Rolling Stones / Denver 2019 / 2CD

Rolling Stones, The /Denver 2019/2CD/Non Label

Live at Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver, CO, USA 10th August 2019 PERFECT SOUND

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Three weeks have passed since the end of the 2019 edition of No Filter America Tour, but the sound source of the final stage does not appear unexpectedly, and the mania will be enthusiastic. Because of that, the latest tour release was a little delayed, but the Denver performance on August 10th, which should be said to be the end of the tour, appeared on the net, and it coincided with this week’s limited press CD release.
】 Although it is an audience recording that is the source of the release, the sound image does not fall within the area described as a “sound board”. However, the sense of distance is good, and the recording state with sufficient performance clearness is the level of quality released on the limited press CD without complaining. What’s more, the low level of the voices of the surrounding audience during this American tour is a big advantage. It can be said that the sound level of the surrounding sound is the most calm and easy to hear among the tour items that have been released so far. In the case of a sound image with a certain sense of distance in performance, the ease of hearing tends to be affected by the level at which the surrounding sounds are picked up.
Therefore, this recording state has a wonderful balance of “realism” which is the greatest advantage of audience recording, and the enthusiasm of Denver and the performance of Stones responding to it are captured in a good feeling. Isn’t it an ideal audience recording that you can enjoy without worrying about being a mania?

There is only the time when the tour began to go to the final stage, and the performance is also in the area of ​​stone. Although only a few songs from the beginning of the song will start off, the “Tumbling Dice” will soon start the stable Stones with the engine fully open. Rather, this song has been used as a starting point and the performance has been surprisingly blurry and may surprise you in a good way. It may be called the “fearing feeling” that was seen more or less in the last year or last year, but that instability and lack of momentum have been wiped out. In this tour, Stones has been improving since July, but in August, the performance has really settled down.
At this point, I was able to shine the spotlight on support members with peace of mind, and on this day’s “Miss You”, Daryl Jones’ bass solo started with Mick was longer than usual. If that happens, he can’t be inspired, and the phrase played here is crisp. This is Daryl’s solo, which he often hears even in mania, but this time I will listen to it unintentionally. The appeal of this sound source is that this powerful bass solo was captured in a wonderful balance. Although Denver has been heard all the time because of the above reasons, it is strange to hear the performance of Stones that does not shake so much (laughs).

“Midnight Rambler” and other things were surprisingly calm, and I thought that I would leave it with a sense of stability, but Ronnie’s guitar solo exploded from the point where the tempo rose again and headed for the ending. Obviously, he is playing a more intense phrase than usual, and the play with a momentum like “Is it going to rampage?” Is amazing. After this, the regular repertoire continued, and the momentum of Stones further accelerated. I ran to the finale as it was. Under such circumstances, as soon as the intro begins, “Satisfaction” begins to be a tremendous performance as if it explodes, creating an atmosphere suitable for the finale.
The place where the momentum seems to be surpassing here is like Stones. It is said that Keith has started to play a guitar solo with a round of flying than usual (laughs). Of course, Mick and his group continue to sing and play in the normal setup, but if you watch the YouTube video on the same day, Mick heads to Keith and says “A little bit (solo) is not yet!” And Keith who noticed it was laughing hard because of his misunderstanding. Because of that, it became a rare development that a guitar solo came in behind the song, and it seems as if you are listening to a band with a guitarist with a strong self-assertion. This was an ant as a performance, and it was a feat of injury. Above all, it is too interesting that the guitar solo has been called “Satisfaction” twice.
Overall, it can be said that it is an audience album that captures the excellent and stable stage like the end of this tour with an ideal balance. If you go as it was, it might have ended with a nice night where you settled down. But Keith did it at the very end! Lol


ツアーが終盤へと向かい始めた時期だけのことはあり、演奏はここでも盤石の域。序盤の数曲だけまったりした雰囲気でスタートするものの、すぐに「Tumbling Dice」からエンジン全開で安定のストーンズが始まります。むしろこの曲を皮切りとして驚くほどブレない演奏が続いており、いい意味で驚かされるかもしれません。一昨年や昨年のステージで大なり小なり見受けられた「ヒヤヒヤ感」とでも呼べばいいのでしょうか、あの不安定さや勢いの足りなさが一掃されているのです。今回のツアーでは7月からストーンズがどんどん調子を上げていきましたが、8月になると本当に演奏が落ち着きを払っている。
こうなるとサポートメンバーにも安心してスポットライトを当てられるようになったのでしょうか、この日の「Miss You」ではミックに振られて始まるダリル・ジョーンズのベース・ソロがいつもより長め。そうなれば彼が奮起しないはずがなく、ここで弾き出されるフレーズはキレッキレ。マニアでも聞き流すことが多いであろうダリルのソロですが、今回ばかりは思わず聞き入ってしまうのでは。この迫力のベース・ソロが見事なバランスで捉えられた点も今回の音源の魅力かと。先の理由から安定度抜群な演奏が終始聞かれたデンバーですが、こんなに揺らがないストーンズの演奏を聞くというのもなんだか不思議(笑)。

「Midnight Rambler」なども意外なほど落ち着きを払った展開で、このまま安定感にまかせて切り抜けていくのかと思いきや、再びテンポが上がってエンディングに向かうところからロニーのギターソロが爆発。明らかにいつもより激しいフレーズを弾いており、まるで「そろそろ暴れるか?」とでも煽るような勢いのあるプレイがお見事。この後はレギュラー・レパートリーが続くこともあって、さらにストーンズの勢いが加速。そのままフィナーレへと一気に駆け抜けました。そうした中「Satisfaction」はイントロが始まるやいなや、まるで爆発するかのごとくすさまじい演奏が始まってフィナーレに相応しい雰囲気に包まれます。

Disc 1 (64:51)
1. Intro
2. Street Fight Man
3. Let’s Spend the Night Together
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Like a Rolling Stone
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
7. B-Stage S.E.
8. Sweet Virginia
9. Dead Flowers
10. Sympathy for the Devil
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions
13. You Got the Silver
14. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (57:16)
1. Miss You
2. Midnight Rambler
3. Paint It Black
4. Start Me Up
5. Jumping Jack Flash
6. Brown Sugar
7. Gimme Shelter
8. Satisfaction

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