Rolling Stones / Milwaukee 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Milwaukee 2015 / 2CD /Zip Code

Live At Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI,USA 23rd June 2015.


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“ZEP also hope, In No something? In Stones” you in with your grief, and unreleased performances from ZIP CODE tour our shop send! Tour midfield, Milwaukee Summer Festival June 23, but was one of the ZIP CODE show that does not quite appear the sound source, become this November I was me appeared audience recording of this live finally. The sound source is not appear on the market in the Stones live in 2015 is surprising, but it is not only the Stones in the case of Milwaukee, it may it be of fine recordings produced it was hard to disaster special of the event called literally “Samafesu” . The positional of the tour, you will to the fact that before the show of our shop has released a few months ago, “Kansas City 2015”.

Even so, how much merit of finally appeared in the Milwaukee Samafesu sound me sound! ~You by opening of the SE would have been very easy to understand the quality of the special from the moment that was shed in the venue of Samafesu. First surprisingly – on the sound pressure. Yet rich spread also combines clearness.
It’s was enough to have been felt from the moment it appeared on the net, but I think that is not a little there was turbidity in the bass was a minus point for this sound source. After all clearness of relaxed until a really nice and that’s why the low frequency range of turbidity is probably also true that was worrisome.
Release When is there, we were subjected to equalize in order to solve the only problem in this high-quality audience recording. Unlike analog recording, recent digital audience easy thing to evolve sound quality to the upper state by equalize. In fact, even here, it appeared as the difference of the difference is clearly heard ease of the original recording. clearness increase by turbidity has been eliminated, it is the birth of the best sound source second only to Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium and Indianapolis!

The following is the proven Kansas City as one of the Meien of 2015, Stones also full throttle out of the gate of the day. Especially how Mick pulls and Guigui the band, you’ll be felt in combined realistic and goodness of its sound quality. It has been transmitted the same atmosphere from verbose MC in high spirits.
Indeed heavy Stones played on this day. Heavily heavy is also a great groove! Among them, “Can not You Hear Me Knocking” was together a force of Mick and heavy band spree skip to the upper, would Meien in live the first half. To further “Champagne And Reefer” appeared Buddy Guy as a guest. Keith and Ronnie before the masters of blues, expand the guitar battle that became a trinity.

But “Honky Tonk Women” in not engage cowbells and Keith Chuck hit is hard, that while dragging the gudaguda state, I have happened Stones annual live happening that somehow play starts. Although I think I understand if Could look at the DVD that comes with the first delivery minute, Keith even ending of “Heartbreaker” before (here also was a happy song selection since 2007) deviated only one person, graces Mick for example, by embarrassment Te, where a sign in has been suggesting. Then Keith corner is also as if dragged it, it is indescribably was a it he seems to happening.
But “Midnight Rambler” from the Maimodori A to the usual strong Stones, we run through the second half in the momentum of this season unique. Again ZIP CODE tour level is high! Missing link of such a tour it will be filled in this limited press CD release. Once again the advent of the finest sound source in the long time of Stones, also do not miss this one!

「ZEPもいいけど、ストーンズで何かないの?」とお嘆きの貴方に、当店が送るZIP CODEツアーからの未リリース公演!ツアー中盤、6月23日のミルウォーキー・サマーフェスティバルはなかなか音源の現れないZIP CODEショーの一つでしたが、この11月になってようやくこのライブのオーディエンス録音が登場してくれたのです。2015年のストーンズ・ライブで音源が出回らないとは意外ですが、ミルウォーキーの場合はストーンズだけでない、文字通り「サマフェス」というイベントの特殊性が災いして上質な録音が生み出し辛かったのかも知れません。ツアーの位置的には、当店が数ヶ月前にリリースした「Kansas City 2015」の前のショーということになります。


ストーンズこの日の演奏は実にヘビー。ずっしりと重たいグルーヴがまた素晴らしい!中でも「Can’t You Hear Me Knocking」はアッパーに飛ばしまくるミックとヘビーなバンドの迫力が合わさった、ライブ前半における名演でしょう。 さらに「Champagne And Reefer」にはバディ・ガイがゲストとして登場。キースやロニーもブルースの巨匠を前に、三位一体となったギター・バトルを展開。

しかし「Honky Tonk Women」ではチャックが叩くカウベルとキースがなかなか噛み合わず、そのグダグダな状態を引きずったまま、何とか演奏が始まるというストーンズ恒例のライブ・ハプニングが起きてしまいました。初回納品分に付属するDVDを見てもらえば解るかと思いますが、キースは前の「Heartbreaker」(こちらも2007年以来の嬉しい選曲でしたが)のエンディングも一人だけずれてしまい、ミックに甘えて照れ隠しするなど、ここでの予兆が伺われました。その後のキース・コーナーはそれを引きずったかのようでもあり、何とも彼らしいハプニングだったのです。
しかし「Midnight Rambler」からはいつもの好調ストーンズへと舞い戻り、この時期ならではの勢いで後半を駆け抜けいます。やはりZIP CODEツアーはレベルが高い!そんなツアーのミッシング・リンクが今回の限定プレスCDリリースで埋められます。久しぶりのストーンズでまたまた極上音源の登場、今回もお見逃しなく!

Disc 1 (64:18)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Doom And Gloom
6. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 7. Moonlight Mile 8. Champagne & Reefer (with Buddy Guy)
9. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions
12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2 (65:25)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Champagne And Reefer and the UWM Concert Chorale) 8. Satisfaction

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