Rolling Stones / Southampton 2018 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Southampton 2018 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, UK 29th May 2018

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On the second day of the live show at the London Stadium held in the second week of the 2018 “NO FILTER” tour, the appearance of Mick from the late stage of the show is that last week’s release of “LONDON STADIUM 2018 2ND NIGHT “was documented Katsuaki is a memorable new place. Only South African South Thompson (also known as Southampton), who is the first show in the third week of the tour, was concerned about Mick’s condition, but fortunately he remodeled. There is no doubt that the schedule which was also opened for three days by the next show showed outstanding effect. It’s a possible luxury schedule because it’s Stones. Thus the release from this week’s “NO FILTER” tour has become a Southampton performance.
Even so, it’s too big for gigs to have three days off. Mania around the world were uneasy about the modulation of Mick that occurred on the second day of London, but Mick was always in good shape as soon as the Southampton stage began. This neighborhood will be groaned as fluffy and at the same time it will be something of a face to face if he is a demon of self-management.

Rather, in Southampton, I am concerned about the “dirty” feeling of the entire band at the beginning of the show. Although the opening “Start Me Up” was a good start (the song of Mick was the difference of clouds from the second day of London), the next “Let’s Spend The Night Together” is as if to remind last autumn Or tempo. It is clear that the momentum is insufficient even if you compare it to the second day of London. Fortunately the engine starts from the next ‘It’s Only Rock’ n Roll ‘, but Stones in the first half of the day finished 2 performances in London (and even Dublin) in the big city, a little easier mode I feel like a typical time when I moved.
Engine is fully open! It is from “Under My Thumb”. That performance is wonderfully surpassing the first day of London. Anyway, Mick here is top form, and even after the performance is over, I will repeat “say it’s alright” to fuck the audience. As Charlie starts to inscribe the rhythm again, is it the first reply in this song history? I expect it, but heartlessly the performance is over. It was a performance that Mick pulled the band with guigui like that. The development which shifts from this momentous performance to the slow “Sweet Virginia” is also great correct. Here again, I will let you hear a wonderful performance throughout the band, mainly Mick, and saxophone solo performed by Carl Dencsen in an interlude. It is a part that tends to be a so-called “eyeball” corner at every show, but this is also the reason that a suitable performance was demonstrated here as well.
However, it is the Stones in Southampton that will not rush with the momentum as it is. Among them, “Paint It Black” is not strong enough as heard in the previous three stages after the tour starts. It is interesting because it let us hear the ambiguous performance again from “Miss You” unexpectedly while not being able to be such a simple line. From the moment the introduction of the same song began, “powerful, reinfusion” -style strength is clearly transmitted. And at “Midnight Rambler” here again Ronnie is reliable with the explosion guitar solo and the performance is excited at a stroke.

It is Mick who worked hard all throughout the show so far, but the voice seems to be a bit disturbing from ‘Brown Sugar’ which will end in the end. However, it is singing at the “Start Me Up” on the second day of London compared to when the cheekiness and tension have fallen. In short, it is a translation that the sickly scene was obscured at the end. Nevertheless, I think my head is going down to Mick who stepped on and performed the show until the end.
And before the Stones that appeared in Southumpton for the first time, the audience is greatly enthusiastic. Recording state capturing surrounding excitement as if the sound source to be released this time by limited press CD also tells it. Fortunately there is no chorus that will drown out the performance, but instead the woman (Oba chan) speaking in the vicinity of the taper emits a loud voice. For example, if you think that laughing with La Gera, during ‘Start Me Up’, ‘Tumbling Dice’ emits a loud voice. This is the minus point of this sound source.
However, the performance itself is caught in a considerably on balance, and as a result of adjusting it with equalization at the time of this release, the upper feeling that the outline of the performance becomes considerably sharp compared with the original recording state has been produced I will. I would like you to listen to those who got the original audience recording by all means.
Regarding the surrounding excitement that we have touched up so far, it is not simply noisy, and on the contrary the ending of “You Can not Always Get What You Want” etc is a tremendous excitement in response to Mick’s turmoil. This makes me unexpectedly inadvertently heard. On the other hand, when it comes to a quiet performance like Keith’s “The Worst” surprisingly surroundings become adults, perhaps the people who were making noise may have just headed to the toilet (laugh). There is a mountain valley in both the top and bottom of the stage with such a condition, this is an interesting sound source!

