Rolling Stones / Paris 1976 / 1CD+1DVD

Rolling Stones / Paris 1976 / 1CD+1DVD / Non Label
Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 4th, 6th & 7th June 1976 SBD/PRO-SHOT

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Speaking of the 1976 Europe Tour, the highlights of the Stones are the four nights in Paris. It is clear that this series of performances was video-shooted all day, but the by-product from there was the “AUX ABATTOIRS” television broadcast. The program, which has also been broadcast in Japan, is a standard pro shot video on the ’76 European Tour. From the video age as well as the excellent image quality DVD has produced many items. The French broadcast version had a more favorable version of the image quality in the last 10 years, but this time we succeeded in obtaining an upper version on its own.
The upper feeling that convinces the improvement of the image quality from the “AUX ABATTOIRS” title that is projected at the opening after all. The coarseness of the image quality and the sweetness of the outline which I could not wipe by the previous version are improved, and it is sharper and much easier to see. However, at the time of this limited press DVD release, it was divided into two discs and distributed, and the music order that was being edited at the time of broadcasting was restored to the music order of the actual Paris concert. Above all, the part recorded on the second disc was in a recording state that floated from the order of the actual concert, so the stress on the appreciating faded away at once, making it easier to see.
But that’s not all. After the performance of the finale “Street Fighting Man”, the “Satisfaction” of the studio take was played as the ending on the broadcast, but since the audience recording on the same day was supplemented here, the screen after the performance was faithful to the screen There is an advantage that you can also see this by voice. I think that this process is much more accurate if you consider the documentality.

Even so, although the image quality has improved, the coolness of the ’76 Stones is transmitted with good balance, though it is a standard image. The production of this broadcast is compiled after the video of the three days except for the 5th is edited, but above all the upper feeling is more when comparing the video of the stage of June 7 (eg “Fool To Cry”) It seems easy to understand. As for the video on the 6th, the complied video before editing had flowed out before, but in comparison with that, the audience’s cheers were on-mix in order to convey the live presence feeling on the air I will. Check it out, especially at the start of Keith’s “Happy”.
Mick’s blue coat worn early in the live show on the 6th, or he and Ronny’s “Ring Bullfighting Action” on the 7th “Midnight Rambler” have many manias on their eyes. And the attraction of this video is that the frequency with which Mick and Keith sing a single microphone throughout the live is surprisingly high. In the ongoing tour, there is a sense of bisexuality, considering that the two people sang with a single microphone in the latter half of “Dead Flowers”.
And I think that it was really lucky that the appearance of the very funky Stones throughout the whole was left behind in the professional shot video. The same band composition but different from the previous year’s US tour, this live sound can only be heard this year. Just like Europe in 1977, it is also a video that reminds us that Europe in 1976 was a special time.
Includes bonus interviews with Mick, Keith and Lonnie. In this part, the documentary scene before the interview started adopted the French broadcast, but the interviews of the three had subtitles, and they ported the impressive Japanese broadcast version of the quad screen. Also, Mick, who responded most quickly, Roni, who is different from the current rattle voice (the voice of his voice in the 70’s was really attractive), and Keith, who bares junky, met It is high points to be able to see the interview scene with subtitles.

This time, not only DVD but also sound board album which recorded the audio of this video is set. Of course, it is different from easy CD conversion that simply drops audio from video. Not only that, there are several places where you have to make some changes when creating a soundboard album from this video. At first “Angie”. The audio of the video was noted that the hum noise peculiar to the video was noticeable and the intro was cut a little. By replacing this part with a separate monaural TV mono sound source without missing the intro of the same day, we have achieved complete recording from the intro.

“Midnight Rambler” had the same problem of hum noise. Therefore we adopt another source sound board which noise does not enter. And this is finished to be heard smoothly along the live flow by supplementing the audience recording after “Brown Sugar” as well as “Street Fighting Man”. As described above, it will be released not only in the upper version video without complaints, but also in the strongest set with a record that can be enjoyed as a live album. This is a new definitive edition of the 1976 live video “AUX ABATTOIRS” that everyone in the mania has become familiar with!

