Rolling Stones / Vienna 1976 / 3CD

Rolling Stones / Vienna 1976 / 3CD / Non Label

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Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 23rd June 1976

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The escalated black-taste sound from 1975 was the European tour of 1976. Instead of a wild momentum centered on the previous year’s Mick in the United States hiding behind the scenes, the more funky grooves were more masterpieces. As you can see from our fact that we have released tracks such as Frankfurt and the second day of Paris from this tour, there is something blessed with the sound board. As for Earl’s Court and Lyon, it was something that had been released a great soundboard for a long time. However, it is also the characteristic of this tour that the sound sources become disadvantaged at a stroke when the tour finishes past Paris and Lyon.
In such a situation I threw a stone was also this “GET OFF OF MY STONE” 4 CD set of our release. Even still in the final stage of the tour this title reigns as the sound source with the best sound quality. One week later the tour will welcome Chiaki in Vienna, but on this day there is a sound source and despite the continued release of the items, the impression of being a thin day is undeniable . Starting with the release of the title “TOUR OF EUROPE ’76”, it reached nostalgia EXILE and released this sound twice. Nevertheless, it is probably because of the fact that the sound source that “the sound image is not bad is not far from bad” is not fully impressed because it continues to be CDized due to the genetically disappearing state. As another factor, it seems that it was also caused by adding items of equalization almost like items to hide such conditions.
In other words, it is no doubt saying that it is a sound source that has received unfair treatment as well as the second day of Cow Palace. By the way krw_co uploaded a wonderful version about this Vienna too. What he possessed is master of first generation. As I mentioned earlier, it is this day that generic copying was rampant, but the upper feeling of the krw_co version is fluffy. Not only the warmy taste, it is very bright and outstanding is outstanding. Of course, although it is not quality for everyone like Cow Palace which is released at the same time, if you are a mania who thought past items as ‘B class sound source written in a picture’, this time it is enjoyed as ‘Ideal sound source’ this time I promise to get it.

Because a very natural upper feeling is attractive, of course, I do not do any extra equalization etc. It is idle to do such a thing. On the other hand, this time we fine-tuned the weak problem that seems to have occurred when creating the first generation copy from the master. While the original is recording in monaural, I adjust the wobble of the phase caused by dubbing. Although this is a problem that can be solved by uniform monolization making use of only one channel using software, there is a danger that the freshness and the range will be excessively narrowed by that, so we have dare to thoroughly fine-tune it It was. In other words, it is an adjustment that uses a stable part of each one of the changers.
Although it is a further minor problem, I am pinching the sound doubling (about 28:30, for example) that seems to have occurred at the time of creating the first generation also corrected it to a normal state. This sound source boasts a state of recording in the state without a cut which can be said to be unusual as an audience recording of 1976, so it is the result of focusing more on the way to correct the disorder of the tape even more.

If such a careful adjustment is a limited press CD release with a pedigree called First Generation, the final day of the tour that had been overlooked alone was reborn as an upper version of the good thing, but this time it is It will not stop there. Apart from the sound source that krw_co uploaded, the stereo audience recording of the same day which was hardly known until now is also recorded at the same time.
This is a sound source that has been circulating quietly on the Internet so far, it seems to be mostly a mania who did not know its existence. Rather it will be obvious by this release. Although the recording state is the incomplete recording which lacked the first half of the show, while cutting, it cuts frequently regardless of the interval between songs. It is speculated that it was treated as a neglect play from a mania because of that.
However, it is recorded in stereo, and, in addition, there is also a big advantage such as a sound image which is turned on rather than a monaural source. There, rare stereo source is included in the third disc. In doing so, it completely supplemented the “hole” named “frequently occurring cut” like a honeycomb with a monaural source. I kept the stress of my stereo recording to a minimum and I restored it to the state where I could hear it all through to the end. Details are posted in another section, so please check it.
Of course the freshness of the sound quality itself and so on exceeds that of the conventional monaural source and this is a recording quality of such a degree that even a rough feeling is there, but still it is attractive that the detail of the performance which was not transmitted in monaural is transmitted to the real Target. Mick ‘s tension is very high as the final day of the tour. It will be intense enough to make it reminiscent of the wildness of the previous year. When the live comes to the second half, the entire band exploded with “Midnight Rambler”. Completely burned fish unique to the final day of the tour is transmitted everywhere.
It is recorded to the culmination of the last days of the 1976 tour without complaints that it was recorded as well as the unprecedented stereo source as well as being recorded as a record of the monaural source previously known as a record of the highest ever upper version The released release is here!

