Rolling Stones / Miami Gardens 2019 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Miami Gardens 2019 / 2CD /  Non Label
Live at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL, USA 30th August 2019

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The distribution of sound sources has completely settled, and the release of No Filter Tour of Stones this year has also stopped. There are other performances that haven’t come out yet… I want to hear that day or that day… Is that such an enthusiastic thought, or the Odins recording of the Miami performance that was the last day of the tour recently Appeared above! It would have taken some time until the sound source appeared for the latest tour. If this sound source appeared from a torrent site other than a major dime, it was also struck.
Although it is an audience recording this time, it captures the performance with a big sound image, and even if it does not reach the area of ​​“ sound board ” as expected, the quality that is considerably higher is promoted to a limited press CD release without complaint . Among them, Mick’s singing voice is in a great balance from start to finish, and Keith’s guitar, which has a great presence with songs, has enough power. Like the Stones show in the United States, the surrounding audience was picked up with a good balance, but this is actually important.
Because Miami is the last day of the tour. It is also a document of the 2019 edition No Filter, which started in June, and the American Tour Chiaki Raku. Isn’t it awkward if the reaction is lightly staying without being quiet or exciting? If it is the last day of the tour, I would rather enjoy the excitement and a sense of realism appropriate for it. Of course, it’s not a balance that interferes with performance. But don’t worry, the performance is captured with a bigger sound image than the excitement of the last day of the tour.

Also, Odins recording that appeared this time has enough clearness. Thanks to that, it was combined with the release on the limited press CD, but the only drawback is that the overall low range is unsatisfactory. Even if it is as it is, you may not feel unsatisfactory listening to Stones Mania because Keith and Ronnie’s guitar are captured in a good balance. However, if the low range is weak, it is unsatisfactory as a live document.
Therefore, in this release, the bass is enhanced with equalization. Unlike the old analog recording, the modern digital audience can reasonably supplement the sound range of the sound source with such equalization. This greatly improved the balance of live music, and it was finally reborn as an upper version that can be heard with confidence.
When the finale “Satisfaction” came to the end, the taper and surroundings would have moved. The only point where the sound image became unstable was limited to the adjustment, but otherwise the excitement of the final day of the tour Is a wonderful finish.

And because it is the last day of the tour, the performance of Stones is amazing. The opening “Jumping Jack Flash” has already made me feel nervous. At the beginning of the live show, Mic (who may have postponed the tour due to his own health problems) calls for words to neglect the tour crew.
In such a situation, their performance should not be bad, but “Out Of Control” can be called the first famous performance in Chiaki Raku Miami. Here, Mick starts to hum and at the same time, the audience is very impressed with the humming together. Mick was delighted with this, and it was the start of the coloration that he stopped humming himself and left most to the audience, and repeated humming more than usual. Speaking of Babylon-related choral songs, “Saint Of Me” won the seat from the beginning, and the sudden humming that occurred suddenly in Miami this time is really fresh. In Houston, where the same song was played before that, this phenomenon has never happened, so it will be even more impressive.
It is clear that the morale of Stones has improved with this excitement, and the next “Under My Thumb” is also wonderful. This is one of the repertoires of the 1960s that have been played live frequently over the last few years.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” happened as if the momentum was surpassing. Beginning with Charlie, Keith played extra strokes in the middle of the intro, and started misaligning with Charlie, and Mick sings in this unstable situation. Is it a new live arrangement? (Laughs) At the very end, Chuck and Charlie managed to get back together. The existence of Chuck who can save such a remote area is no doubt true.
After that, a series of powerful performances suitable for the summary of the 2019 Stones Live. For example, the B stage “Dead Flowers” ​​feels like the momentum does n’t fit. And when you listen to “Midnight Rambler” which was the best performance in the second half of the live, Stones is still crazy… I can’t help feeling that. As usual in this song, Keith and Charlie are fully open, but from the beginning, Ronny utters a sharp phrase and splits into two.
In retrospect, the postponement of the tour due to Mick’s poor physical condition has definitely raised the morale of the group, and as a result, the best tour since 2017 is probably this no-filter. The audience album that finally captures the state of the last day with ideal high-quality sound will finally appear. I’m sorry for the mania!



そしてツアー最終日ということもあり、ストーンズの演奏はとにかく素晴らしい。もうオープニングの「Jumping Jack Flash」からして気迫がこもっている。ライブの序盤にてミックが(自身の健康問題でツアーが延期となったこともあって)ツアークルーをねぎらう言葉をかける場面もツアー最終日ならでは。
こうした状況で彼らの演奏が悪くなるはずがないのですが、千秋楽マイアミにおける最初の名演と呼べるのが「Out Of Control」。ここでミックがハミングを始めると同時にオーディエンスも一緒にハミングを大合唱という、非常に感動的な場面が現れます。これにはミックも大喜びで、自身でハミングを止めてほとんどを観客に任せ、なおかつ通常より多くハミングを繰り返すという出色の幕開けとなりました。バビロン関連の合唱ソングといえば当初から「Saint Of Me」がその座を獲得していただけに、今回のマイアミで突如として起きた自然発生的ハミングは実に新鮮。その前に同曲が演奏されたヒューストンではこうした現象は起きたことがなかっただけに、なおさら感動を呼ぶ場面でしょう。
この盛り上がりでストーンズの士気がレベルアップしたのは明らかで、次の「Under My Thumb」がまた素晴らしい出来。ここ数年では頻繁にライブ演奏された1960年代レパートリーの一つですが、その中でもベストではないかと。

こうした絶好調ストーンズの中で勢いが余ったかの如く起きたハプニングが「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」。イントロの途中でキースが余計なストロークを弾いてしまったのを皮切りとしてチャーリーとズレ始め、この不安定な状況でミックが歌い出してみればいよいよ合わない。まるで新しいライブ・アレンジか?と聞こえなくもないのですが(笑)一番の終わりでチャックとチャーリーが何とか辻褄を合わせて元通り。こうした窮地を救えるチャックの存在はやはりさすがだと言うしかありません。
その後は2019年ストーンズ・ライブの総括に相応しい、力強い演奏の連続。例えばBステージ「Dead Flowers」なども勢いが収まらない感じがして楽しい。そしてライブ後半における最高の演奏だった「Midnight Rambler」を聞いていると、ストーンズはまだまだイケる…そんな思いを感じずにはいられません。この曲ではいつものようにキースとチャーリーがエンジン全開なのですが、そこに序盤からロニーが鋭いフレーズを発して二人に割って入るという激しさ。


DISC 1 (73:52)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash
3. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Out of Control
6. Under My Thumb
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
8. B-Stage S.E.
9. Sweet Virginia
10. Dead Flowers
11. Sympathy for the Devil
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. Band Introductions
14. You Got the Silver
15. Before They Make Me Run

DISC 2 (56:08)
1. Miss You
2. Paint It Black
3. Midnight Rambler
4. Start Me Up
5. Brown Sugar
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Satisfaction


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