Rolling Stones / 50 Years On Video Red Edition 90s – 2013 / 2DVD

Rolling Stones / 50 Years On Video Red Edition 90s – 2013 / 2DVD / From The Vaults

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90s-2013 From The Channel NTSC


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Video collection of the best trace the history of ’50 THE ROLLING STONES / 50 YEARS ON VIDEO The Rolling Stones “50 Years On Video” appeared in the Blu-ray and DVD! ’70 It is the culmination of the Stones to date that has summed up the tour of the 2012-2013 year was held to commemorate the 50 anniversary and 90s fought World Tour massive ” Red Edition ” From the 1960s summarizes the turbulent times of up to 80 ‘s best collection of must-see was recorded at the highest quality all the video trailer variety , such as TV spot further interviews from live video and promo video of each age in the two types of ” black Edition ” . What will be the first appearance is a must see as the video collection of the highest level that was edited in high-quality HD high quality unlike the video item that there is a number of ever! I send it with the quality of the ” best ” appropriate to be fully thoroughly enjoy on the big screen TV images of extremely high quality superb level of another dimension to and see the delivery video easily on a PC or smartphone . Video Archive The choice of the ultimate 12-hour -long total put together the history of the Stones glory continued rolling in ’50 ! !

Completely covered the promo video with the contents dating back to the 1990s from 2013 to the first piece disk ” Red Edition ” . Recorded two and a half hours , including alternate remake of Dry version , etc. each different versions of ” Jumpin ‘Jack Flash ” and a total of five versions of the ” doom -and- gloom ” . The complete recording of the time series highlight video that was published from the tour of 2012-2013 years was done to commemorate the 50th anniversary in the second piece disk . It is a convenient content found all together as a tour documentary appearance scene of luxury guest and attention of state secret gig of the topic , while comments such as fragments of the members . I record a birthday video of each member and the 50th anniversary of the beginning related video announcement of the tour in 2014 in the “50 Years Extra ” . I record with plenty of video trailers and TV spots and CM of items such as a DVD and numerous CD , which was released in the 90s from 2013 in the ” video tray Lars ” further . Contents are summarized in maniac far the various video of up to 60 or more , including precious small version difference and the video is attention is now become . And it is with the same content in both editions of both Blu-ray and (Note ) DVD but (720×480), DVD is recorded in Dolby Digital stereo sound SD image quality . The DVD has been converted to standard definition from the original material of a full High Vision HD specification in two -layer press platen double layer that will be DVD2 pieces for image quality maintained Black Edition DVD disk 1 . Blu-ray is recorded (1920×1080), in the linear PCM audio Full High Vision -quality HD image quality in BDR specification . It is recorded in high-quality sound faithful to the original sound quality and you have upgraded restored converted into full High Vision HD specification based on the original material .

THE ROLLING STONES / 50 YEARS ON VIDEO ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ50年の歴史を辿る最高の映像コレクション 『50イヤーズ・オン・ビデオ』がDVDとブルーレイで登場! 大規模なワールド・ツアーを繰り広げた90年代そして結成50周年を記念して行われた2012~ 2013年のツアーを総括した現在までのストーンズの集大成となる”レッド・エディション”、 60年代から70年80年代までの激動の時代をまとめた”ブラック・エディション”の2種で各年代のプロモ映像やライブ映像からインタビューさらにTVスポットやビデオ・トレイラー各種等をすべて 最高クオリティで収録した必見のベスト・コレクション。これまでの数ある映像アイテムと違い高画質HDハイ・クオリティで編集された最高レベルの映像 コレクションとしては初登場となる内容は必見です! スマホやPCで手軽に配信動画を見るのとは別次元の超高画質極上レベルの映像を大画面TVでたっぷりと堪能するに 相応しい”最高”のクオリティでお届けします。50年転がり続けたストーンズ栄光の歴史をまとめ上げたトータル12時間 及ぶ究極の映像アーカイブ決定版!!

”レッド・エディション”はディスク1枚目には2013年から90年代までを遡る内容でプロモ・ビデオを完全網羅。「ドゥーム・アンド・グルーム」の合計5バージョンや「ジャンピン・ジャック・フラッシュ」のリメイク完奏バージョン等各バージョン違いのオルタネイトも含め2時間半収録。ディスク2枚目には結成50周年を記念して行われた2012~2013年のツアーから公開されたハイライト映像を時系列に完全収録。話題のシークレット・ギグの様子や注目の豪華ゲストの出演シーン、メンバーのコメント等断片的ながらもツアー・ドキュメンタリーとしてまとめて全部見られる便利な内容です。「50イヤーズ・エクストラ」には2014年ツアーのアナウンス始め50周年関連映像や各メンバーのバースデイ映像等を収録。さらに「ビデオ・トレイラーズ」では2013年から90年代にリリースされたCDやDVD等数々のアイテムのCMやTVスポットといったトレイラー映像をたっぷりと収録。今となっては貴重な映像や細かなバージョン違いも含め60以上に及ぶ各種映像をここまでマニアックにまとめた内容は注目です。 (注釈)DVDとブルーレイの両エディション共に同内容となっておりますがDVDはSD画質(720×480)、ドルビー・デジタル・ステレオ音声で収録。尚ブラック・エディションDVDディスク1は画質維持のためDVD2枚分となるダブル・レイヤー二層式プレス盤でDVDはフル・ハイヴィジョンHD仕様のオリジナル素材からスタンダード画質に変換されています。ブルーレイはBDR仕様でフル・ハイヴィジョン・クオリティHD画質(1920×1080)、リニアPCM音声での収録です。オリジナル素材を元にフル・ハイヴィジョンHD仕様にリストア変換されアップグレードした高画質・原音に忠実な高音質で収録されています。