★ The final day as a 76-year tour, the June 23 concert of Vienna was compiled with two types of Aud sound sources including a new source (stereo). Decisive three-sheet set of ’76 tour final day.

そんな状況に一石を投じたのがこれまた当店リリースの「GET OFF OF MY STONE」4CDセットでした。未だにツアー終盤では本タイトルがもっとも音質の優れた音源として君臨しているほど。その一週間後にツアーはウィーンで千秋楽を迎えるのですが、この日は音源が存在し、なおかつアイテムもリリースされ続けてきたにもかかわらず、印象が薄い一日となっている感が否めません。まず「TOUR OF EUROPE ‘76」というタイトルがリリースされたのを皮切りとして、懐かしのEXILEに至っては二回もこの音源をリリースしていました。にもかかわらず、どうにも印象が薄いのは「悪くはないものの音像が遠め」な音源がジェネ落ち状態でCD化され続けたせいかもしれません。もう一つの要因としては、ほとんどアイテムがそうした状態を隠蔽すべくがごとくイコライズを加えていたことも原因だったように思えます。


もちろん音質自体の鮮度などは従来のモノラル・ソースが上回り、こちらは荒れくれ感すらあるほどの録音クオリティではありますが、それでもなおモノラルでは伝わり切らなかった演奏のディティールがリアルに伝わってくるのが魅力的。ツアー最終日らしくミックのテンションが非常に高い。それこそ前年のワイルドさを彷彿とさせるほどの激しさでしょう。さらにライブが後半に差し掛かるとバンド全体が「Midnight Rambler」で爆発。随所でツアー最終日ならではの完全燃焼ぶりが伝わってきます。



Recorder 1

Disc 1 (51:41)
1. Introduction
2. Honky Tonk Women
3. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
4. Hand Of Fate
5. Hey Negrita
6. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
7. Fool To Cry
8. Hot Stuff
9. Star Star
10. You Gotta Move
11. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Disc 2 (47:36)
1. Band Introductions
2. Happy
3. Tumbling Dice
4. Nothing From Nothing
5. Outa Space
6. Midnight Rambler
7. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
8. Brown Sugar
9. Jumping Jack Flash
10. Street Fighting Man

Recorder 2

Disc 3 (79:33)

1. Hey Negrita ★出だし~1:14 Rec1で補填 / 1:27~1:32Rec1オーバーダブ(音切れ緩和処置)
2. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
3. Fool To Cry ★0:57-3:54 / 5:06以降 Rec1で補填
4. Hot Stuff ★0:00-2:46 Rec1で補填
5. Star Star ★3:58以降 Rec1で補填
6. You Gotta Move ★0:46-0:50 / 4:04以降 Rec1で補填
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want ★0:00-0:01 / 0:45-0:50 / 8:51-9:39 Rec1で補填
8. Band Introductions
9. Happy
10. Tumbling Dice ★2:48以降の1分半 Rec1で補填
11. Nothing From Nothing ★丸ごと Rec1で補填
12. Outa Space ★0:00-0:38 Rec1で補填
13. Midnight Rambler ★6:46-7:10 / 7:30-7:39 / 11:03-12:16 Rec1で補填
14. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
15. Brown Sugar
16. Jumping Jack Flash ★0:48以降 Rec1で補填
17. Street Fighting Man (part) ★丸ごとRec1(オマケ収録・1分50秒ほどで終了)

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