Rolling Stones / Torino 1982 / 4CDR

Rolling Stones / Torino 1982 / 4CDR / Non Label

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Stadio Comunale Ei Torino, Turin, Italy 11th & 12th July 1982.


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Italy from 1982 European tour, took place on the 12th and July 11th Both recorded in the past, up to the highest sound quality, the 2 Days Turin performances. First, the 11th opening night was recorded in 1 & 2 disk. In fact, this is really amazing.Three pieces of vinyl records as “Mundialito ’82”, VGP board that was made ​​from the same tape source “Mundialito 1982”, the board is realistic direct the contents also sound quality was also surpassed completely its two more in the past Ultra-sensitive superb sound excellent. While master the same two this its outstanding, the sound quality is dramatically improved. It is trivial, but you can check for some reason the noise to say crackling needle-like sound in a quiet place, but (we become digitized from the tape in the info of Omoto), the tape of the generator youth than its outstanding Will it because you are using, I feel an overwhelming sense of scale difference of the sound, in the clear. Let Me Go that had cut in VGP board is non-cut recording. Audience ambient noise in the sound picked up vividly because of the sound with the direct feeling, minutes became clear sound and, out in front, it’s audible or you have a sure, anyway, hear this sound to remember even illusion, such as if you had time trip to the venue at the time, would be to improve the first time as I do not an exaggeration, the fans surprised a lot to say and sound quality 2 rank up if. ’82 Torino performance the first day that was originally sound is good, it was amazing sound up to this point in the master …. It is not to say the exaggerated, it will tell you if you listen anyway. Had been recorded in the LP in VGP board accrued “1812 Overture” also contains the last, but, surprisingly, to the LP take that, until now, were the longest outro Announce David wizard accrued also (slightly has entered longer than 40 seconds (LP you can while fade-in) to listen!). It is the master of noise and enter or recording level at the beginning Under My Thumb becomes unstable, a problem is also found here and there while slightly, anyway, since 1982 AUD recording a clear easy to listen in on is not so much playing to here , fans are definitely a must-listen. The 12th the second day that is included on the 3 & 4 disk followed. In the performance of the disk has not been made ​​in the past most probably, this place does not sound on the first day about, but it still is a stereo audience recording very good quality. Freshness of the sound also excellent, compared to the first day of the sound pressure is worked profusely in sound milder, is a sound that is easy to hear. I think the first day of recording is too terrible, those who feel quietly also do come at first, but in the recording of 1982, does not have much sound source is tailored proceedings here to be stable. Generator of the tape did not have credit in the info of Omoto, but not felt deterioration of tape, and take a close equivalent to the master listen to one Ryozen. Sharpness of the high frequency is perfect. It may be said that if the highest-quality recording of mood 1 & 2 disc rough me, this is a straight out recording just calm. Little T & A of members following the introduction are also recorded on this day. On the first day outro was “1812 Overture”, but 2 day in Naples performance of the familiar “Italian national anthem.” Sound of fireworks that continues to burst Ketatamashiku has been recorded in awfully clear.The main part of the press “GLASGOW 1982” also was the best (outro call of voice and looked like Mick also. Hears then), but this amazing place four pieces also not lose it! ! Luxury bonus title packaged 2 Days Turin performance is an appearance here! Recently, the bonus that comes with the press It is awfully high point! Live at Stadio Comunale Di Torino, Turin, Italy July 11th 1982

