Rolling Stones / Stuttgart 2018 / 1DVD

Rolling Stones / Stuttgart 2018 / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Mercedes-Benz Arena, Stuttgart, Germany 30th June 2018

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Nowadays, smartphotography from audience seats in concerts is permeating all over the world as an act of recognizing even artists. Thanks to that it is natural that a movie that captured the pattern of the day appears from just after live end. Besides that, it is natural to close-up just making a mistake as a pro shot video by improving the smartphone function. Furthermore, it became natural that live images edited to multi-angle state were made by fans making full use of multiple videos that appeared on YouTube. Each time the Stones also performed live, the videos of each show were uploaded at astonishing speeds, and this benefit was received and the live “THE VIDEO” gift DVD-R of each day was produced.
Rolling Stones that ended successfully in recent years In regards to the “NO FILTER” tour in 2018, videos of phenomenal angles taken by the audience from every show have been produced in large quantities. Among them, regarding the Stuttgart performance on June 30, the “THE VIDEO” gift DVD – R became a topic on the content of the masterpiece. Contrast with the distant image of the CD-R & DVD-R set of “STUTTGART 2018” released in the previous week, close-up picture of the shock, which the more you see it the better you see it.
This movie is a bad thing for the ball because it saved power supply and capacity of the smartphone or every song was cut off, but the angle is superb. However, on this tour, the smart video with the best angle is rough on YouTube. The result will be “WARSAW 2018” which was released in the form of “THE VIDEO” gift DVD-R series and CD-R & DVD-R set in the same way. Through such gifts and items already there will be plenty of enthusiasts who enjoyed the 2018 “NO FILTER” tour from the visual side already. Under such circumstances, this time, it was compatible with the promotion of Stuttgart performance to a press DVD promoted.

Why is only Stuttgart treated as a press DVD? As I mentioned earlier, it is common sense to take close-up images from the audience seats now. Everyone can easily be caught at the finest angle. It is more so if it becomes an alliance shot of a camera. It is the photographer’s “sense” that becomes decisive when this happens. It is a smash movie overflowing on YouTube, but in most cases it keeps taking a Mick running around the stage, and mostly only two songs are taken. Simply put, ‘take a person singing’. The adverse effect is that a dilemma occurs that the angle tends to be monotonous. It is painful to keep watching only Mick singing all the time even though it is close-up video.
In this respect, it is Stuttgart that draws a line with other common 2018 “NO FILTER” tour videos. It does not just keep shooting the singers vaguely, but captures the Ronnie who plays a solo well when it comes to an interlude of songs. That means that the excellent sense of the photographer will be demonstrated from the interlude of “Tumbling Dice” at the beginning of the show. “You Can not Always Get What You Want” made the best use of this outstanding smartphone video image’s sense. Mick ‘s gesture of trying to send Ronnie to the flower path towards the interlude, as well as the ultimate close – up that makes Ronnie’ s play, which was inspired by him to play solo, no longer calls “television broadcast itself” come!
In addition, the member’s introduction that the excellent sense of the photographer is utilized. Not only Stones, but support members as well are captured in the up (Sasha’s cute smile and contrast of curl’s cool appearance is impressive), so there is nothing to be touched. Naturally, even when Karl Dencsen or Tim Lease blows a solo while playing it they capture them properly. Is not this amazing? Ordinary videos do not follow support solos, because there are enough videos to keep track of Mick and other Stones members vaguely during sweet sweep. It is missing that Mick and Keith would not get tangled with “Midnight Rambler” on this day only. Of course, as the photographer caught Mick and Keith with a good angle in anticipation of it, it is regrettable more.

There is no such thing as a picture of a finish that I have not seen so far with a smartphone movie in a one-camera state. The only disadvantage of such a superb audience shot, it is a cut that occurs between songs that I mentioned first. Even so, if Keith ‘s “Before They Make Me Run” reached, the cut cut into the intro, the recording dropped smuggling during the interlude and recording stopped. However, fortunately, a video by another person who shot the same song also appeared on YouTube, and complete recording was realized by patching the video. In addition, since angle is similar angle, the point which is the state of smooth video as it is is the upper version suitable for press DVD.
And this time includes the news video of the day broadcasted at the German Bureau of Entertainment News ES-tv as a bonus. It is valuable thing that you can watch two songs at the beginning of the live piece in a pro shot & sound board recording though fragmentally. Surprisingly, however, even if you watch it, is not it overwhelmed with the powerful full-length video of this movie’s smartphone movie? It is a Stuttgart performance where press CD releases are not realized due to the absence of a sharp sound source, but there are too many audience shots to compensate for it. The best shooting sense that “understands” Stones and their songs is outstanding!

