Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 1 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / The Incredible Art Collins Tapes Vol 1 / 2CD  / Dog N Cat Records
11th Novembe 19th December 1982,Boulogne Billancourt Near Paris France, Pathe Marconi Studios.

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Suddenly in 2014, under the title of “THE FABULOUS CUTS”, a total of 30 unreleased tracks from the album “SOME GIRLS” to “TATTOO YOU” were leaked with a length of 30 seconds each. Furthermore, a collection of sound sources that can be called the complete version of “THE FABULOUS CUTS” has been unearthed this time under the title “ART COLLINS TAPES”. This historical sound source, which lasts for about 12 hours in total, will be organized and recorded in the order in which the original tapes were recorded in the sessions for each recording album.

First of all, in this first installment, the sound source from the French putty Marconi studio at the time of the production of the album “UNDERCOVER” is recorded on 2CD. This new outtake during the “UNDERCOVER” period has recently become known in the LP and CD series of DAC’s “TOO MUCH BLOOD” (DAC-182) and OBR’s “BIRD’S VAULT”. The sound source is said to have been owned by music manager Art Collins, who was the president of the Stones label during the period of 1978-82. Perhaps because the one owned by the person concerned is the master, the sound quality of this CD also keeps the excellent stereo sound board sound source, and has already undergone some EQ processing and remastering. The sound quality is slightly different from that of the original CD.

It should be noted that the song order of the original tapes that were intentionally rearranged on the already released CD is stored as it is, and all the songs are in a blank state without fade-out processing, so the already released board The blank part between songs is recorded slightly longer. Therefore, the free time between songs is not constant and the number of free seconds varies, but this sound source is more vividly stored in a form based on the original master.

DISC-1 will start with “TOO TOUGH” which first appeared in OBR’s “BIRD’S VAULT VOL.3” with a recording of 76 minutes and 45 seconds. In this work, the tape numbers No. 6 and No. 12 of “ART COLLINS TAPES” are recorded in full. Many of the DISC-1s use the same basic tracks as the officially released take, so you can enjoy a passionate performance. “IT MUST BE HELL” is also an overdubbed take with a different mix from “THINK YOU LIKE IT” (DAC-109). The unreleased song “TRIED TO TALK HER INTO IT” is also a take that is familiar with OBR and overdubbed with guitars. “TOO MUCH BLOOD” recorded in 2 takes is also a different mix from the existing ones. “DOG SHIT” is also partially leaked, and the overdubbing of the synth is not like Stones, is it fake? However, it can be confirmed that the full version heard here is a clear recording of Stones that is reminiscent of the later “STEEL WHEELS” period.

The recording time of DISC-2 is 79 minutes 51 seconds. Two versions of the unreleased song “KEEP IT COOL” have been included together for the first time. “GOTTA KNOW YOU”, which is the prototype of “WANNA HOLD YOU”, also includes both rehearsal take and multi-track sound source. Keith-led instrumental number “THE DOG”, which first appeared in OBR’s “BIRD’S VAULT VOL.2”, will also appear here under a different title, “ROCKER”. This work has been remastered with the intention of not damaging the state of the original sound without performing EQ or compressor processing when making a CD, so the sound quality is generally very natural compared to the existing ones. As a bonus track, the last TRACK-9 has a complete version of “SLAVE” with new vocals from the session tape of “TATTOO YOU” in 1981. Fans will also be pleased with the artwork that makes heavy use of rare photos during album production and release reception.

Prior to this release, it seems that a low-priced box set with songs added from “FOXES IN THE BOXES” has also been released, but the decisive difference from this work is that the original original is almost the same. It may be mentioned that the release was made after the channel that was almost reversed left and right was corrected, and the playback speed deviation that occurred almost every track was almost completely repaired. In the original original, the pitch is out of sync with almost each song, and most of the takes are played at a slightly faster speed than the actual performance. Unfortunately, this tape speed freak can only be fixed by our long-experienced professional label. For those who simply want to own this sound source for the time being, or those who just want to listen to it, it seems that the above-mentioned starting board with good cost performance is good, but I already own various related sound sources and this sound source For serious enthusiasts who want to listen carefully to the difference between the two, and because they play the piano and guitar by themselves, it is hard to listen to the sound source with the pitch and the left and right of the channel being flashy. We are confident that you will be satisfied with this release. Not all collector’s CD collectors have a pitch-adjustable CD player, and it’s best to have a clean fix from the beginning. .. The good thing about cospa is that it’s great, but even if you buy it, it’s just a matter of letting go, and if you end up with fertilizing the CD rack, the purchased CD is too pitiful.

Although it has deviated from the main subject, we are planning to release this precious “ART COLLINS TAPES” sound source with the best restoration / remastering in this series, so please look forward to it.

