Rolling Stones / Goin Back To The Roots American Tour – July 1972 / 1CD

Rolling Stones, The / Goin Back To The Roots American Tour – July 1972 / 1CD / Non Label

The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia, USA 5th July 1972,Taken from the original LP “Goin’ Back to the Roots American Tour – July 1972” (Rubber Dubber Rec., 08A1 BADAV / 08B1 KYO)

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“GOIN ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS”. You just heard of this title and you came to Peen, Stones Mania. One of the famous boards on the 1972 US tour. Unlike in 1969, there weren’t many releases of good quality LPs from audience recordings from the 1972 tour. Both “BURNING AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM 1972” and “GET YOUR ROCKS OFF” issued by the TMOQ series had a content that was unsatisfactory in terms of sound quality. Rival Contra Band Music, on the other hand, has released an album with a quality that surpasses them. That was “GOIN ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS” (hereinafter “GBTTR”).
As I mentioned earlier, “GBTTR” was a release from Contra Band Music, but it was released on a stamp cover that deceived the name and design of a rival label, Rubber Dubber. Speaking of Rubber Dubber, the Stones released Essen’s “EUROPEAN TOUR 1970” and famous albums such as “LIVE AT LOS ANGELES FORUM 9-4-70” which is famous as another recording on the same day as Blueberry Hill.
However, they ceased working in 1971 when they were about to be caught. At the same time, Rubber Dubber was afraid of being caught and discarded any stampers or master tapes on the record. As a result, all the albums released by the label became valuable sound sources that can only be heard on LPs at the time. Therefore, when “GBTTR” was released by deceiving Rubber Dubber, it was quickly discovered that it was not a release from the original family.
Furthermore, the provocative message “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” should be engraved on the “GBTTR” matrix. As you can see from this fact, it may be because we were confident that we dared to give a Rubber Dubber and send such a message, “ We will not be the second dance of Rubber Dubber ” not.

“GBTTR” was released in a twisted package in this way, but at the same time, it was also released in a black and white slick package based on a photograph that captured Mick’s appearance on the American tour. In general, it’s better known. It is also worth noting that the bootlegs of this era are surprisingly elaborate, such as using Mick and Keith photos for the label.
As the sound quality was very good at that time, and there are some variations in the package (the stamper has been reworked many times). It was pressed again. It is impossible to record a concert completely because the format is a single LP, but the point is that the songs are organized by selecting songs that hold down the points under the restrictions.

Most of the CDs currently released under the name “GBTTR” use different sound sources of the same day. Your audience recordings have a voluminous, rugged, bold quality with Keith’s guitar sound. And above all, unlike LP, there was a great attraction that all songs of the day were recorded. However, LP is clearly better in terms of total sound quality. On July 5, 1972, the air on the day of Norfolk was fully breathed in, and the recordings immediately released on the vinyl record were incredibly fresh. The clearness and the sense of moderate distance are also attractive, and the overall balance of the performance is better than the other sound sources. That’s why it’s no surprise that enthusiasts would like to hear the LP sound on a CD, even if it’s imperfect.
This masterpiece was once a CD from LP, but now it’s more than 20 years ago. In addition, scratch noise has also entered the magnificent, has been bad reputation from the beginning of the release. So, using the latest technology, Contra Band LP (or fake Rubber Dubber) has been on CD for a long time.
The Contra Band basically has a bad dilemma, but the scratch noise that arises has been thoroughly removed. Nevertheless, CDs have been carefully focused on maintaining the exquisite listening comfort of the master. I guess the last thing I wanted to show was that it was a show in Virginia, the LP started with “Sweet Virginia”, but this time it’s been changed to a song order based on the actual setlist.

And if you want to enjoy the compilation of the delicious parts of the 72-year US tour in a single LP, and most of all, the great Mick Taylor play of the day, this one is still better. Taylor was really crisp on this day, and she was fierce from the opening “Brown Sugar”. Especially in the latter half of the performance, it’s a level that makes you want to put in Tsukkomi, “Isn’t it playing too much?” He is in this condition because he is so short, and in the interlude of “Gimme Shelter”, Europe 73 also bursts with blue flowing phrases.
In the case of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Jumping Jack Flash”, the transcendence phrases that make you want to call it art no longer occur. On the other hand, “Bye Bye Johnny”, where the whole band plays looser than usual. It may be the beginning of the climax of July of the 72 year tour that culminated in the simultaneous release “ Philas ぺ ”, this day, the stability of such a performance is not limited to an old LP but a stable limited press CD A vintage audience album that you can thoroughly enjoy. Isn’t this the “sound” that mania wanted to hear?

