Rolling Stones / 1964 UK Eps / 1CDR

Rolling Stones / 1964 UK Eps / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken From UK 7′ EP(Rolling Stones(Decca DFE 8560)& UK Five By Five (Decca DFE8590)

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This time we will introduce the EP “The Rolling Stones” released in January 1964 and “Five By Five” released in August 1964. Everyone knows that the former is the same as the first album (released in April of the same year), but the content is different. The latter is an EP board that was recorded at the Chicago Chess Studio in June after the release of the first album. Now, it’s strange that only three copies of the Stones EP have been released: “The Rolling Stones”, “Five By Five” and “got LIVE if you want it!”.

For example, in the case of the Beatles, it is quite in contrast to the fact that many EPs, such as excerpts from albums and single song combinations, have been released. It’s no wonder that all the songs are “recorded” only for this EP, although it’s only 3 releases, and it’s an unbearable item for collectors. Currently, this EP board is reproduced in a single box, but this is also reproduced as much as possible using the finest discs, sticking to the original “sound”. Of course, the discs we used are both original discs with an open decker double-sided matrix end of 1K.

The latter is for the jacket with credit notation “Mike”. Enjoy the EP “The Rolling Stones” and “Five By Five” with UK original “sounds” with this gift item.
it’s recommended!

今回ご紹介するのは1964年1月にリリースされたEP盤”The Rolling Stones”と1964年8月にリリースされた”Five By Five”です。前者は1stアルバム(発売は同年4月)とは同タイトルながら異なる内容なのはみなさんはご存知の事と思います。また後者は1stアルバム発売後の6月にシカゴ・チェススタジオでの録音を収めたEP盤です。さてストーンズのEP盤は”The Rolling Stones”と”Five By Five”そして”got LIVE if you want it!”のわずか3枚しかリリースされていないのが不思議です。


また後者はクレジット表記が”Mike”となっているジャケットのものです。このギフトアイテムでEP盤”The Rolling Stones”と”Five By Five”をUKオリジナルの”音”でお楽しみください。

1. Bye Bye Johnny 2. Money 3. You Better Move On 4. Poison Ivy 5. If You Need Me
6. Empty Heart 7. 2120 South Michigan Avenue 8. Confessin’ The Blues 9. Around And Around

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