2014年に突如「THE FABULOUS CUTS」というタイトルで、アルバム「SOME GIRLS」から「TATTOO YOU」までの時期のトータル30曲の未発表トラックが各30秒の長さでリークされたことがありました。さらに今回「ART COLLINS TAPES」と称するタイトルで「THE FABULOUS CUTS」の完全版とも言うべき音源集が発掘されました。トータルで約12時間にも及ぶこの歴史的音源を、収録アルバム毎のセッションでオリジナル・テープの収録順に整理して収録していきます。

まずこの第一弾ではアルバム「UNDERCOVER」制作時の仏パテ・マルコニ・スタジオでの音源を2CDに収録しています。この「UNDERCOVER」期の新アウトテイクは、DACの「TOO MUCH BLOOD」(DAC-182)やOBRの「BIRD’S VAULT」のLPやCDシリーズで最近知られるようになったものです。音源は当時の’78〜82年の期間に、ストーンズ・レーベルの社長を務めた音楽マネージャーのアート・コリンズ氏の所有していたものが元となっていると言われています。関係者が所有していたものがマスターとなっていることもあってか、本CDの音質も全編エクセレントなステレオ・サウンドボード音源をキープしており、若干のEQ処理やリマスタリングを施した既発のCDとはやや異なる仕上がりの音質です。


DISC-1は76分45秒収録でOBRの「BIRD’S VAULT VOL.3」で初登場した「TOO TOUGH」でスタートします。本作では「ART COLLINS TAPES」のテープ・ナンバーNo.6とNo.12をフルで収録しています。DISC-1では正規リリースされたテイクと同一のベーシック・トラックを用いたものが多く、熱の入った演奏が楽しめます。「IT MUST BE HELL」も「THINK YOU LIKE IT」(DAC-109)とミックスの異なるオーバーダブ入りテイク。未発表曲「TRIED TO TALK HER INTO IT」もOBRでお馴染みのテイクに更にギター等をオーバーダブしたテイクです。2テイク収録された「TOO MUCH BLOOD」もいずれも既発とは別ミックス。「DOG SHIT」も部分的にリークされていて、シンセのオーバーダブがストーンズらしくなくフェイクでは?という声もありましたが、ここで聴かれるフル・バージョンは後の「STEEL WHEELS」期を彷彿とさせるれっきとしたストーンズのレコーディングである事が確認できます。

DISC-2の収録タイムは79分51秒。未発表曲「KEEP IT COOL」の2バージョンが初めて一緒に収められました。「WANNA HOLD YOU」の原型とされている「GOTTA KNOW YOU」もリハーサル・テイクとマルチトラックでの音源の両方を収録。OBRの「BIRD’S VAULT VOL.2」で初登場したキース主導のインスト・ナンバー「THE DOG」もここでは「ROCKER」という別タイトルで登場します。本作はCD化に際して特にEQもコンプレッサー処理も行なわず原音の状態を損なわないことを念頭にリマスタリングされていますので、全般的に既発に比べ非常にナチュラルな音質となっています。ラストのTRACK-9にはボーナス・トラックとして’81年の「TATTOO YOU」のセッション・テープより「SLAVE」のニュー・ボーカル入りのコンプリート・バージョンを追加しています。アルバム制作時やリリースのレセプション時のレアなフォトを多用したアートワークもファンには嬉しいところでしょう。

本リリースに先んじて「FOXES IN THE BOXES」から楽曲をプラスして水増しした廉価のボックスセットもリリースされているようですが、本作との決定的な違いは、本作ではオリジナルの原本ではほぼほぼ左右逆転していたチャンネルの修正、そしてほぼトラック毎に発生している再生スピードの狂いをほぼ完璧にリペア―してからのリリースである事が挙げられるでしょう。大元の原本ではほぼ1曲ごとに違う数値でピッチの狂いが生じており、大方のテイクは実際の演奏よりも若干早いスピードで再生されてしまっています。このようなテープ・スピードの狂いは実際には残念ながら経験の長い専門の当レーベルでしか修正し得ないのです。単純にこの音源をとりあえず所有したいとか、ただ単に聴ければ良いという向きの方にはコスパの良い前述の先発盤で良いかと思われますが、関連音源を既に色々と所有されていて本音源との違いををじっくりと聴き込みたい、ご自身でピアノやギターを演奏するので音程やチャンネルの左右が派手に狂ったままの音源をそのまま聴くのはやっぱり辛い、といった本格的なマニアの方には絶対に本リリースでご満足がいただけると確信しております。コレクターズCDをコレクトしているマニアの方の全てがピッチ調整の可能なCDプレーヤーをお持ちになっている訳でもないでしょうし、最初から綺麗に修正してあるに越したことはないでしょう。コスパの良さはそれはそれで素晴らしいことですが、せっかく購入しても結局放ったらかしでCDラックの肥やしで終わっては購入したCDがあまりにも可哀想です。

本題から逸れてしまいましたが、本シリーズではこの貴重な「ART COLLINS TAPES」音源を最良のレストア/リマスタリングでリリースして行く予定ですので是非ご期待下さい。

1 Too Tough (Triple X)
2 It Must Be Hell (diff. vocals)
3 Undercover Of The Night(same as DAC-182)
4 Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) (diff. vocals)
5 She Was Hot (diff. than DAC-182)
6 Feel On Baby (same as DAC-182)
7 All The Way Down (diff. than DAC-182)
8 Too Much Blood (diff. than DAC-182)
9 Tried To Talk Het Into It (diff. than DAC-110)
10 Too Much Blood (diff. than DAC-182)
11 Pretty Beat Up (XMAS issue)
12 Dog Shit

1 Keep It Cool #1
2 Keep It Cool #2
3 Gotta Know You (Wanna Hold You #1) (1982 Paris basement tapes)
4 Wanna Hold You #2 (1982 Paris basement tapes)
5 All The Way Down (same as DAC-182)
6 Gotta Know You
7 Rocker (The Dog)
8 Slinky (slow instrumental of The Pain Of Love)
9 Slave (Vocal 1 Complete)*

Recorded 11th November – 19th December 1982, Boulogne Billancourt (near Paris) France, Pathé-Marconi Studios

(*)from Tattoo You Sessions 1981

Dog N Cat Records.DAC-200

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