(Concept outline)
★ Sort high-quality DVDs according to the set list, and make them into CD / DVD sets.
★ Recorded for the first time according to the song order. And the first soundtrack CD with all the broadcasted songs recorded
★ DVD uses the high quality version obtained from overseas collectors as a master. Only interviews use Japan Broadcasting.
D-Stone has tried in the past, in the picture, but that one is DVDR. There was a difference in the sound quality between the first and second broadcasts, and the sound quality changed depending on the song, but this time the board has unified the sound quality.

ストーンズ1976年ヨーロッパ・ツアーと言えばハイライトとなったのがパリでの四夜連続公演。この一連の公演はすべての日がビデオ・シューティングされたことが明らかとなっていますが、そこからの副産物が「AUX ABATTOIRS」テレビ放送でした。日本でも放送されたことのある同番組は76年ヨーロッパ・ツアーにおける定番プロショット映像です。ビデオの時代はもとより、画質に優れていたことからDVDでも多くのアイテムを輩出してきたもの。そのフランス放送版はさらに画質の良好なバージョンがここ10年の間に流通しましたが、今回はさらなるアッパー版の独自入手に成功しました。
何と言ってもオープニングに映し出される「AUX ABATTOIRS」タイトルからして画質の向上を確信させてくれるアッパー感。従来のバージョンではどうしても拭えなかった画質の粗さや輪郭の甘さが改善され、よりシャープで格段に見やすくなっています。しかし今回の限定プレスDVDリリースに際しては、二枚のディスクに分かれて流通し、なおかつ放送時に編集されていた曲順を実際のパリ・コンサートの曲順へとレストア。中でも二枚目のディスクに収録されていたパートは実際のコンサートの曲順から浮いてしまった収録状態でしたので、この並べ替えだけでも鑑賞上のストレスが一気に薄れて観やすくなっています。
しかしそれだけではありません。フィナーレ「Street Fighting Man」の演奏が終わると放送ではエンディングとしてスタジオ・テイクの「Satisfaction」が流されたのですが、ここでは同日のオーディエンス録音を補填しましたので、演奏終了後の画面に忠実な音声でこちらも観られるというメリットがあります。ドキュメント性を考えればこの処理の方がはるかに的確かと。

それにしても画質が良くなったので、定番映像とはいえ改めて76年ストーンズのカッコよさがビシバシと伝わってきます。この放送の制作には5日以外の三日間の映像が編集された上でまとめられていますが、中でも6月7日のステージ(例えば「Fool To Cry」)の映像を見比べるとアッパー感がより分かりやすいかと思われます。6日の映像に関しては編集前のコンプリ映像が以前から流出していましたが、それと比べると放送時はライブの臨場感を伝えるべく、オーディエンスの歓声がオン・ミックスとなっているのが特徴でしょう。特にキースの「Happy」のスタート時などでそれが顕著ですのでチェックしてみてください。
6日のライブ序盤におけるミックが着ていたブルーのコート、あるいは7日の「Midnight Rambler」における彼とロニーの「闘牛アクション」などが目に焼き付いているマニアも多いことかと。そしてライブ全体を通してミックとキースが一本のマイクを分けて歌う頻度が俄然高いのもこの映像の魅力。現在進行中のツアーにおいて「Dead Flowers」の後半でようやく二人が一本のマイクで歌ってくれたことを考えると隔世の感があります。


同様のハムノイズ問題を抱えていたのが「Midnight Rambler」。よってこちらもノイズの入らない別ソース・サウンドボードを採用。そしてこちらは「Street Fighting Man」だけでなく「Brown Sugar」終了後にもオーディエンス録音を補填することによって、ライブの流れに沿ってスムーズに聞かれるよう仕上げています。このように文句なしのアッパー版映像だけでなく、ライブアルバムとしても楽しめる音盤との最強セットでのリリースとなります。これはマニアなら誰もが慣れ親しんできた1976年ライブ映像「AUX ABATTOIRS」の新たな決定版!



