Rolling Stones / European Tour Live 1970 / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / European Tour Live 1970 / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 7th October 1970


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In in the 1970 European tour, it would be exactly Essen performances of the October 7 called a classic in classic. This day widely known in the analog boot “EUROPEAN TOUR LIVE 1970”, which was released by the label called RUBBER DUBBER, legendary as name board that tighten known to quickly fan the state of the Stones live that have been made since the US tour of ’69 is Na existence. Unfortunately not been around for the original sound source of this title, it is still there even in the rare sound source you do not listen only in its analog. And shock Enlarge Stones latest sound source at the time has been released, “EUROPEAN TOUR 1970” by TMOQ label also actually has been found to be was a copy of from RUBBER DUBBER board.
But from the fact that people of TMOQ board was a major label has many distribution, when this sound source is on CD is always had become the copy machine is the original. But this time recording from upstream RUBBER DUBBER board LP. Here poor record quality compared with TMOQ, you missed the noise emanating from there, but clearness will exceed reliably TMOQ board. You’ll be shocked to goodness of the freshness of the sound with the head family RUBBER DUBBER if rather it a CD people who are used to hear in like it was in the original “TWO GREAT ALBUMS CHEAP”. And looks better even more is indeed on a sound image of this sound source with a reputation for a long time.
And when this label unique, reduced that nostalgic stamp cover also intact, best coupling of 1970 European tour was achieved to suit this time of Milan, the second Shaw. Such as bonus too good to disk I CD-R reprinted version of the classic name board is shipped, please enjoy the glossy sound of Original by all means in the initial release!

1970年ヨーロッパ・ツアーの中において、正に古典中の古典と呼べるのが10月7日のエッセン公演でしょう。この日はRUBBER DUBBERというレーベルによってリリースされたアナログブート「EUROPEAN TOUR LIVE 1970」で知れ渡り、69年のアメリカ・ツアー以降に行われたストーンズ・ライブの様子をいち早くファンに知らしめた名盤として伝説的な存在です。しかし残念ながらこのタイトルの元音源は出回っておらず、未だにそのアナログでしか聴かれないレア音源でもあるのです。それに当時のストーンズ最新音源がリリースされた衝撃は大きく、TMOQレーベルによる「EUROPEAN TOUR 1970」も実はRUBBER DUBBER盤からのコピーであったことが判明しています。
しかし大手レーベルであったTMOQ盤の方が多く流通したことから、この音源がCD化される際はいつもそのコピー盤が元となっていたのです。しかし今回は本家RUBBER DUBBER盤LPから収録。こちらはTMOQと比べて盤質が悪く、そこから発するノイズが惜しまれますが、クリアネスは確実にTMOQ盤を上回ります。むしろそれを元にしていた「TWO GREAT ALBUMS CHEAP」のようなCDで聴き慣れた人であれば本家RUBBER DUBBERが持つ音の鮮度の良さに衝撃を受けることでしょう。しかも昔から定評のあるこの音源の実にオンな音像がなおさら引き立ちます。

1. Introduction 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. Roll Over Beethoven 4. Sympathy For The Devil
5. Stray Cat Blues 6. Love In Vain 7. Dead Flowers 8. Midnight Rambler 9. Live With Me
10. Let It Rock 11. Little Queenie 12. Brown Sugar

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