2018年版「NO FILTER」ツアー二週目に行われたロンドン・スタジアムでのライブ二日目において、ショーが後半に差し掛かったところからミックが調子を落としてしまった様子は先週リリースの「LONDON STADIUM 2018 2ND NIGHT」にて克明にドキュメントされたのは記憶に新しいところ。それだけにツアー三週目、最初のショーとなるサウサンプトン(またの名をサザンプトン)ではミックの調子が心配されましたが、幸いにも彼は見事に復調。やはり次のショーまでに三日間も空けられたスケジュールが絶大な効果を発揮してくれたのは疑いようがありません。ストーンズだから可能な贅沢スケジュール。こうして今週の「NO FILTER」ツアーからのリリースはサウサンプトン公演と相成りました。

むしろサウサンプトンではショー序盤におけるバンド全体の「どっこいしょ」感が気になります。オープニングの「Start Me Up」こそ好調な滑り出し(ロンドン二日目とはミックの歌が雲泥の差)だったのですが、次の「Let’s Spend The Night Together」は昨年秋を思い起こさせるかのようなもったりテンポ。ロンドン二日目と聞き比べてみても明らかに勢いが足りない。幸いにも次の「It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll」からエンジンがかかり始めるのですが、この日の前半のストーンズは大都市ロンドンでの二公演(さらにはダブリンも)を終え、ちょっと気楽なモードに移った時の典型といった感じがします。
エンジンが全開!となるのは「Under My Thumb」から。その演奏はロンドン初日をも軽く凌ぐ素晴らしさ。何と言ってもここでのミックが絶好調で、演奏が終わった後も「say it’s alright」を繰り返してオーディエンスを煽りまくる。それに合わせてチャーリーが再びリズムを刻み始めるので、もしかしてこの曲史上初のリプライズか?と期待しますが、無情にも演奏はおしまい。それくらいミックがバンドをグイグイと引っぱってくれた演奏なのでした。この勢いある演奏からスローな「Sweet Virginia」へ移る展開がまた大正解。ここでもミックを中心としたバンド全体で素晴らしい演奏を聞かせてくれますし、カール・デンセンが間奏で吹いたサックス・ソロもいい感じ。毎回のショーで所謂「目玉」コーナーとなりがちなパートですが、ここでも相応しい演奏が披露されたという訳です。
ところがそのままの勢いで突っ走ってくれないのがサウサンプトンでのストーンズ。中でも「Paint It Black」はツアー開始後それまでの三回のステージで聞かれたような力強さが足りません。そんな一筋縄ではいかぬ中、意外にも「Miss You」から再び覇気のある演奏を聞かせてくれるのだから面白い。同曲のイントロが始まった瞬間から「気合、再注入」的な力強さがはっきりと伝わってくる。そして「Midnight Rambler」ではここでもロニーが爆裂ギター・ソロで演奏を一気に盛り上げてくれるのが頼もしい。

ここまでショー全体を通して頑張ってきてくれたミックですが、終盤を迎える「Brown Sugar」からちょっと声が苦しそう。とはいってもロンドン二日目での「Start Me Up」における、あのガックリとテンションが下がってしまった時と比べたら全然歌えている。要するに病み上がり的な場面が最後で見え隠れしてしまった訳ですね。それでもなお、踏ん張ってショーを最後までこなしてみせたミックには頭が下がる思いです。
そして久々にサウサンプトンに現れたストーンズを前にオーディエンスは大熱狂。限定プレスCDにて今回リリースされる音源もそれを物語るかの如く、周囲の盛り上がりを捉えた録音状態。幸いにも演奏をかき消すような合唱などはないのですが、代わりにテーパーの近くで喋る女性(オバチャン)の声が周期的に大声を発します。例えば「Start Me Up」の最中でゲラゲラと笑い上げたかと思えば「Tumbling Dice」では大声を発する。これが今回の音源のマイナス・ポイントかと。
ここまで触れてきた周囲の盛り上がりに関しても単に騒がしいということはなく、それどころか「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」のエンディングなどはミックの煽りに応じてすさまじい盛り上がり。これは聞いていて思わずアツくなってしまいます。その反面キースの「The Worst」のような静かな演奏になると意外なほど周囲も大人しくなるのですが、もしかしたら騒いでいた連中がトイレに向かっただけなのかもしれませんね(笑)。そんな調子でステージの上と下の両方で山あり谷あり、これは面白い音源!


Disc 1 (62:48)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. Let’s Spend the Night Together 4. Tumbling Dice
5. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 6. Just Your Fool 7. Under My Thumb 8. Sweet Virginia
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Paint It Black 11. Honky Tonk Women
12. Band Introductions 13. The Worst 14. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (54:33)
1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Miss You 3. Midnight Rambler 4. Jumping Jack Flash
5. Brown Sugar 6. Gimme Shelter 7. Satisfaction

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