlem Shuffle」辺りではまだシンセでごまかしが効いているですが、ホーンが全開となる「Rock And A Hard Place」ではホーン隊の迫力に及ばないクリフォードの音色が、それこそシンセポップのような様相を呈しているから微笑ましい。おまけにSBDに含まれなかったこの演奏ですが、今回のオーディエンス録音の音の良さゆえ、そのチープさもリアルに伝わってくる。
続いて演奏された「One Hit」もサウンドボードで欠損していたのが惜しまれるレア・ナンバーですが、ここでもまたオーディエンス録音の音の良さゆえ、その貴重な演奏をじっくりと聞き込めるのが魅力。この日やトロントの印象が強いことから、9月のレパートリーと言う印象の強い曲ですが、実際には10月いっぱいまで散発的に演奏されていました。

それにツアー開始からまだ7公演めということもあり、バンド全体の演奏がこなれてきていないのが今となっては却って新鮮に響きます。この日に関して言うと、意外にもミックのミスが散見され、「Paint It Black」で歌詞を忘れしまったり、さらには「Satisfaction」のカウントからブレイクする展開でタイミングを見誤ってしまい、あわやと言う場面までみられるほど。
こうしたツアー序盤らしい演奏ぶりはビジュアル面で補ってくれるのが、ギフト・リリース時にもセットされていた同日のオーディエンス・ショット。飛び飛びで一時間弱の撮影であり、残念ながら完全収録ではありません。しかしながらステージ向かって左側の相当にフロント・ロウな位置から撮影された映像の状態は驚くほど見やすいもの。全体的にはその近さが仇となって、メンバーの表情が照明に飛ばされて映されないのが難点なのですが、それでもメンバーが目の前の花道まで煽りに来ると、プロショット顔負けのアングルとなるから見応えは十分。特に「Honky Tonk Women」の間奏や「Jumping Jack Flash」では自分がその場にいるかのような迫力満点のアングルが楽しめます。
そして「Dead Flowers」では途中でミックのマイクが故障してしまい、彼が見るからに不機嫌になって歌うのを止めてアコギに専念していると、見かねたスタッフが慌ててマイクを交換。ところがそれでも直らないと見るや、ミックがこの映像の視界から消えてしまいます。すわ引っ込んでしまったのかと思いきや、反対にミックの歌声は聞こえてくる。つまり、彼はたまりかねてコーラス隊の所で彼らのマイクの前で歌って急場をしのいでいたのです。
いくらアッパーなサウンドボード録音でも、これほどのハプニングだったとが音だけではどうしたって伝わってこない。それがオーディエンス・ショットのおかげで、ここまでリアルに感じられるのだから、ビジュアルの威力と言うのは大きいですね。さらにSBD音源の方も、この「Dead Flowers」に関してはアッパーな状態の音源から欠けていたと思われ、この曲とその後のMCまでは先の「WHEELS ARE ROLLING」のSBDとオーディエンス録音がネットに上がった段階でパッチされていました。この曲が終わってミックが新曲をやると告げた時、周囲のオーディエンスがしつこく「Mixed Emotion」と呟く場面です。皮肉にも、この処理によって、なおさら本編のSBDとオーディエンス録音のクリアネスが際立ちます!
Disc 1 (77:28)
1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Sad Sad Sad 5. Undercover Of The Night
6. Harlem Shuffle 7. Tumbling Dice 8. Miss You 9. Ruby Tuesday 10. Play With Fire
11. Dead Flowers 12. Rock And A Hard Place 13. One Hit 14. Mixed Emotions
15. Honky Tonk Women 16. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2 (70:42)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 2. Little Red Rooster 3. Before They Make Me Run
4. Happy 5. Paint It Black 6. 2000 Light Years From Home 7. Sympathy For The Devil
8. Gimme Shelter 9. Band Introductions 10. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 11. Brown Sugar
12. Satisfaction 13. Jumping Jack Flash 14. Outro.


1. Continental Drift 2. Start Me Up 3. Bitch 4. Sad Sad Sad 5. Play With Fire
6. Dead Flowers 7. Honky Tonk Women 8. Before They Make Me Run 9. Happy
10. 2000 Light Years From Home 11. Sympathy For The Devil 12. Gimme Shelter
13. Band Introductions 14. Brown Sugar 15. Satisfaction 16. Jumping Jack Flash

COLOUR NTSC Approx.61min.

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