今やコンサートにおける客席からのスマホ撮影はアーティストすら認める行為として世界中で浸透しています。おかげでライブ終了直後からその日の模様を捉えた動画が現れるのは当たり前。それだけでなく、スマホ機能の向上によってプロショット映像かと見間違わんばかりのクローズアップまで当たり前。さらにYouTube上に現れた複数の動画を駆使し、マルチアングル状態へと編集されたライブ映像がファンによって作られるのも当たり前となった現在。ストーンズもライブを行う度にそれぞれのショーの動画が驚くべきスピードでアップロードされ、この恩恵を受けて各日のライブの「THE VIDEO」ギフトDVD-Rが生み出されてきました。
先頃無事に終了したローリング・ストーンズ2018年「NO FILTER」ツアーに関しても毎回のショーからオーディエンスによって撮影された驚異的なアングルの動画が大量に生み出されています。その中でも6月30日のシュツッドガルト公演に関しては「THE VIDEO」ギフトDVD-Rが圧巻の内容で話題となりました。その前週にリリースされた「STUTTGART 2018」のCD-R&DVD-Rセットの遠めの映像とは対照的な、見れば見るほど見入ってしまう、衝撃のクローズアップ映像。
この動画はスマホの電源や容量を節約する為か、曲間がことごとくカットされてしまったのが玉に瑕ではありますが、そのアングルは極上。もっとも今回のツアーにおいてアングルが極上なスマホ動画はYouTube上でゴロゴロしている。その成果が先の「THE VIDEO」ギフトDVD-Rシリーズや、同じようにCD-R&DVD-Rセットという形でリリースされた「WARSAW 2018」でしょう。こうしたギフトやアイテムを通して既に今回の2018年「NO FILTER」ツアーをビジュアル面からの楽しまれたマニアはたくさんおられることでしょう。そんな中で今回、シュツッドガルト公演がプレスDVDに昇格リリースされることと相成りました。

この点において他のありふれた2018年「NO FILTER」ツアー動画と一線を画すのがシュツッドガルト。ただ歌う人を漠然と撮り続けるのではなく、曲の間奏になるとしっかりソロを弾くロニーを捉えてくれるのです。ということは、ショー序盤の「Tumbling Dice」の間奏からして撮影者の卓越したセンスが発揮されるということ。この抜群のスマホ動画映像のセンスが最大限に活かされたのが「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」。間奏に向けてロニーを花道に送ろうとするミックの仕草はもちろん、彼に促されてソロを弾き始めたロニーのプレイがもはや「テレビ放送そのもの」と呼びたくなるような究極のクローズアップで迫ってくる!
さらに撮影者の卓越したセンスが活かされているのがメンバー紹介。ストーンズだけでなくサポート・メンバーも全員アップで捉えてくれる(サーシャのキュートな笑顔とカールのクールな佇まいの対比が印象的)のだから感服するしかありません。当然、演奏中でもカール・デンセンやティム・リースがソロを吹く場合はちゃんと彼らを捉えてくれるのです。これって凄くないですか?普通の動画はサポートのソロなど追いかけず、間奏の間もミックや他のストーンズ・メンバーを漠然と映し続けた動画が掃いて捨てるほどありますから。惜しまれるのは、この日に限って「Midnight Rambler」でミックとキースが絡まなかったことでしょう。もちろん撮影者はそれを見越してミックとキースをいいアングルで捉えていただけに、なおさら悔やまれます。

ワンカメ状態のスマホ動画でここまで見飽きない仕上がりの映像なんてそうそうないですよね。そんな極上オーディエンスショット唯一の欠点、それは最初に触れた曲間で生じるカット。これだけならまだしも、キースの「Before They Make Me Run」に至ってはイントロにまでカットが食い込んでしまった挙句、間奏の最中にスマホを落として収録が止まってしまっていたのです。ところが幸いにも、同曲を撮影した別の人物による動画もYouTube上に出現しており、その映像をパッチすることで完全収録が実現できました。おまけにアングルも似たような角度ですので、そのままスムーズな映像の状態である点がプレスDVDに相応しいアッパー版なのです。


1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Ride ‘Em on Down
6. Under My Thumb 7. Like a Rolling Stone 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run ★元映像のエンディング付近のトラブルは別映像で補正済み。
14. Sympathy For The Devil 15. Miss You 16. Midnight Rambler 17. Start Me Up
18. Jumping Jack Flash 19. Brown Sugar 20. Gimme Shelter 21. Satisfaction

Bonus Track
22. ES-TV
Street Fighting Man / It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll / Midnight Rambler / Satisfaction

COLOUR NTSC Approx.118min.

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