Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 3 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 3 / 2CD / Dog N Cat Records

April 1983 Nassau Bahamas, Compass Point Studios Early May, 9th May & Mid May Late May 1983.The Hit Factory.

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This is the third undercover session from Art Collins Tapes. This time, it will be recorded from tape numbers No.19, No.22, No.23. The original No. 19 contains 6 songs at the beginning: “(Nanker Phelge”, “Claudine”, “I Can See It”, “We Had It All”, “Let’s Go Steady”, “Aladdin Story”. For some reason, these are included in the rough needle-raising sound quality of the analog boot “Accidents Will Happen” (EVA Records) (“Aladdin Story” is also from the analog boot “Trident Mixes”. (Copy), they were made into a CD with perfect sound quality in “Accidents Will Happen” (VGP-370), and it was not worth recording here, so I omitted it in this work.

The highlight of this time is the recording of a remix session tape that seems to have almost completely recorded the production process of the 12-inch version of “Too Much Blood” which has not been released so far. These session tapes, which can be said to be the main feature of Art Collins Tapes, are said to have been created by the popular American DJ Arthur Baker at the request of the Stones side. It is a surprisingly rare sound source that contains a large amount of parts that can not be heard in the 12-inch version that was officially released at the end of 1984.

Also, as for the other songs included in DISC-1, two songs from the emotional rescue session of “Dance pt.1” and “I Think I’m Going Mad” are new mixes. “She Was Hot” is the same take as the one recorded in DAC-182, but this one has much less hiss noise than the previous take. Two versions of “Undercover Of The Night” are also recorded with an alternate mix that is different from the previous one. The front of the jacket uses a still photo from the promotional film used for the nostalgic “Too Much Blood” 12-inch board. The shots with a surprising and eerie atmosphere match perfectly with the tune and recorded contents. This work, which has a completely different atmosphere from “Vol.1” and “Vol.2″ of this Art Collins Tapes series, is also a must-have item for enthusiasts. This time too, it is a convincing remastered sound that completely restores the tape speed, left / right inversion of the channel, etc.

アート・コリンズ・テープスからお届けするアンダーカバー・セッションの第3弾です。今回はテープナンバーNo.19、No.22、No.23からの収録となります。No.19の原本には冒頭に「(Nanker Phelge」、「Claudine」、「I Can See It」、「We Had It All」、「Let’s Go Steady」、「Aladdin Story」の6曲が収録されておりますが、これらはどうしたわけかアナログブートの「Accidents Will Happen」(EVA Records)から起こした荒い針起こしの音質で収められており(「Aladdin Story」は、やはりアナログブートの「Trident Mixes」よりコピー)、それらは「Accidents Will Happen」(VGP-370)で完璧な音質でCD化されており、ここに収録する価値がありませんのでしたので本作ではオミットいたしました。

今回の目玉はこれまで完全未発表の「Too Much Blood」の12インチバージョンの制作過程をほぼ完全収録したものと思われるリミックス・セッション・テープの収録です。アート・コリンズ・テープスの一番の目玉とも言えるこれらのセッション・テープですが、この音源はアメリカの人気DJであるアーサー・ベイカーがストーンズ側からの依頼で作成したものと言われています。’84年の年末に正規リリースされた12インチバージョンでは聞くことの出来ないパートを大量に含む驚きの激レア音源です。

またDISC-1の他の収録曲ですが、「Dance pt.1」、「I Think I’m Going Mad」のエモーショナル・レスキュー・セッションからの2曲は新ミックス。「She Was Hot」はDAC-182収録のものと同テイクですが、今回のものは以前のテイクより格段にヒスノイズが少ないです。「Undercover Of The Night」の2バージョンも既発とは異なるオルタネイト・ミックスで収録。ジャケットのフロントには懐かしい「Too Much Blood」の12インチ盤に使用されたプロモーション・フィルムでのスチルフォトを使用。おどろおどろした不気味な雰囲気のショットが曲調、収録内容と見事にマッチしています。本アート・コリンズ・テープスのシリーズの「Vol.1」、「Vol.2」とはガラッと雰囲気が変わった本作もマニア必携のマストアイテムです。今回もテープスピード、チャンネルの左右の反転等を完全にレストアした納得のリマスターサウンドです。

1 Dance pt.1*
2 I Think I’m Going Mad
3 She Was Hot (withdrawn 12” version)
4 Too Much Blood (diff. than DAC-181)
5 Undercover Of The Night (Short Dub)
6 Undercover Of The Night (Long Dub)
7 Too Much Blood (breakdown)
8 Too Much Blood (complete)
9 Too Much Blood (complete but short)
10 Too Much Blood (complete)
11 Too Much Blood (breakdown)
12 Too Much Blood (diff. than DAC-181 incomplete)
13 Too Much Blood (diff. than DAC-181 incomplete)
(Tk7-13 : never released)

DISC-2 (never released)
1 Too Much Blood (complete)
2 Too Much Blood (complete)
3 Too Much Blood (instrumental, complete)
4 Too Much Blood (complete)
5 Too Much Blood (complete)
6 Too Much Blood (complete)
7 Too Much Blood (complete)
8 Too Much Blood (complete)

April 1983, Nassau, Bahamas, Compass Point Studios,
early May – 9th May & mid May – late May, 1983, The Hit Factory.
(*)from Emotional Rescue Sessions 1979.

Dog N Cat Records.DAC-202

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