Rolling Stones / Louisville 1975 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Louisville 1975 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Freedom Hall, Louisville, Kentucky, USA 4th August 1975

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Rolling Stones which began in June 1975 tour of the United States was live for about a week in August as the schedule of South America which was originally scheduled was canceled, the tour ended. In this tour, MSG is performed in June, LA Forum in July is a continuous performance that is awesome, and additionally the impact that LA has (even now officially released) images is great. On the other hand, August when it was the tour’s last week, I can not deny the thinness of the impression. A short period of less than one week seems to be like a “digestive game” and a show at the Hampton Coliseum at Stones’ first time was also included in the schedule, but there is no MSG or LA class sound source It has spurred the thinness of the impression.
During such a short August leg, Louisville ‘s performance on 4th was only sound sources known to maniacs. The recording of the audience of this day was circulating among traders long ago, but in the press board it was recorded on the VGP label’s 76th year tour title “ANY PORT IN A STORM REVISITED” as a bonus track “It’s Only Rock’n Roll And only the member’s introduction after that was recorded. Looking at the CD-R release, IMP affiliate ONE HANDRED CLUB released the sound source itself with the title “FREEDOM HALL COLISEUM 1975”, but it is not that only the core mania remembers its existence Cow.

As you can see from these past treatments, the sound source itself is an audience recording for maniacs. Perhaps he did not have a microphone, he put a recorder on the chair and recorded it. While the outline of the rhythm corps is a clear sound image, Mick’s voice is far away. Also the venue is very exciting and it seems that clapping hands will be enormously entertaining when it comes to famous songs, including the opening “Honky Tonk Women”, but I am really fortunate that it was not in a condition to cover up the performance. On the contrary, as the show progresses, the balance of instruments and vocals improves, but rather it is a monaural audience recording that can be enjoyed by maniacs.
It is a big point that you can calmly listen to the fact that there is no problem with the tape itself like Atlanta (this was July 30) released last year. It was the biggest disadvantage that the first half of the same song dropped out as soon as the only “Midnight Rambler” began to hit the tape change in the immediate place. Either way it seems that most people will hear this sound source in this release, but it certainly tightens the sound from around “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” and improves the balance. I agree that it was recorded only in the item of the past indeed. And the point that there is no deviation of the pitch etc is high point. By the way, at the beginning of the “Midnight Rambler” and live end of the live there are parts where the sound of the bus drum sounds too much due to the recording state of the example, but it will be fortunate again that it will not last long.

Although this is the first Louisville performance in 1975 which will be realized for the first time in limited press CD releases, it is noteworthy that the content of the performance is very “hot”. Perhaps it may be the best in August. For example, the Jacksonville performances performed in front of Louisville were not outright ambition, yet the tone quality of the “digestive game” showed a sense of tension as the tone quality was reasonably good. However, Mick’s tension is very high this day. This is the true reputation of Wilderness that seems to be a tour of America for 75 years. Hyper playing of “If You Can not Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud” and sharp Mick’s shouts, the 75 year oldness is fully opened. The days of LA were the best examples, but this tour was attractive with the hyper tension of Stones, which was fueled by upper drag.
Among them, it is not an exaggeration to say that Mild’s wild performance is the greatest attraction of 75 years, but it can be asserted that there is no other day when Mick exploded so far at the show in August. Atlanta at the end of July released last year is superbly surpassing and even buffalo which became the final day of the tour can not beat Louisville this time. Mick is doing great at “You Can not Always Get What You Want”, and the band also gives a hyper performance that seems to be the fastest during the tour with “Rip This Joint”.
Again it is a sound source suitable for maniacs. However, as of the time the item itself of the 75th year tour August is not seen, it will be a precious release as well. Everything is the first press CD and the performance is superb. Mania crazy items appeared from the leg of August where the impression which lacked a sense was strong strongly!

Remaster note

★ Adjust slightly fast pitch fine adjustment. I equalized to eliminate the bass overshoot and the tight part of the high range.

★ Street Fighting Man I corrected the early stage right channel sound fall.

