Rolling Stones / 25×5 Japanese Laser Disc Edition / 3DVD

[fusion_text]Rolling Stones / 25×5 Japanese Laser Disc Edition / 3DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
25X5: The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones, Taken from the Original Japanese Laser Disc (CSLM753/4) , Pro-Shot


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Do temporary dissolution? Plays a revival Stones that the verge of group survival is miracle enough to think, that first visit to Japan and to lead activities and resume it became in 1989, is a video history that was delivered with the “STEEL WHEELS” in the new album ” 25×5 was. ” Rock of history video has gained popularity like this era “THE COMPLEAT BEATLES”, yet with regard Stones that had been followed without dissolution Unlike the Beatles, the release of the video that reflect its long history is also It is what has been. and because what it has been released to overcome the crisis of dissolution, I remember that at the time I felt really happy.
Not only current Stones decor Ronnie, the history document that was also made by taking the time with respect to Brian Jones and Mick Taylor enrolled at the time, so that it was not only seen in the video, such as repeated dubbing until it Rare video I was also delighted fans around the world that had been included plenty of such.
“ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS” in the first After all, in 1968. And what some of the sound source and the phantom of the movie that was not seen only in video screen is rough in black and white until it is to surprise seen in vivid full color, you’ve involuntarily rewind the scene many times It is. Furthermore “LADEIS AND GEMTLEMEN” was also seen in the great sound quality and image quality (but here is a little pitch was low …). Surprising places in the “Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?” Became a great topic between mania also be seen in the jacket picture is this also the color film of.
Nowadays “ROCK AND ~” and “LADEIS AND ~” is also the official software is released, it is that you can hear in the best picture and sound quality has become a commonplace, still at that time in 1989, some of these images that impressed even just seen was I there was invaluable. After all because mania was different too dimension with the video level of image quality that has been seen before.

With early thing, history video that followed the trajectory of the Stones in ’25 has passed since Years of ’25 from being released. In the meantime, it has been created the “CROSS FIRE HURRICANE” of a new history document that was made from a more modern perspective existence value of the “25×5” is I have reduced by half. However, on the other hand, value that does not clearly faded in this document has been left. It is the fact that is firmly touched also on the status of Stones 80s. It whether the “CROSS FIRE ~” what was dissatisfied, you’ll be the trial of Keith has gone toward to the ending by Suttoba the 80s and 90s activities as soon as was settled.
However, “25×5” in the sense that celebrate the Stones you rally to overcome the crisis of dissolution, Mick and Keith of discord of the era, even I attractions is a place that you are taking the the time in relation to his solo career. Actually surprise of the video appeared even there, it is what mania was surprised that professional shot the video are also present from Keith solo tour that took place in ’88. It also but happily I be released after as live video of the Hollywood Palladium.
The video is still to thing rare further serve the Keith and Patti Hansen of Mick matchmaker at a wedding, recording session landscape of “STEEL WHEELS” more than anything else is probably the maximum points of interest in the “25×5”. Stretch it back together, such as by Keith autobiography actually and Mick also around this time! Such as has been clear that it was not a simple relationship, but our time is what you have Nadeoroshi the chest by witnessing this recording landscape.

It was a history document of the contents of this enhancement, now “CROSS FIRE HURRICANE” With that had been made, the possibility also said that ancestors “25×5” is released in the form of a DVD or Blu-ray is equal to zero I have. So our previous, first was made DVD-R a Gift-release that the video version of the original, to then based on the laser disk, yet in the DVD-R of the same three-disc format as the original laser that prevented the compression As a result of a gift of again, it was called a very echo.
It’s was greater vivid of the image quality of the LD, which boasts an overwhelming clearness than video version. In the case of video, but it is easy to will be able to shadow in the caption or title of the font at the time of reproduction, and wipe out such unnaturalness When is LD, amazing even to the point that can be seen in a very clear state in the now of the DVD era level. Although already voice referred to as “I want to it to the press of the disk” from the three-Disc Gift of the stage had been asked, finally released by the press DVD of the limitations of this document is realized. We will deliver the Stones history of this nostalgia at the highest quality. Sorry I made you wait!

