Rolling Stones / Altamont 1969 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Altamont 1969 / 2CD / Non Label

The Altamont Speedway Free Festival & Altamont Speedway, Livermore, CA, USA 6th December 1969 UPGRADE

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The free concert at Altamont, which Stones ended in 1969 in the United States, ended with the result of being confused and reaching the dead, and as a bonus it was documented in the movie “ GIMME SHELTER ”. There is a feeling that it has been exhausted and called “the end of the era of peace”. But the cool mania knows. The stage of Stones, which had been turbulent halfway, turned around from the middle, and finally ended up as a live performance. The movie captures only the confusion and dead scenes that occurred during the free concert, and it was treated as a negative impression if viewed normally. It is a movie that exaggerates these dramatic parts.
It was the audience recording on the same day that made the Altamont stereotype image overwhelmed by enthusiasts. Even if I caught most of the Stones stage at that confused venue, I can not forget the surprise, but I was also surprised that they caught the performance with a sound image that was on throughout the rough texture It should have been a sound source. And above all, the value as a document is too high.
It may not be an audience recording of a level that will surely be received by everyone. However, it is a very valuable sound source for many enthusiasts, and it is useful because it is a recording state that can be heard sufficiently. Starting with “GIMME SHELTER” released from the IMP series at the height of the CD bubble in the early 90s, VGP’s “KILLER FESTIVAL” and others. Furthermore, since the sound source of a lower generation version has appeared for the past 10 years, and other sound sources etc. were also available, IMP’s “ALTAMONT FREE CONCERT 1969” and DAC’s “IT’S JUST A SHOT AWAY” It may be positioned as both Yokozuna of Altamont.

However, it is not surprisingly known among enthusiasts that even after those items were gathered, a further first generation copy of this audience appeared on the net (2012). It can be said that it was almost overlooked.
* Based on this record-high version, plus a stereo soundboard recording that exists in the sound of a movie. Already in “ALTAMONT FREE CONCERT 1969”, the concept of patching existing SBD parts to the audience was realized, but they compensated for the sound of the movie to parts other than the performance, This version uses the stereo sound of the movie only for the performance part. That said, it’s not just to make up for SBDs, but also to mix audience recordings in those parts to mitigate extreme changes in sound quality (especially the presence).
This isn’t a regular concert, it’s that Altamont. In a sense, there is noisy surroundings. Thanks to this, the SBD part has become a realistic finish. Of course, “Gimme Shelter” SBD is originally based on the sound source of “A SHOT OF SALVATION”.

In addition, recording trouble occurred at the beginning of the performance in the main audience recording. “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Carol” use separate audience recording of monaural, and both songs are audience recording for the first time, but the performance is intact It came to be able to listen in a state. It is also used for the introduction by Sam Cutler before the appearance of Stones. In particular, “Carol” was the original curl cut on the DAC board, and “Jumping Jack Flash” was a unique editing that switched to the mono sound board of the news video at the IMP. It is an unexpected merit to hear.
The part where the cut is put on the tape is basically the same as the previous release. The same is true for the Midnight Rambler intro, supplemented by another source.
On the other hand, the cut part that seems to have been edited so as not to be conspicuous in the existing board will be asked as it is this time. For example, after Mick utters “So when you’re sitting comfortably” before “Under My Thumb” begins. More easily understood is the brief interval between the start of “Thank you very much” and the start of “Satisfaction”. It is said that these cuts were processed inconspicuously for all the items so far.

But what should be noted in this release is the impressive upper feeling of the main source. First, the sound quality itself is clearly improved. The IMP board has a huge hiss noise that makes it feel like a drop in the generation, and the DAC has an equalized feeling and a voluminous sound quality. In this respect, this version is very refreshing, clear and natural. This condition also applies to the monaural sound source used for the first two songs.
And with the ultimate, “Brown Sugar” has been switched to a sound source whose generation has dropped drastically just before the performance has ended. This is a huge advantage that you can listen to the main source with high quality until the end of the performance! It became possible to listen to a very historic scene before the release at the live premiere and immediately after recording without any deterioration in sound quality. The mania will be an upper point that can never be missed by this part alone.
I can’t even hear that the atmosphere of the venue changed completely after “Brown Sugar” was played. This is clearly different from the miserable situation up to that point. As the song progressed from here on, both Mick and the audience were excited, especially in “Satisfaction” and “Honky Tonk Women”. If you have a video of the second half of the live, you definitely want to see it. For that reason, the excavation of the upper version without the deterioration of the historic “Brown Sugar” Altamont version was a great achievement. Limited press CD release of the impact that will be realized in the 50th year since the legendary free concert of Stones!