★ This LP’s sound source has not yet been excavated and it is unlikely that it will be found anymore, so this is definitely the decision board for this sound source! ! It is definitely one of the must-listen and must-have fans! !

「GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS」。このタイトルを聞いただけでピーンと来たあなたはストーンズ・マニア。1972年アメリカ・ツアーにおける名盤の一つ。69年と違い、72年ツアーからはオーディエンス録音の良質LPタイトルがあまりリリースされませんでした。TMOQ系列が出した「BURNING AT THE HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM 1972」と「GET YOUR ROCKS OFF」はどちらも内容はともかく、音質面では不満が残るクオリティだった。一方ライバルであるContra Band Musicはそれらを凌駕するクオリティのアルバムをリリース。それが「GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS」(以下「GBTTR」と称します)でした。
最初に申しましたように「GBTTR」はContra Band Musicからのリリースだった訳ですが、何故かライバルだったレーベルRubber Dubberの名前やデザインを騙ったスタンプ・カバーにてリリースされています。Rubber Dubberと言えばストーンズのエッセン公演「EUROPEAN TOUR 1970」やブルーベリー・ヒルと同じ日の別録音として有名な「LIVE AT LOS ANGELES FORUM 9-4-70」といった名盤をリリース。
しかし彼らは1971年に摘発されそうになったことから活動を停止。おまけに検挙されることを恐れたRubber Dubberはその際にレコードのスタンパーやマスターテープの一切を破棄。そのせいでレーベルが出したアルバムはどれも当時のLPでしか聞けない貴重音源となってしまいました。それだけに「GBTTR」がRubber Dubberを騙ってリリースされた際にも、本家からのリリースでないことはすぐに見破られてしまったのです。
さらに「GBTTR」のマトリクスには「CATCH ME IF YOU CAN(捕まえられるなら捕まえてみろ)」という挑発的なメッセージが刻まれていたという。このことからも解るように、あえてRubber Dubberを名乗った上でそのようなメッセージまで発信してみせたのには、「俺たちはRubber Dubberの二の舞にはならない」という自信があったのかもしれません。


この名盤は一度だけLPからCD化されたことがありましたが、それも今や20年以上前。おまけにスクラッチノイズも壮大に入ってしまっており、リリース当初から評判が悪かった。そこで最新のテクノロジーを駆使し、Contra Band LP(あるいは偽Rubber Dubber)久々のCD化を敢行。
Contra Bandは基本的に盤質が悪いというジレンマが見受けられるのですが、それゆえに生じるスクラッチノイズを徹底的に削除。それでいて原盤が持つ絶妙の聞き心地を保つことに細心の注意を注いだ上でのCD化。とどめはヴァージニアでのショーであることをアピールしたかったのでしょう、LPでは「Sweet Virginia」から始まっていましたが、今回は実際のセットリストに沿った曲順へと正しています。

そして72年アメリカ・ツアーの美味しいところを一枚のLPへ見事にまとめた編集と、何よりこの日の絶好調なミック・テイラーのプレイを楽しむのなら、やはりこちらの方がいい。この日のテイラーは本当に冴えわたっていて、オープニングの「Brown Sugar」からして壮絶。特に演奏後半になると「弾きすぎじゃね?」とツッコミを入れたくなるレベル。しょっぱなから彼がこの調子ですので、「Gimme Shelter」の間奏ではヨーロッパ73も真っ青な流麗フレーズが炸裂。
さらに「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」や「Jumping Jack Flash」になると、もはや芸術と呼びたくなるほどの超絶フレーズを連発。一方でバンド全体がいつもよりルーズな調子で演奏する「Bye Bye Johnny」もいい。今回同時リリース「フィラスぺ」で頂点を迎えた72年ツアーの7月という絶頂期の始まりがこの日なのかもしれません、そうした演奏の素晴らしさを古びたLPでなく安定の限定プレスCDにてじっくりと味わえるビンテージ・オーディエンス・アルバム。これぞマニアが聞きたかった「音」ではないでしょうか。


1. Brown Sugar
2. Rocks Off
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Happy
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Sweet Virginia
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
8. Band Introductions
9. Bye Bye Johnny
10. Rip This Joint
11. Jumping Jack Flash
12. Street Fighting Man



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