1982年ヨーロッパ・ツアーより、7月11日と12日に行われたイタリアはトリノ公演2デイズを、どちらも過去最長・最高音質で収録。まずはディスク1&2に収録された初日公演11日。実はこれが本当に凄い。過去にアナログ盤3枚組「Mundialito ’82」として、更には同じテープソースから製作されたVGP盤「Mundialito 1982」は、本盤は内容も音質もその2つを完全に凌駕した臨場感・ダイレクト感抜群のウルトラ極上サウンド。この既発2種と同じマスターながら、音質は飛躍的に向上。些細な物ですが静かな箇所において針音のようなパチパチと言うノイズも何故か確認できますが(大元のインフォではテープからのデジタル化となっております)、既発よりもジェネ若のテープを使用しているせいでしょうか、音のスケール感、クリアーさに圧倒的な違いを感じます。VGP盤でカットのあったLet Me Goはノンカット収録。ダイレクト感のあるサウンドのため周囲のオーディエンスノイズも生々しく拾ったサウンドで、音が前に出て、かつクリアーになった分、それが耳に付くのも確かではありますが、とにかく、これを聞けば当時の会場にタイムトリップしたかのような錯覚さえ覚えるサウンドは、音質2ランクアップと言っても過言ではない程の向上ぶりに、ファンは大いに驚くことでしょう。元々音が良いとされていた82年トリノ公演初日が、マスターではここまで驚異的なサウンドだったとは・・・。大げさに言っているのではないことは、とにかく聴けば判ります。ラストにはVGP盤未収でLPには収録されていた「1812年序曲」も入ってますが、驚くべきことに、これまで最長だったLPテイクに未収のデヴィッド・ザードのアウトロ・アナウンスも(若干フェードインながら)聴くことが出来ます(LPより40秒も長く入ってる!)。冒頭Under My Thumbの録音レベルが不安定になったりノイズが入ったりと、若干ながら問題も散見されるマスターですが、とにかく、ここまで演奏がオンで聴きやすくクリアーな1982年AUD録音はそれほどないため、ファンは間違いなく必聴です。続いてはディスク3&4に収録されている二日目12日。恐らく過去にディスク化が殆どなされていない公演で、こちらは初日ほどオンな音ではありませんが、それでも非常に良質なステレオ・オーディエンス録音です。音の鮮度も抜群で、やたら音圧が効いてる初日に比べると、よりマイルドな音像で、聴きやすいサウンドです。初日録音が凄すぎるので、最初は地味に感じる方もいらっしゃるかと思いますが、1982年の録音で、ここまで安定してカッチリ録れている音源はそれほどありません。大元のインフォにはテープのジェネはクレジットされていませんでしたが、テープの劣化も感じられず、マスターに相当近いテイクであるのは一聴瞭然。高域のキレもバッチリです。ディスク1&2が荒れくれムードの最高音質録音なら、こちらはまさに落ち着いた優等生的録音と言えるでしょう。この日はメンバー紹介に続いてのLittle T&Aも収録されています。アウトロは初日は「1812年序曲」でしたが、2日日はナポリ公演でもお馴染みの「イタリア国歌」。けたたましく炸裂し続ける花火の音がやけにクリアーに収録されています。(その後にはミックと思しき声のアウトロコールも聞こえます。)本編プレスの「GLASGOW 1982」も最高でしたが、この4枚組もそれに負けない位凄い!!トリノ公演2デイズをパッケージングした贅沢なボーナス・タイトルがここに登場です! 最近、プレスに付属するボーナスがやけにポイント高いですね!

Live at Stadio Comunale Di Torino, Turin, Italy 11th July 1982

Disc 1(60:06)
1. Take The A Train 2. Under My Thumb 3. When The Whip Comes Down
4. Let’s Spend the Night Together 5. Shattered 6. Neighbours 7. Black Limousine
8. Just My Imagination 9. Twenty Flight Rock 10. Going To A Go-Go 11. Let Me Go
12. Time Is On My Side 13. Beast Of Burden

Disc 2(64:32)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 2. Band Introduction 3. Angie 4. Tumbling Dice
5. She’s So Cold 6. Hang Fire 7. Miss You 8. Honky Tonk Women 9. Brown Sugar
10. Start Me Up 11. Jumping Jack Flash 12. Satisfaction 13. 1812 Overture/David Zard Outro

Live at Stadio Comunale Di Torino, Turin, Italy 12th July 1982

Disc 3
1. Take The A Train 2. Under My Thumb 3. When The Whip Comes Down
4. Let’s Spend The Night Together 5. Neighbours 6. Shattered 7. Black Limousine
8. Just My Imagination 9. Twenty Flight Rock 10. Going To A Go-Go 11. Let Me Go
12. Time Is On My Side 13. Beast Of Burden

Disc 4(76:00)
1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 2. Band Introduction 3. Little T&A 4. Angie
5. Tumbling Dice 6. She’s So Cold 7. Hang Fire 8. Miss You 9. Honky Tonk Women
10. Brown Sugar 11. Start Me Up 12. Jumping Jack Flash 13. Satisfaction
14. Fratelli d’Italia/Mick Jagger Outro

Mick Jagger – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitar, Vocals
Ron Wood – Guitar Bill Wyman – Bass Charlie Watts – Drums

Ian Stewart – Piano Chuck Leavell – Keyboards Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone
Gene Barge – Alto Saxophone

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