Rolling Stones / Prague 2018 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Prague 2018 / 2CD / Non label

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Live at Letnany Airport, Prague, Czech Republic 4th July 2018

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I came, I finally came. A superb quality audience recording from the 2018 version “NO FILTER” tour. About two weeks ago, “BERLIN 2018” was just released as the highest sound quality sound source from this tour, but this time the intense recording quality exceeded that. The sound source of such impact was created in Prague performance on July 4th. Just before the end of the tour, the live show on the same day, which has been since 2003, was captured with the best sound quality.
Drops a name recording on the net is a taper, Dapsyknows who shared only outstanding sound sources so far. He recorded a stage that called a big name story such as Paul McCartney’s 2016 desert trip, recently Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s resurrection gig “FRESNO 2018” with a superb sound quality He is a masterpiece. As can be seen from those sound sources and items, he tapers to record concerts held in the USA. However, this time, Dapsyknows went surprisingly to Prague and carried out the recording of Stones. What a power of action!
Its sound quality … Anyway it is wonderful. It is this high quality recording which is suitable for 2018 that mania all over the world would have wanted. Even though only a sound image overflowing with plenty of sound pressure is masterpieces, clearness is also exceptional. Detail of each performance is also a level suitable for describing “sound board” as it is. Even just listening to the band announcement before the appearance of the Stones in the first place will be overwhelmed with “Wow, close!” In the tour of last year, not only that performance content (bitter smile) level that surpasses last year’s Hamburg which became a topic even with superb sound quality.

It is the play quality of this day that becomes matter of concern. Like Berlin’s time, even if the sound quality is good, if you do not listen to the performance you are not going to hear it. Fortunately this is a wonderful thing that took over their momentum as Marseille, released last week, and even after Studgart. Although it is not exactly as excellent as Marseille indeed, it is unbeatable that the performance is extremely powerful throughout the tour if it is the final stage of the tour. Even if you take only the beginning of the live there is no dangerous part at all. On the contrary, Charlie’s drumming is the centerpiece of confidence.
The voting song of this day was not uncommon “Like A Rolling Stone”, but it was rather a fact that the familiar repertoire continued, including “Under My Thumb” before that. Even so, since the sound image is unusually on balance, it seems that it is an illusion that Chuck River’s organ sound and that is the sound board. Besides, even the stereo feeling is transmitted. The intro’s Keith guitar in “Honky Tonk Women” is also captured with texture up to vivid, and Dapsyknows did a really good job.
In case
On this day it is very strong even though it did not burn like a fire, happening is rarely happening with “Miss You”. It was Charlie ‘s second hamming and went to “Oh everybody waits so long” one lap earlier. If you watched the movie, it did not move at all as quickly as it would not have happened, yet Mick was forced to sing along with Tsujiki who forcibly joined the band. According to the movie, he rather instructs the “like raising the monitor of the drum” gesture towards the stage sleeve, and Charlie may guess the possibility that he made a misconfiguration due to a malfunction of the monitor. In any case, unusual happening is also documented with the best sound quality for the standard number that has been played at every show.
And Midnight Rambler, which has a feeling that masterpieces made mass production status from the middle stage of the tour, also exploded this day. Mick says “You Gotta Move” and Charlie’s intensely fluttering drumming is alive. In surprising places, Keith may be able to play the point without having made a mistake in “Before They Make Me Run” (laugh). I do not think that “You Got The Silver” played before that is a major in Prague, but it may surprisingly be said that it shows a positive reaction.
Anyway the tone quality is superb. The sound pressure of the performance is overwhelming to the last, and occasionally there are few places to worry about even if the audience’s talk enters. If you listen with headphones, not only the on-balance of the overwhelming sound image but also the extent that even the stereo touch that you touched earlier is a masterpiece again. This is an exceptional quality that you can enjoy from starting beginners to beginners safely. If so it will be natural to release on limited press CD. A wonderful sound source by Dapsyknows that everyone can not help listening unintentionally. The audience recording item boasting perfect sound quality from the European tour in 2018 is finally born.

★ It is definitely the best recording of “No Filter Tour 2018”.