CD (79:55)
1. Honky Tonk Women
2. Hand Of Fate
3. Fool To Cry
4. Hot Stuff
5. Star Star
6. Angie ★0:00 前曲が突然終了なので歓声を少し足して補填クロスフェード。★4:48で繋ぎもMC前後に間が無く短いクロスフェード
7. You Gotta Move
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Happy ★収録時間の関係からバンド紹介は削除。
10. Tumbling Dice ★0:00 – 0:03 素材に入れ替えてクロスフェード。★4:00 繋ぎ
11. Outa Space
12. Midnight Rambler ★ハム無モノ音源疑似ステレオ処理を使用 ★0:00 間が無いので歓声を足してクロスフェード。10:19からビデオ音声繋ぎ
13. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll ★0:01 繋ぎ
14. Brown Sugar ★3:10 – 3:33 オーディエンス補填
15. Jumping Jack Flash
16. Street Fighting Man ★6:09 – 最後までオーディエンス補填


◆DVD Part1 に収録されている曲。
■DVD Part2 に収録されている曲。

◆. Honky Tonk Women
◆. Hand Of Fate
◆. Fool To Cry
◆. Hot Stuff
◆. Star Star
■. Angie(6/4)
◆. You Gotta Move
◆. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
◆. Band Introductions(6/6)
◆. Happy
■. Tumbling Dice ★イントロ映像削除
◆. Outa Space
■. Midnight Rambler
■. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
■. Brown Sugar★アウトロ映像削除
◆. Jumping Jack Flash
◆. Street Fighting Man★アウトロ映像削除

* In order to give a sense of unity to the sound quality, I equalized Part 1 voice to resemble Part 2 voice.
* Part 2 has ham noise, so it is annoying for Angie and Midnight Rambler, so I use equalized source by the same day.
* The beginning of Tumbling Dice is covered with the last sound of Wild Horses, so it was fixed on another source on the same day.
* Band introduction is deleted from the relation of recording time.

★ About DVD
* The sound is equal to the sound pressure and is the original sound.
* The beginning of Tumbling Dice is covered with the last sound of Wild Horses, so it was fixed on another source on the same day.
* After the Street Fighting Man is over, replace it with the audience sound source.
* Bonus Track: Interview is from the high quality DVD in the first half, and YMS subtitles are used after the interview starts.

*Part2はハムノイズが有り、AngieとMidnight Ramblerについては耳障りなので、同日別ソースをイコライズして使用。
*Tumbling Diceの冒頭はWild Horsesの最後の1音が被っているので同日別ソースで修正。

*Tumbling Diceの冒頭はWild Horsesの最後の1音が被っているので同日別ソースで修正。
*Street Fighting Man終演後はオーディエンス音源に入れ替え。
*Bonus Track : Interview は前半は高画質DVDからで、Interviewが始まってからはYMSの字幕入りを使用。


Honky Tonk Women(6/6)
Hand Of Fate(6/6)
Fool To Cry(6/7)
Hot Stuff(6/7)
Star Star(6/6)
You Gotta Move(6/6)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want(6/6)
Tumblinhg Dice(6/7)
Outa Space(6/7)
Midnight Rambler(6/7)
It’s Only Rock’n Roll/(6/6)
Brown Sugar(6/6)
Jumping Jack Flash(6/6)
Street Fighting Man(6/6)


CD (79:55)
1. Honky Tonk Women **
2. Hand Of Fate **
3. Fool To Cry ***
4. Hot Stuff ***
5. Star Star **
6. Angie *
7. You Gotta Move **
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want **
9. Happy **
10. Tumbling Dice ***
11. Outa Space ***
12. Midnight Rambler ***
13. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll **
14. Brown Sugar **
15. Jumping Jack Flash **
16. Street Fighting Man **


DVD (88:07)
1. Honky Tonk Women **
2. Hand Of Fate **
3. Fool To Cry ***
4. Hot Stuff ***
5. Star Star **
6. Angie *
7. You Gotta Move **
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want **
9. Band Introductions **
10. Happy **
11. Tumbling Dice ***
12. Outa Space ***
13. Midnight Rambler ***
14. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll **
15. Brown Sugar **
16. Jumping Jack Flash **
17. Street Fighting Man **

Bonus Tracks
18. Report
19. Interviews (with Japanese subtitles)

* Pavillon de Paris 4th June 1976
** Pavillon de Paris 6th June 1976
*** Pavillon de Paris 7th June 1976


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