Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup Rarities & Alternative Mixes Part 2 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup Rarities & Alternative Mixes Part 2 / 2CD / Non Label

Goats Head Soup Rarities & Alternative Mixes Part 2


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Rolling Stones have been canceled due to the pandemic, but enthusiasts from all over the world Various deluxe editions of “GOATS HEAD SOUP” have been released as if to reduce the amount of drinking. With Jimmy Page’s “Scarlet”, which has been known for a long time, as a highlight, it is also an opportunity for several rare tracks to see the light of day. The unreleased song that was familiar to booters among enthusiasts was officially released under the title of “Criss Cross” from “Save Me”. Since many mix differences have been discovered so far, it will be deeply emotional to the enthusiast who has been listening to the same song at boot.
It is a fact that the Stones side has embarked on the excavation of rare sound sources on an album-by-album basis for the past few years, but it is a fact that can be welcomed by various hands, but it was a track that was left unfinished, so By all means, new Mick songs and performances of other members will be added at the time of release. I understand that it is an unavoidable task because it is officially released, but if you are a maniac, I would like to hear it in the state at that time even if it is incomplete. Rather, it was because this release was realized that it was a good opportunity to review the existence of unfinished outtakes and other mixes that had been on the market in the past.

Therefore, what will be released on the limited press CD this time is a compilation of the mix differences and outtakes related to “GOATS HEAD SOUP”. Such a concept already existed in overseas-made items, but this time we traced the original sound source and carefully restored the sound quality and localization problems of each song. Furthermore, by separating the songs from the album and the songs related to the deluxe edition into the first piece and the outtake into the second piece, not only the content has been enhanced, but also the ease of use as a material has improved.
For example, the version of the initial mix of “Dancing With Mr. D” that decorated the opening of the first piece fell to monaural after the guitar solo, but this time I corrected the discomfort after monolithizing as much as possible. .. Also deleted unrelated music that seems to have been transferred to the original tape. From this point alone, you will be able to realize how carefully the sound source selection and restoration work of this release was done. In addition, the initial take of “Silver Train (I)”, which has been available only in monaural sound sources for a long time, has improved the sound quality with a narrow range as much as possible.
Glyn Johns’ rough mix and other mixes of songs from the album, which are familiar with acetate sound sources, are often at the level just before completion, and it may be difficult to tell the difference at first glance, but “100 Years Ago” is Nicky Hopkins’s piano is not included, and it looks more solid. Compared to that, “Angie” is a mix with the piano placed in the center of the stereo, and “Winter” is the difference that the echo added to Mick’s vocals is modest, so please listen carefully with headphones.
In that respect, “Criss Cross” is easy to understand because the mix is ​​completely different from the officially released version. “You Should Have Seen Her Ass”, which was reborn as “All The Rage” with new songs and lyrics by Mick added at the time of this release, can also be heard here along with the rough vocals he sang at the time of recording. I will.

In addition to such familiar sound sources, this time we have added another mix that is more maniac. That is the South African version of “Star Star”. South Africa, which has strict ethics, has independently processed the chorus part that contains banned broadcast terms. Therefore, the “fucker” of “star fucker” was NG in South Africa, and the bold process of crushing the word was given. Therefore, every time it is sung, it makes a strange sound like a low-pitched woofer such as “star” and “star”.
This is also an officially released sound source, so there may be enthusiasts who knew its existence, but if you actually heard it, it should be few. Therefore, this time, we carefully transferred from the original South African version and made it into a CD.

The second piece also carefully summarizes the outtakes from the album. All of these outtakes are monaural and the work for recording the album has not progressed, but the characteristic of these outtakes is that they have many mellow tunes. It is especially valuable to hear the original tracks of “Tops” and “Waiting On A Friend” that were later reused and released on “TATTOO YOU”, the former being stored without vocals, the latter You can see that Mick put a tentative song in falsetto. It’s really convenient to be able to listen to the best sound sources all together.
And the remaining part of the second piece contains the soundtrack of the music video created when “GOATS HEAD SOUP” was released. In each case, Mick is performing live songs with karaoke in the background, so the voice alone is enough to hear. Moreover, although it is monaural, it is recorded with the best sound quality. In this way, the concept of this title is a compilation that carefully summarizes the sound sources that can not be covered by the deluxe edition, but the title is part 2 in the sense of complementing the previous DX!


例えば、1曲目のオープニングを飾った「ダンシング・ウィズ・ミスターD」の初期ミックスはギターソロでモノラルになってしまいましたが、今回はモノリシック化して違和感を極力修正しました。 ..元のテープに転送されたと思われる無関係な音楽も削除しました。この時点からだけで、このリリースの音源の選択と復元作業がどれほど慎重に行われたかを理解することができます。また、モノラル音源でしか手に入らない「シルバートレイン(I)」の初期テイクにより、狭域での音質を極力向上させました。
その点で、「Criss Cross」は、公式にリリースされたバージョンとは完全に異なるミックスであるため、理解しやすいです。今回のリリース時にミックの新曲や歌詞が追加された「AllTheRage」として生まれ変わった「YouShouldHave Seen Her Ass」も、レコーディング時に歌ったラフなボーカルとともにここで聴くことができます。 。します。


2番目の作品もアルバムからのアウトテイクを注意深く要約しています。これらのアウトテイクはすべてモノラルで、アルバムのレコーディング作業は進んでいませんが、これらのアウトテイクの特徴は、まろやかな曲がたくさんあることです。特に、「Tops」と「Waiting On A Friend」のオリジナル曲が再利用され、「TATTOO YOU」でリリースされたのを聞くと、前者はボーカルなしで保存され、後者はミックが仮の曲を入れたことがわかります。ファルセットで。最高の音源を一斉に聞くことができるのは本当に便利です。

Disc 1 (66:57)
01. Dancing With Mr.D (Alternate Early Version) (a)
02. 100 Years Ago (Different Stereo Mix) (a)
03. Angie (Different Stereo Mix) (a)
04. Silver Train (I) (b)
05. Silver Train (II) (c)
06. Silver Train (III) (c)
07. Hyde Your Love (Different Stereo Mix) (d)
08. Winter (Different Stereo Mix) (a)
09. Star Star (South Africa LP censored mix) (a)
10. Criss Cross (I) (d)
11. Criss Cross (II) (d)
12. Criss Cross (III) (a)
13. Criss Cross (IV) (a)
14. Criss Cross (V) (a)
15. All The Rage (Different Stereo Mix) (e)

Disc 2 (49:58)
1. Fast Talking, Slow Walking (e)
2. Windmill (I) (e)
3. Windmill (II) (f)
4. Separately ( e)
5. Tops (e)
6. Waiting On A Friend (e)

7. Dancing With Mr.D (PV Soundtrack) (g)
8. Silver Train (PV Soundtrack) (g)
9. Angie # 1 (PV Soundtrack) (g)
10. Angie # 2 (PV Soundtrack) (g)
11. Angie (Soundtrack Remix) (e)

(a) Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica (25-30 November and) 6-21 December 1972 & Island Studios, London 28 May
–20 June 1973) (b) Olympic Sound Studios, London & Stargroves, Newbury (21 October onwards & November 1970)
(c) Island Studios, London (28 May –20 June) 1973)
(d) Olympic Sound Studios, London (23 & 26 May 1973)
(e) Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica 25-30 November & 6-21 December 1972
(f) Village Recorder, Los Angeles (27 January –5) February 1973)
(g) LWT Studios, London (30 June 1973)

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