Rolling Stones / Antwerp 1973 / 1CD

Rolling Stones/ Antwerp 1973 / 1CD / Non label

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Live at Sportpaleis Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium 15th October 1973

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In 1995, Rolling Stones was forced to go back to Japan for the second time, and their vintage live sound source was released about four titles. All of them were first CD-generated sound sources, for example, in 1969, the first day of the US tour, Elton John jumped in 1975 and recorded precious sounds such as Fort Collins performances of each age. Speaking of the first half of the 1990s, CD items were released with the bubble of discovering soundboard recordings that have never been heard in record era. However, when such excavation came to an end, it began to be a CD of audience recordings heard in LP. Charlotte in 1972 and Baltimore in 1979 can be said to be typical.

In that respect, the item which was released in the previous 95 years is unique, that he released the audience recording which was not heard even in the record era. In addition to the sound sources of 69 or 75 years mentioned earlier, one item has been released from the 73 years Europe tour · tour of Stones’ culmination. That is “HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD”. There is an Antwerp performance on October 15, 1973 recorded there, but after that no items are produced and it is unable to hear only what is still with this item, this is the sound source of 73 years that was overlooked.
Still, “HOW COME ~” was a minus point that there was a fatal mistake that the pitch was drastic low, and more cuts occurred after “Angie”. In addition to this, although it was a four-title release in 1995, including this title, although it was a package called paper jacket that was rare at that time, it was not made with the quality of a paper jacket of the current CD, but made of poor paper quality It was also a thing. Therefore, Jake is liable to be damaged, and despite being not a rare item at present, the frequency of coming out on the secondhand market is low now.
As it is a very popular time among maniacs all over the world, at first glance it seems as though all existing (level that can be heard) sound sources have been released, but in Europe it was completely overlooked It was translated as “HOW COME ~” and Antwerp.

However, this Antwerp, the sound image itself is far away but the outline of the vocal of Mick’s performance is very clear and it is easy to hear. If you adjust the shortcomings of “HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD”, it will not only increase the upper feeling at once. What I came up with is that it was the reason for my release to this release. As a result, when we corrected the pitch of “HOW COME ~” at first, it surprised me, I was able to resolve the stresses at once, making it easy for me to hear abruptly. Furthermore, noise etc. caused by the cut scattered in and after “Angie” are deleted. Finally I am reborn as an easy-to-hear upper version.
However, the undulation condition that occurs at the beginning of “Gimme Shelter” and “Tumbling Dice” can not be solved, and there is no separate sound source that can compensate for the previous cutting point, including “Midnight Rambler”. In fact it is not a good sound source for all people fact. However, on the other hand, if you are a mania it’s definitely sure that you will feel “surprising” as the sound is surprisingly surprising. Also in Berlin etc. on the final day of the tour, there are many sound sources in Europe 73 that you can enjoy greatly if you are not honor students quality. Antwerp was able to fulfill such a sound source by applying this adjustment.
Sound quality itself lacks thickness and hen nois sounds as it is, but this time I do not equalize about those places. It is better to take advantage of that taste of analogue audience recording like this anything like antiques. However, since the pitch has become accurate, it seems to be unexpectedly comfortable to listen and enjoy.

And for the performance, the next one is that that Brussels. In front of such a historical show, Stones’ s performance is a masterpiece as well. The finest performance unique to the sharpened Europe 73 is clear. This audience recording captures not only vocals and guitar but also the sound of the horn section of the specialty of the 73 years, so you can taste like European 73 even more. The sharpness of the performance and the sense of speed that runaway as the show advances, all of them are superb.
Taylor ‘s solo at’ Gimme Shelter ‘which was the highlight of every show at the beginning of the show is also the best here. It is wonderful to start with the phrase which is like a taste in the first half and to knock down the last. Mick is even more radiant. In “Tumbling Dice” Shout has reached its climax and his hyper-vocal that seems to be Europe 73 is still clear. After all, Europe 73 is exceptional, and the performance that gleams gleaming is annoyed also on this day.
It is now a paper jacket that was mostly passionate enthusiast even through enthusiastic mania, a byproduct of cassette / trade era “HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD”, it brushes up thoroughly to limit it It was confined in the press CD. Rather it may be many people being asked Antwerp for 73 years for the first time in this release. If you are a European 73 favorite mania who would be around the world you can absolutely enjoy it, please enjoy at the upper version reborn as if it were another dimension!


