Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 4 / 1CD

Rolling Stones, The / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 4 / 1CD / Dog N Cat Records

10th October –29th November and 6th –15th December 1977,Boulogne Billancourt (near Paris), France, Pathé-Marconi Studios.(*) from Undercover Sessions 1982.


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This is the 4th valuable studio session from Art Collins Tapes. This time, from tape number No. 17, we have recorded plenty of recording sessions for “SOME GIRLS” at the French Patty Marconi Studio in 1977. Most of the recorded takes are outtakes of the same session that have been on the market so far, and the first appearance take of a version different from the demo, so the value will increase at once. Eight songs on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 13 are the first takes that I have never heard before. “Just My Imagination” is also a valuable take different from the early vocal version recorded in “Bird’s Vault Vol. 2” on the OBR board. The three songs “Miss You”, “When You’re Gone”, and “Little T & A” are the same take as those recorded in “Bird’s Vault Vol. 2” on the OBR board, but with cleaner sound quality. Recorded in. The three songs “Stay Where You Are”, “Brown Leaves”, and “Black Limousine” have the same take as the one recorded in “Sheep-Dip-Blues” (DAC-104), but the existing one was mono-voice. On the other hand, this time it appeared in the first stereo mix. Moreover, the recording time of the songs is longer than those already released. The two songs “You Don’t Have To Go” and “Shame Shame Shame” were released in the early OBR CD title “Paris Results” series, but the OBR CD has an acetate disc that is not in very good condition. Since it was used as a source, the input was low and scratch noise was quite noticeable, but this time it was recorded with the clear sound of the tape source. On track 17, the 1977 sound source “A Different Kind”, which was omitted from “THE INCREDIBLE ART COLLINS TAPES VOL.3” recorded on tape No. 19, was added. Although the recording time is around the last, “I’m A Little Mixed Up” from the undercover period is recorded from tape No.18. The original tape was recorded after DISC-2 of “THE INCREDIBLE ART COLLINS TAPES VOL.2” and “Flirty” of track 13. Due to the recording space of VOL.2, we have made it a bonus recording for this release. Recorded on a high-quality stereo sound board throughout, this work captures the vigorous studio work of the young Stones over 40 years ago. This edition, which includes a large number of takes that first appeared, is a must-have item with wonderful recording content that can be said to be the highlight of Art Collins Tapes.

アート・コリンズ・テープスからお届けする貴重なスタジオ・セッションの第4弾です。今回はテープナンバーNo.17より’77年の仏パテ・マルコニ・スタジオでの「SOME GIRLS」用のレコーディング・セッションをたっぷりと収録しています。収録テイクのほとんどがこれまで出回っていた同セッションのアウトテイク、デモとは別バージョンの初登場テイクということで、貴重度が一気に高まります。トラック1、3、4、5、7、8、10、13の8曲が、これまでに一切聞くことの出来なかった初登場テイクです。「Just My Imagination」もOBR盤の「Bird’s Vault Vol. 2」に収録されていたアーリー・ボーカル版とは異なる貴重なテイク。「Miss You」、「When You’re Gone」、「Little T & A」の3曲はやはりOBR盤の「Bird’s Vault Vol. 2」に収録されていたものと同一テイクですが、よりすっきりした音質で収録。「Stay Where You Are」、「Brown Leaves」、「Black Limousine」の3曲は「Sheep-Dip-Blues」(DAC-104)に収録のものと同一テイクですが、既発がモノ音声であったのに対し今回は初のステレオ・ミックスで登場。しかもそれら既発より楽曲の収録タイムが長くなっています。「You Don’t Have To Go」、「Shame Shame Shame」の2曲はOBR初期のCDタイトル「Paris Results」シリーズでリリースされていたものですが、OBRのCDではあまり状態の良くないアセテート盤をソースとしていたため、入力が低くスクラッチノイズもかなり耳に付きましたが、今回はテープ・ソースのクリアーなサウンドで収録。トラック17にはテープNo.19の収録の「THE INCREDIBLE ART COLLINS TAPES VOL.3」ではオミットした’77年の音源「A Different Kind」を追加。ラストには収録時期は前後しますが、テープNo.18よりアンダーカヴァー期の「I’m A Little Mixed Up」を収録。オリジナル・テープでは「THE INCREDIBLE ART COLLINS TAPES VOL.2」のDISC-2、トラック13の「Flirty」の後に収録されていたものです。VOL.2の収録スペースの都合で、今回のリリースにボーナス収録という形にしました。全体を通して高音質のステレオ・サウンドボード収録の本作は、40年以上も前の若きストーンズの勢いあるスタジオ・ワークを実に生々しく捉えています。初登場のテイクも大量に収録した本盤は、まさにアート・コリンズ・テープスのハイライトとも言える素晴らしい収録内容のマストアイテムです。

1 Just My Imagination take #1
2 Miss You
3 Lies take #1
4 Munich Hilton take #1
5 Munich Hilton take #2
6 When You’re Gone (Redeyes)
7 Hang Fire
8 Shattered
9 Stay Where You Are
10 Lies take #2
11 Brown Leaves a.k.a. “Dancing Girls”
12 You Don’t Have To Go
13 Blues Jam
14 Shame Shame Shame
15 Black Limousine
16 Little T & A
17 Everlasting My Love (Nanker Phelge) (A Different Kind)
18 Discovery Bar (I’m A Little Mixed Up)*

0th October – 29th November and 6th – 15th December 1977,
Boulogne Billancourt (near Paris), France, Pathé-Marconi Studios.
(*)from Undercover Sessions 1982.


Dog N Cat Records.DAC-203

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