Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 2019 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 2019 / 2CD / Non Label

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA, USA 23rd July 2019

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Rolling Stones’ latest tour, two performances will be released at the same time this week. First of all, the audience album of Philadelphia performance on July 23rd. The sound source that appeared on the net is not a sound image with a direct feeling like the second day of Chicago and Foxboro that have been released so far, but still a high-quality sound source that is sufficient to hear. However, since it was plain and dark overall, equalization was performed for this limited press CD release. As a result, clearness and freshness improved at a stretch, and it was finally reborn to be easy to hear and enjoy.
Certainly, the state of the original sound source wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t seem to say that the quietness that I mentioned earlier couldn’t convey the momentum and power of the performance of the day. If the equalization performed there was a complete success, it would be a good finish. For example, it may be enough to enjoy the direct feeling like the second day of Chicago. And after all, thanks to this finish, Keith’s guitar that stands out throughout the whole story is the power that stands out!

It was this day’s show, but in the first place, “You Got Me Rocking” was filled with momentum and accelerated it. Although it is a song that always plays the role of a starter for the band, the effect of the day is tremendous, and “Bitch”, which was performed with that momentum, is a great place for Keith. Moreover, his play is imminent due to the achievement of equalization. Stones when Keith gets on the ride is exceptional. That’s why the B stage is attacking with a moist number called “Angie” and it looks good and the effect is good. Still, Keith’s momentum does not stop, and “Sympathy for the Devil” performed a solo with a sharp edge that was different from usual. I can tell you that it is so good that I can listen to it again (I think the position on this set list is also effective).
And “Midnight Rambler” is where Keith, who never stops flying, has reached the peak. In this tour, the laughter that happened like Foxboro’s momentum was a new memory, but that was the reason why Keith was inspired. The performance here is especially Keith in the first half, and he and Charlie whispering each other to promote a spectacular performance. The moment when his drumming climbs is also really amazing. If that happens, here is the best performance that was created at the end of Stones’ ideal chemistry, where Mick lost and shouted.

惜 Shimuraku may have seen some unstable sound images after “Paint It Black”. The problem is adjusted as much as possible by equalization. As a result, it is in a state where it can be heard much more than the original sound source. Even the same song that has been played every night, the performance will be so powerful that Keith’s feelings are transmitted from the intro, and it will be overwhelmed by powerful play.
Also, the surrounding noise at the start of “Start Me Up” may be a negative point, and again, it may not be as powerful as the sound pressure on the second day of Chicago. This is the first performance of a band with a fully open engine below Keith. In writing this sentence, I was once again reminded that if Keith was interested in it, the performance of the band would improve so much. Even if it does not reach the Chicago second day or Foxboro area in terms of sound quality, the performance will definitely be counted as the best 3 in this tour. Maybe the 2019 Philadelphia Special? I want to call it. This is a masterpiece.


この日のショーですが、そもそもが勢いに溢れていて、それを加速させてくれたのが「You Got Me Rocking」。常にバンドのスターター的役割を果たしてくれる曲でもありますが、この日の効果は絶大ですし、その勢い乗って披露された「Bitch」はキースが絶好調。しかも今回施されたイコライズの成果によって、生々しいほどに彼のプレイが迫ってくる。やはりキースが乗りに乗った時のストーンズは格別。だからこそBステージが「Angie」というしっとりめのナンバーで攻めてきたのもメリハリが効いていい感じに映ります。それでもキースの勢いはとどまることを知らず、「Sympathy for the Devil」でもいつもとは一味違った切れ味抜群のソロを披露。もう一聴して解るほどに絶好調なのがヒシヒシと伝わってくる(やはり今回のセットリストでの位置も功を奏しているのではないでしょうか)。
そしていつになく飛ばしまくりなキースが頂点を迎えたのが「Midnight Rambler」。今回のツアーではフォックスボロの時のように勢い余った爆笑ハプニングも記憶に新しいところですが、ああいうことがあったからこそキースとしても奮起したのでしょう。ここでの演奏は特に前半でキースが弾きまくりで、しかも彼とチャーリーがお互いを煽りまくって壮絶な演奏へと昇格させている。彼のドラミングが登りつめる様な瞬間も本当に凄まじい。そうなればミックも負けじとシャウト、というストーンズの理想的なケミストリーの果てに生み出された最高の演奏がここにあります。

惜しむらくは「Paint It Black」以降でちょっと音像が不安定になる箇所が散見されたことでしょう。その問題に関してもイコライズにて可能な限りアジャスト。それによって元の音源と比べて格段に聞き込める状態となっています。何より毎晩演奏されてきた同曲ですらイントロからしてキースの気迫が伝わってくるほど演奏が力強く、またしても力のこもったプレイに圧倒されてしまうことでしょう。
また「Start Me Up」が始まった瞬間の周囲の騒がしさなどもマイナス・ポイントでしょうし、繰り返しますがシカゴ二日目のような音圧の迫力には及ばないかもしれない。それを補ってあまりあるキース以下エンジン全開なバンドの演奏ぶり。この文章を書くに当たり、この私もキースがその気になれば、これほどまでにバンドの演奏がスキルアップするのだと再認識させられた次第です。音質的にシカゴ二日目やフォックスボロの域に及ばなくとも、演奏内容に関しては間違いなく今回のツアーの中でもベスト3に数えられることでしょう。もしかしたら2019年版フィラデルフィア・スペシャルか?と呼びたくなってしまうほど。これは名演。


Disc 1 (64:19)
1. Intro
2. Street Fighting Man
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Bitch
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
7. B-stage S.E.
8. Angie
9. Dead Flowers
10. Sympathy for the Devil
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions
13. Slipping Away
14. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (59:41)
1. Miss You
2. Midnight Rambler
3. Paint It Black
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Start Me Up
6. Jumping Jack Flash
7. Brown Sugar
8. Satisfaction

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