その点、先の95年にリリースされたアイテムがユニークなのは、レコードの時代でも聞かれなかったオーディエンス録音をリリースしてみせたということ。先に挙げた69年や75年の音源の他に、ストーンズ絶頂の73年ヨーロッパ・ツアー・ツアーからも一アイテムがリリースされています。それが「HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD」。そこに収録された1973年10月15日のアントワープ公演ですが、その後はアイテムが生み出されることはなく、何と未だに本アイテムでしか聞くことが出来ないという、これぞ見過ごされた73年の音源。
それでいて「HOW COME~」はピッチが激烈に低いという致命的なミスがあった上、「Angie」以降でカットが多く生じてしまうというのもマイナス・ポイントでした。それに加えて本タイトルを始めとして1995年の四タイトル・リリースですが、当時としては珍しい紙ジャケというパッケージではあったものの、現在のCDの紙ジャケのようなクオリティではなく、貧相な紙質で作られたものでもありました。よってジャケが傷んでしまいやすく、さしてレアなアイテムでないのにもかかわらず、現在は中古市場に出てくる頻度が低くなっていました。
世界中のマニアの間で非常に人気の高い時期ですので、一見すると現存するすべての(聞けるレベルの)音源がリリースされてきたかのように思えるヨーロッパ73ですが、そんな中で完全に見過ごされていたのが「HOW COME~」とアントワープだったという訳です。

ところがこのアントワープ、音像自体は遠いものの演奏やミックのボーカルの輪郭はとてもくっきりしていて聞きやすい。もし「HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD」の欠点をアジャストすれば、それだけで一気にアッパー感が増すのではないか。それをふと思いついたことが今回リリースへの運びとなった要因です。とうことから、まずは「HOW COME~」のピッチを正してみたところ、あらびっくり案の定ストレスが一気に解消、俄然聞きやすくなってくれたのです。さらには「Angie」以降で散見されたカットで生じたノイズなども削除。いよいよ聞きやすいアッパー版へと生まれ変わりました。
もっとも「Gimme Shelter」や「Tumbling Dice」の序盤で生じる波打ち状態などは解消できるはずもなく、また「Midnight Rambler」を始めとした、先のカット箇所を補填できる別音源も存在しません。その点では万人向け優良音源とは言えないのも事実。しかし一方で、マニアならばビックリするほど「聞き込める」音源だと実感できることも間違いないのです。ツアー最終日のベルリンなどもそうですが、優等生クオリティでなくともマニアなら大いに楽しめる音源がヨーロッパ73には数多く存在しますね。アントワープも今回のアジャストを施したことでそうした音源の仲間入りを果たせたのです。

ショー序盤において毎回のハイライトであった「Gimme Shelter」におけるテイラーのソロはここでも最高。前半はタメ気味のフレーズから始まって、最後は弾き倒すのが素晴らしい。さらに輝きを放っているのがミック。「Tumbling Dice」でシャウトは最高潮に達し、その後もヨーロッパ73らしい彼のハイパー・ボーカルが冴え渡っているのです。やはりヨーロッパ73は格別で、この日もキラリと光る演奏が目白押し。
今となっては熱心なマニアでもスルーしていた人が大半であったであろう紙ジャケでカセット・トレード時代の副産物「HOW COME YOU TASTE SO GOOD」、それを徹底的にブラッシュアップして限定プレスCDに封じ込めました。むしろ今回のリリースで初めて73年のアントワープを聞かれるが多いかもしれません。世界中にいるであろうヨーロッパ73好きマニアなら絶対に楽しめる、まるで別次元に生まれ変わったアッパー版にてご堪能ください!


1. Brown Sugar 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Happy 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Star Star
6. Dancing With Mr. D. 7. Angie 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 9. Midnight Rambler
10. Honky Tonk Women 11. All Down The Line 12. Rip This Joint 13. Jumping Jack Flash
14. Street Fighting Man

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