★ Because of the recording level auto, the cheers between songs is too big, so I adjusted with a fader so that steps can not be made.

★ It is the first time to make a full track press CD. The impression is that sound improves as you listen.

そんな短い8月レグ中において、音源がマニアにしか知られていなかったのが4日のルイヴィル公演。この日のオーディエンス録音はとうの昔にトレーダー間に出回っていたのですが、プレス盤ではVGPレーベルの76年ツアー・タイトル「ANY PORT IN A STORM REVISITED」にボーナストラックとして「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」とその後のメンバー紹介が収録されていたのみ。CD-Rリリースに目を向けるとIMP系列のONE HANDRED CLUBが「FREEDOM HALL COLISEUM 1975」というタイトルで音源そのものをリリースしていたのですが、コア・マニアしかその存在を覚えていないのではないでしょうか。

こうした過去の扱いからも解るように、音源そのものはマニア向けなオーディエンス録音。恐らくマイクを持たず、椅子の上にレコーダーごと置いて録音したのでしょう。リズム隊の輪郭がはっきりした音像である一方、ミックの声が遠め。また会場が大いに盛り上がっており、オープニングの「Honky Tonk Women」を始めとして有名曲になると手拍子が盛大に入りますが、それが演奏を覆い隠してしまうような状態でなかったのは本当に幸いです。それどころかショーが進むにつれて楽器やボーカルのバランスも改善、むしろマニアなら楽しめるモノラルのオーディエンス録音なのです。
昨年リリースしたアトランタ(これが7月30日でした)のようにテープ自体に問題がないのも落ち着いて聞き込める大きなポイントでしょう。唯一「Midnight Rambler」が始まってすぐのところでテープチェンジに当たってしまい、同曲の前半がごっそり抜け落ちてしまったのが最大の欠点かと。いずれにせよ今回のリリースで本音源を聞かれる方がほとんどかと思われますが、確かに「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」辺りから音が締まってバランスも良くなる。なるほど過去のアイテムにそこだけ収録されていたというのも納得。そしてピッチの狂いなどがない点もポイントが高い。ちなみに「Midnight Rambler」の序盤やライブ終盤では例の録音状態のせいでバスドラの音が響きすぎてしまう箇所がありますが、それが長続きしないのはこれまた幸いでしょう。

こうして限定プレスCDリリースが初めて実現する1975年のルイヴィル公演ですが、特筆すべきは演奏内容が非常に「アツい」ということ。もしかしたら8月の中では一番かもしれない。例えばルイヴィルの前に行われたジャクソンビル公演などはあからさまに覇気がなく、それでいて音質がそこそこ良好だったことから「消化試合」ショー的テンションが伝わってきました。ところがこの日はミックのテンションが非常に高い。これぞ75年アメリカ・ツアーらしいワイルダネスの真骨頂。「If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud」のハイパーな演奏とミックの激しいシャウトなど、正に75年らしさが全開。LAの日々がその最たる例でしたが、このツアーはアッパー系ドラッグを燃料としたストーンズのハイパーなテンションが魅力であった。
中でもミックのあまりにワイルドなパフォーマンスこそ75年最大の魅力だと言っても過言ではない訳ですが、8月のショーでここまでミックが炸裂した日は他にないと断言できます。昨年リリースした7月末のアトランタは軽く凌駕していますし、ツアー最終日となったバッファローですら今回のルイヴィルには及ばないのでは。「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」でもミックは絶好調ですし、バンドも「Rip This Joint」でツアー中最速かと思えるようなハイパー演奏を聞かせる。



★Street Fighting Man序盤の右チャンネル音落ちは直しました。




Disc 1 (64:31)
1. Honky Tonk Women 2. All Down The Line 3. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
4. Star Star 5. Gimme Shelter 6. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg 7. You Gotta Move
8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 9. Happy 10. Tumbling Dice 11. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
12. Band Introductions

Disc 2 (55:38)
1. Fingerprint File 2. Wild Horses 3. That’s Life 4. Outa Space 5. Brown Sugar
6. Midnight Rambler 7. Rip This Joint 8. Street Fighting Man 9. Jumping Jack Flash

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