Doom And Gloom Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Crossfire Hurricane) No Spare Parts Following The River Plundered My Soul Rain Fall Down Streets Of Love Rough Justice Sympathy For The Devil (The Neptunes Remix) Don’t Stop Gimme Shelter (1998) Out Of Control Saint Of Me Anybody Seen My Baby ? Like A Rolling Stone I Go Wild Out Of Tears You Got Me Rocking Love Is Strong Sex Drive Highwire Terrifying Almost Hear You Sigh ALTERNATES Doom And Gloom (Censored Version) Doom And Gloom (Live Edit) Doom And Gloom (Lyric Version) Doom And Gloom (Bennie Benassi Remix) One More Shot Streets Of Love (Studio Version) Rain Fall Down (Explicit) Rain Fall Down (Will.I.Am Remix) Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix) Gimme Shelter (Michel Gondry) I Go Wild (Animated Version) I Go Wild (Director’s Cut) Love Is Strong (Mtv Video Music Awards 1994)



Announce Live Shows! Live At La Trabendo Paris Live At The O2 50 & Counting In London 50 & Counting Live! Rehearse With The Rolling Stones (Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen And The Black Keys) Connection#Startmeupwednesday Announce Usa & Canada Tour And Hyde Park Show Tickets On Sale Today! Live At Echoplex Echoplex Report Up And Coming Band Play Echo Park 50 & Counting Opening Night – Los Angeles Staples Center 50 & Counting Tour Hits North America! Little Red Rooster (With Tom Waits) – Live In Oakland No Expectations – By Request Song Vote Beast Of Burden (With Katy Perry) Sympathy For The Devil – 50 & Counting Live Six Days On The Road (With Taj Mahal) – Live In Chicago All Down The Line (With Sheryl Crow) – Live In Chicago As Tears Go By (With Taylor Swift) – Live In Chicago Come On – 50th Anniversary Bitch (With Dave Grohl) – Live In Anaheim Mick Jagger And His Boston Bruins Shirt Dead Flowers (With Brad Paisley) – Live In Philadelphia Happy Birthday Philadelphia! The Rolling Stones Are Coming To Glastonbury! Glastonbury 2013 Backstage At Glastonbury – One More Shot Return To Hyde Park 2013 Return To Hyde Park – Mick & Keith It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) – Hyde Park 2013 50 & Counting Thank You! 50 YEARS EXTRA HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013 ANNOUNCE 14 ON FIRE ASIA PACIFIC TOUR Getwhatyouneeduae Happy Birthday Mick Jagger! Happy Birthday Keith Richards! Happy Birthday Charlie Watts! Happy Birthday Ronnie Wood! Carnaby Christmas 2012 Carnaby Christmas 2012 – The Launch Crossfire Hurricane World Premiere In London 50 Week – The Band Celebrate Their Anniversary 50 Exhibtion – Mick & Keith At Somerset House 50 Book – Charlie & Ronnie 50 Printing – Silver Train VIDEO TRAILERS Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live (Extended Trailer) Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live (Trailer) Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live (Video Trailer) Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live (Euro Trailer) Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live (Showtime Trailer) Crossfire Hurricane (Trailer) Crossfire Hurricane (Cinema Trailer) 50 Years Of Satisfaction 50 Enhanced Ebook Charlie Is My Darling (Tv Spot) Charlie Is My Darling – Super Deluxe Box Set Charlie Is My Darling (Official Trailer) Charlie Is My Darling (60 Second Spot) TV AD 2012 Ladies And Gentlemen (Us Theatrical Trailer) Ladies And Gentlemen (Theatrical Trailer) Ladies And Gentlemen (Remastered Trailer) 50TH ANNIVERSARY GRRR! AD GRRR! (Look & Listen TV) GRRR! (Amazon TV) GRRR! THE GREATEST HITS ALBUM TRAILER GRRR! (TVCM) GRRR! (30 Second TVCM) GRRR! (15 Second TVCM) GRRR! (Austria TVCM) GRRR! (Footage) GRRR! (French TVCM) LIVE AT THE CHECKERBOARD LOUNGE CHICAGO 1981 (Sampler) Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 (Pbs) Some Girls – Live In Texas 1978 (Trailer) Some Girls Out Now Some Girls Out Monday Some Girls Box Set Remastered And Re-Released The Ed Sullivan Show Deluxe Dvd Set Cd Singles Box Set Vinyl Box Set Unveiling Stones In Exile (Trailer) Out Of ‘Exile’ For Moma Premiere Exile On Main Street (Promo) Exile On Main Street 2010 From The Production Line Rare And Unseen (Trailer) Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! – 40th Anniversary Box Sets (Us) Rock Of Ages (Trailer) Just For The Records (Trailer) Film A La Carte (Trailer) Rolled Gold + (Trailer) Shine A Light (Movie Trailer) Sympathy For The Devil – One Plus One (Trailer) Rock And Roll Circus (Tv) Rock And Roll Circus (Dvd Promo) The Biggest Bang (Dvd Promo) The Biggest Bang (Trailer) Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (Live) Super Bowl Behind The Scene Start Me Up (Live In China) No Expectations (With Anna Mourah) A Bigger Bang Tour The Last Show If It Ain’t Got That Thing Four Flicks (Launch) No Security Tour Opener Voodoo Lounge (Cd-Rom Trailer) At The Max In Imax At The Max (Promo) Lets Spend The Night Together (Trailer) Stones Bar (Tvcm) 10,000,000 Thank You (Message)

DVD NTSC Color/Black&White 16:9 MPEG-2 720×480 Dolby digital stereo time approx.2h31(151)min./2h58(178)min.

From The Vaults. FTV002DVD1/2

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