Remaster note
★ Adjustment as it was able to improve the graininess of the base and the feeling of falling off of snare rim while still superhigh sound quality as it is. It is audible that the bass group is determined at a deep position while fine-tuning.

来ました、遂に来ました。2018年版「NO FILTER」ツアーからの極上クオリティなオーディエンス録音が。二週間ほど前には本ツアーからの最高音質音源として「BERLIN 2018」がリリースされたばかりですが、今回はそれをも上回る強烈な録音クオリティ。そんな衝撃の音源が生み出されたのは7月4日のプラハ公演。今回のツアー終了直前、しかも2003年以来となる同地でのライブ・ショーが最高の音質で捉えられたのです。
名録音をネット上にドロップしてくれたのは、これまでにも卓越した音源ばかりをシェアしてくれたテーパー、Dapsyknows。彼はポール・マッカートニーの2016年デザート・トリップ、最近ではニール・ヤング&クレイジー・ホースの復活ギグ「FRESNO 2018」といった、めくるめくようなビッグネームの話題を呼んだステージを極上の音質で録音してみせた名手。それらの音源やアイテムからも察せられるように、彼はアメリカで行われたコンサートを録音するテーパー。ところが今回ですが、Dapsyknowsは驚いたことにプラハにまで出向いてストーンズの録音を敢行してくれたのです。何たる行動力!

この日の投票ソングはさして珍しくもない「Like A Rolling Stone」でしたが、その前の「Under My Thumb」も含め、やり慣れたレパートリーが続いたことがむしろ吉とでたのでは。それにしても音像が異常にオンなバランスなので、チャック・リーヴェルのオルガンの響きなど、それこそサウンドボードなのかと錯覚してしまいそう。おまけにステレオ感すら伝わってくる。「Honky Tonk Women」におけるイントロのキースのギターなども生々しいまでの質感で捉えており、Dapsyknowsは本当に良い仕事をしてくれました。

火を吹くような程とまではいかなくとも非常に好調なこの日、ハプニングが珍しくも「Miss You」で起きています。それはチャーリーが二回目のハミングをはしょって一周早く「Oh everybody waits so long」に向かってしまったのです。動画を見ればいつもなら起こり得ない急展開にも全く動じず、それでいて無理やりバンドとの辻褄を合わせたミックの強引な歌いっぷりが捉えられていました。動画によると彼はむしろ「ドラムのモニターを上げろ」的な仕草をステージ袖にむかって指示しており、チャーリーがモニターの不調から構成を間違えた可能性が推測されます。いずれにせよ、毎回のショーで演奏され続けてきたスタンダード・ナンバーにしては珍しいハプニングも最高の音質にてドキュメントされています。
そしてツアー中盤から名演が量産状態と化した感のある「Midnight Rambler」はこの日も爆発。ミックは「You Gotta Move」を口ずさんでいますし、チャーリーの激しい煽りドラミングも健在。意外なところではキースが「Before They Make Me Run」で凡ミスを犯すことなく演奏し通したというポイントも挙げられるでしょう(笑)。その前に演奏された「You Got The Silver」はプラハにおいてメジャーだとは到底思えないのですが、それが好反応を見せている点も意外と言えるかもしれません。
とにかく最後まで音質は極上。あくまで演奏の音圧が圧倒しており、たまに観客の話し声が入っても気になる箇所がほとんどありません。ヘッドフォンで聞いてみれば、その圧倒的な音像のオンなバランスはもちろん、先にも触れたステレオ的ですらある広がりがまた圧巻。これこそビギナーから初心者まで安心して楽しめる別格のクオリティ。そうなれば限定プレスCDでのリリースは当然のこと。誰もが思わず聞き込まずにはいられない、Dapsyknows による驚異の音源。2018年ヨーロッパ・ツアーから完璧な音質を誇るオーディエンス録音アイテムが遂に誕生です。

★間違いなく「No Filter Tour 2018」ベストの録音です。



Disc 1 (59:59)
1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice
5. Ride ‘Em On Down 6. Under My Thumb 7. Like A Rolling Stone 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (62:27)
1. Sympathy For The Devil 2. Midnight Rambler 3. Miss You 4. Start Me Up 5. Jumping Jack Flash
6. Brown Sugar 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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