ストーンズが1969年アメリカ・ツアーの締めくくりとして行ったオルタモントでのフリー・コンサートは混乱続きの果てに死者まで出るという結果に終わり、おまけに映画「GIMME SHELTER」にドキュメントされたことによって、曰く「愛と平和の時代の終局」などと呼ばれて語り尽された感がある。ところがどっこいマニアは知っている。途中まで波乱含みだったストーンズのステージが途中から好転し、最後は普通にライブとして盛り上がって終えたことを。映画ではフリー・コンサートの間中に起きた混乱や死者が出た場面だけが捉えられており、普通に観たらネガティブな印象しか受けないであろう扱いとなっていました。こうしたドラマティックな部分を誇張するのが映画というもの。
確かに万人受けするレベルのオーディエンス録音ではないかもしれない。だがしかし、多くのマニアにとっては大変に貴重な音源であり、それでいて十分に聞き込める録音状態ということから重宝されたもの。90年代初頭のCDバブル絶頂期にIMP系列からリリースされた「GIMME SHELTER」を皮切りとし、VGPの「KILLER FESTIVAL」など。さらにここ10年ほどはよりジェネレーションの低いバージョンの音源が登場し、そこへ加えて別音源なども出揃ったことから、やはりIMPの「ALTAMONT FREE CONCERT 1969」とDACの「IT’S JUST A SHOT AWAY」がオルタモントの両横綱という位置づけではないかと。

この過去最高のバージョンを元にした上で、さらに映画の音声で存在するステレオ・サウンドボード録音を加えたもの。既に「ALTAMONT FREE CONCERT 1969」において、現存するSBDパートをオーディエンスにパッチさせてまとめるというコンセプトが実現していましたが、それらが演奏以外のパートにまで映画の音声を補填していたのに対し、今回のバージョンはあくまで演奏パートにのみ映画のステレオ音声を使用。とは言っても単にSBDを補填するのではなく、それらのパートでもオーディエンス録音をミックスし、音質(特に臨場感)の極端な変化を緩和させているのがポイント。
これは通常のコンサートではなく、あのオルタモントです。ある意味では周囲の騒がしさがあってこそ。おかげでSBDパートも俄然リアルな仕上がりになりました。もちろん「Gimme Shelter」SBDに関してはいにしえの名盤「A SHOT OF SALVATION」音源が元。

またメインのオーディエンス録音では演奏序盤において録音トラブルが発生していた「Jumping Jack Flash」と「Carol」はモノラルの別オーディエンス録音を使用することで、初めてどちらの曲もオーディエンス録音でありながら演奏が無傷な状態で聞けるようになりました。ストーンズ登場前のサム・カトラーによるイントロにもそれを使用。特に「Carol」がDAC盤では従来のキュルル・カットのまま、「Jumping Jack Flash」がIMPではニュース映像のモノラル・サウンドボードに切り替えという独特な編集でしたので、通しのオーディンス録音でライブ序盤が聞けるのは意外なメリット。
テープにカットが入る箇所は基本的に従来のリリースと変わらず、例えば「The Sun Is Shining」の演奏開始時におけるカットなどは今回も同様。「Midnight Rambler」のイントロが別ソースで補填されているのもまた同じ。
その反面、既発盤においては目立たないよう編集されていたと思われるカット箇所が今回はそのままの状態で聞かれます。例えば「Under My Thumb」が始まる前にミックが「So when you’re sitting comfortably」と発した後。もっとわかりやすいのは彼が「Thank you very much」と発してから「Satisfaction」が始まるまでのわずかな合間。これらのカットが今までのアイテムはことごとく目立たなく処理されていたという。

そして極め付きは、今まで演奏が終わる直前でジェネレーションが極端に落ちた音源に切り替わってしまっていた「Brown Sugar」。それが今回は演奏の最後まで高音質なメイン・ソースのままで聞けるという、あまりにも大きなアドバンテージ!ライブ初演にてリリース前かつレコーディング直後という、極めて歴史的な場面が音質の劣化なしで聞けるようになったのです。マニアにはこの箇所だけでも絶対に聞き逃せないアッパー・ポイントとなることでしょう。
さらに「Brown Sugar」が演奏された後で会場の雰囲気が一変したという点も聞き逃せません。それまでの惨憺たる状況とは明らかに違う。ここから曲が進むにつれてミックも観客もどんどん盛り上がり、特に「Satisfaction」と「Honky Tonk Women」では陽気さを感じさせる雰囲気にまで変わっていたのです。もしライブ後半部分の映像が残っているのであれば、是非とも見てみたいものですよね。それだけに歴史的な「Brown Sugar」オルタモント・バージョンの劣化箇所がないアッパー版の発掘は快挙。ストーンズ伝説のフリー・コンサートから50年目にして実現する衝撃の限定プレスCDリリース!


Disc 1(57:54)
1. Sam Cutler Introduction
2. Jumping Jack Flash *
3. Carol *
4. Sympathy For The Devil [I] 5. Sympathy For The Devil [II] **
6. The Sun Is Shining
7. Stray Cat Blues
8. Love In Vain
9. Under My Thumb [I] 10. Under My Thumb [II] **
11. Brown Sugar
12. Midnight Rambler [Warm Up] 13. Midnight Rambler

Disc 2(47:54)
1. Live With Me
2. Gimme Shelter **
3. Little Queenie
4. Satisfaction
5. Honky Tonk Women
6. Street Fighting Man

7. ‘Newswatch’ Report, KRON-TV, San Francisco, CA. 8th December 1969

* The blends of the master audience tape and the another audience tape recorded for radio broadcast

** The blends of the audience and soundboard recordings

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