一時は解散か?と思われるほどグループ存続の危機に瀕したストーンズが奇跡の復活を果たし、あの初来日へとつながる活動再開となった1989年、ニューアルバムの「STEEL WHEELS」と共に届けられたビデオ・ヒストリーが「25×5」でした。この時代「THE COMPLEAT BEATLES」のようなロックのヒストリー・ビデオが好評を博しており、しかもビートルズと違って解散せずに続いていたストーンズに関しても、その長い歴史を綴ったビデオのリリースが待たれていたものです。それが解散の危機を乗り越えてリリースされたものだから、当時は本当に嬉しく感じたことを覚えています。
まず何と言っても1968年の「ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS」。それまでいくつかの音源や白黒で画面が荒れた映像でしか見られなかった幻の映画が鮮烈なフル・カラーで見られた驚きには、思わずその場面を何度も巻き戻してしまったものです。さらに「LADEIS AND GEMTLEMEN」も素晴らしい音質と画質で見られた(こちらはちょっとピッチが低めでしたが…)。意外なところでは「Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?」のジャケ写がこれまたカラー・フィルムで見られたこともマニアの間では大いに話題となりました。
今でこそ「ROCK AND~」や「LADEIS AND~」も公式なソフトがリリースされ、最高の画質と音質で見聞きできることが当たり前となっていますが、まだ1989年当時、これらの映像の一部が見られただけでもその感動は計り知れないものがあったのです。何しろマニアがそれまで見ていたビデオ・レベルの画質とはあまりに次元が違いましたから。

早いもので、ストーンズ25年の軌跡を追ったヒストリー・ビデオがリリースされてからも25年の歳月が経っています。その間には、より現代的な視点から作られた新たなヒストリー・ドキュメントの「CROSS FIRE HURRICANE」が生み出されており「25×5」の存在価値は半減してしまいました。ところが一方で、このドキュメントにもはっきりと色褪せない価値が残されています。それはストーンズ80年代の状況についてもしっかり触れられているということ。「CROSS FIRE~」の何が不満だったのかって、キースの裁判が決着した途端に80年代や90年代の活動をすっ飛ばしてエンディングへと向かってしまったことでしょう。
さらにキースとパティ・ハンセンの結婚式でミックが仲人を務める映像は未だにレアなものですし、何よりも「STEEL WHEELS」のレコーディング・セッション風景は「25×5」における最大の見どころと言えるでしょう。キースの自伝などによって実はこの頃もミックと一気に復縁!といった単純な関係ではなかったことが明らかにされていますが、当時の我々はこのレコーディング風景を目の当たりにして胸をなでおろしたものです。

こうした充実の内容のヒストリー・ドキュメントでしたが、今や「CROSS FIRE HURRICANE」が作られてしまったことで、先祖ともいえる「25×5」がDVDやブルーレイの形でリリースされる可能性はゼロに等しくなってしまいました。そこで当店は以前、まずビデオ版を元にしたDVD-Rをギフト・リリースしましたが、その後レーザー・ディスクを元に、しかも圧縮を防いだ原本レーザーと同じ三枚組のフォーマットのDVD-Rで再びギフト化したところ、大変な反響を呼びました。

Disc 1(45:29)
Side 1 of Laser Disc

1. Intro 2. Early Days 3. On The Rise (You Better Move On)
4. Conquering The U.K. (Little Red Rooster & Around And Around)
5. First U.S. Tour (I Just Want To Make Love To You) 6. European Success / Bad Boys
7. Success In The U.S. (Time Is On My Side) 8. Howlin’ Wolf 9. Songwriting (The Last Time)
10. Swinging London 11. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 12. The High Life
13. 19th Nervous Breakdown 14. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
15. The Girls / Make-Up Session 16. Paint It Black

Disc 2(51:14)
Side 2 of Laser Disc

1. Drug Bust 2. Let’s Spend The Night Together 3. Brian And Morocco
4. Maharishi / Our World (All You Need Is Love)
5. Psychedelia (2000 Light Years From Home & Jumping Jack Flash)
6. One Plus One (Sympathy For The Devil)
7. Rock And Roll Circus (You Can’t Always Get What You Want)
8. Brian’s Death / Hyde Park (Honky Tonk Women) 9. ’69 Tour / Altamont (Under My Thumb)
10. Ned Kelly / Performance / Memo From Turner 11. Tax Exiles / Rolling Stones Records
12. ’72 Tour (Happy / Midnight Rambler) 13. Videos (Angie / It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll)
14. Woody Joins The Band 15. Flatbed Trust Concert (Brown Sugar)
16. ’76 Tour (Star Star) 17. Keith’s Bust / Trudeau Incident

Disc 3(33:27)
Side 3 of Laser Disc
1. Studio 54 2. New Barbarians
3. ’81 Tour (Start Me Up / Manish Boy with Muddy Waters / Satisfaction)
4. Waiting On A Friend 5. Ian Stewart’s Death 6. One Hit (To The Body)
7. Solo Careers (Just Another Night / Take It So Hard) 8. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
9. Recording (Mixed Emotions) 10. Marriages & Family
11. ’89 Tour Back Stage (Rock And A Hard Place)

PRO-SHOT COLOUR B/W NTSC Approx.130min.[/fusion_text]

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